Jonathan's Oxford speech

Jonathan’s Oxford speech has become the rave of the moment for both his supporters and his opposition.

Former Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, has shed light on some of the achievements of his administration which were unnoticed because they did not blow the trumpet about it.

“We reformed the institutions and introduced various mechanisms to stop the corruption problems in our country without publicity.”

The former president delivered an address to students at Oxford University, UK. He spoke on the theme: Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship. 

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Jonathan’s Oxford speech centered on the powerful economic potentials of young minds. During the interaction with the students, Jonathan was asked about the issue of corruption during his regime. The incumbent administration has reiterated countless times that the past administration largely condoned corruption.

Jonathan reminded the students that it will be unethical to interfere with some alleged corruption cases which are in court at the moment.

“On the issue of corruption, you are aware that several matters are pending in court and I would not like to intefere with the legal processes.”

This will not be the first time the past president is acknowledging the fact that it is not yet time for him to defend himself.


Moving to the economy on a major scale, Jonathan said that after much thought he figured out that the prosperity of the nation does not lie beneath the ground; neither was it dependent on the geographical location of a people. He says that the national economic prosperity lies “between the ears of her people”.

Thus, he defined the wealth of a nation as “a creation of the human mind properly prepared by education”. Jonathan’s Oxford speech pointed towards the idea of investing in the people, youths, especially as a viable tool that transforms the economic trajectory of any nation.

“Any Nation that does not spend its wealth and resources to develop the capacity of its youth will be forced to use them to fight insecurity.”

“As a leader, you can decide through your policies to educate the youths, or face the consequences of failing to do so.”

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In efforts to positively engage the youths and increase the productivity, Jonathan says his administration came up with the Transformation Agenda. This embodied various programs which helped to encourage young entrepreneurs.

“We increased the allowances due to Youth Corp members by more than 100% in 2011”

“We identified Nollywood as a sector that can employ many young people and provided a grant of $200 million to boost the industry.

“As a result Nollywood became a major contributor to our GDP and in 2014, the industry contributed 1.4% to our GDP.

“Under my watch, Nigeria was projected by CNN Money to be the third fastest growing economy in the world for the year 2015… largest economy in Africa and the 23rd in the world by the World Bank and the IMF, with a GDP above US$570 billion.”

“While serving as President of Nigeria, I worked for the next generation and not for the next elections. I have no regrets for what I did.”