Jordan Fisher’s Ethnic Background, Family & Love Story With Longtime Girlfriend Ellie Woods

The 25th season of the American TV show Dancing With The Stars ended with a blast. Jordan Fisher and his official dancing partner Lindsey Arnold stole the show with their incredible chemistry and electrifying performance. It was no surprise that they were announced winners at the end of the season. Long before appearing on the show, however, Fisher has been a renowned dancer, actor and singer. His eponymous Extended Play was released by Hollywood Records on August 19, 2016. The Alabama-born singer was also nominated for the Radio Disney Music Awards in the “Best New Artist” category.

What Growing up was Like for Jordan Fisher

Jordan Fisher was born Jordan William Fisher in Birmingham, Alabama on April 24, 1994. His mom was 16 at the time. There are no details about his father. When he clocked 11 in 2005, Fisher was adopted and raised in Trussville by his maternal grandparents, Pat and Rodney Fisher. Rodney is a retired power company worker while Pat is a real estate events manager.

His biological mom also had two more children—a girl and a boy—Trinity and Cory. Since his mother had trouble getting over drug abuse, the Fishers went ahead to adopt Jordan’s siblings too.

Fisher’s experiences while growing up prompted him to trace his origins. As he reveals, his background is quite a convoluted mix. He is Nigerian, mixed African-American, Cambodian, Polynesian (Tahitian), English, Greek, Scandinavian and Italian.

Growing up, Jordan Fisher didn’t attend a public school like most kids but had to be homeschooled by a private tutor. He later attended Harvest Christian Academy and then proceeded to obtain his first degree at Jacksonville State University in 2011.

How He Ended up in Music & Acting

Jordan Fisher
Jordan Fisher performs alongside Alicia Keys at the Apple Music Festival 10.

Jordan Fisher showed aptitude in musical theater in 5th grade and was discovered by a talent scout. That would later lead to a deal with Disney Hollywood Records. He made his debut in 2009 in the TV series titled The Hustler as Mario. That same year, he appeared in two other productions; as Clark in iCarly (episode; iSpeed Date) and Skyrunners Testimonials as Johnny. The next two years were pretty silent for the actor. In 2012, however, he got featured in nine episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Again, from 2015 to 2017, he starred in recurring roles on the TV series Liv and Maddie where he portrayed the character, Holden. Perhaps most fans recognize him as Noah Patrick from two episodes of the vampire series Teen Wolf.

Fisher also appeared in Teen Beach 2 and was later cast in the 2016 hit TV film titled Grease Live. His appearance and act further endeared him to millions of viewers and his popularity skyrocketed in no small way. Later in 2016, he got a double role featuring in a theater show Hamilton where he portrayed John Laurens and Philip Hamilton.

All the while, John fisher had one other foot deep in music. However, this part of his career went mainstream with the release of his first single, All About Us, in April 2016. In June of that year, two months after its release, All About Us emerged the second-most added song on American pop radio stations. Although it proved super successful, that would not be his first shot at music.

Two years earlier, Fisher had released three pop-soul songs on Radio Disney titled, Never Dance Alone, By Your Side and What I Got. The following year (2015), he entered a record deal with Hollywood Records and less than a year later, released his first track on the record label, Counterfeit. The singer, who released the track You’re Welcome featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda for the animated film Moana (2016) had also organized his concerts and tours; commanding massive turnout from his fans.

What is He Doing Today?

More recently, Jordan Fisher voiced the character, Zane Gray, in the animated fantasy TV series Butterbean’s Cafe (2020); on the episode, Love Rockin’ Rolls/A Baby At Marmalade’s. He also appeared as John Ambrose McClaren in the American Teen romantic comedy film, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, released in February 2020. Put all his music, video games, films and TV appearances together and you start to get a feel of what his net worth might be like. If you’re still finding it hard to stick a number on it, then the next line might help you out.

How Much is Jordan Fisher Worth Today?

Before he featured in the Dancing With The Stars in 2017, Jordan Fisher’s estimated net worth was about $200,000. Today, however, after appearing and performing on several hit projects, that number has seen a steady rise to $250,000 and then $500,000 in 2020. Asides from music and acting, a bulk of his income comes from the sale of sweatshirts and tees. He shares that fortune with his partner as well as those he calls family. Let’s tell you more about them.

Who Does Jordan Fisher Call Family?

Jordan Fisher
Jordan Fisher and Family

Though the identities of his biological father and mother are not known, what’s no secret is that they were not capable of raising him because, for the most part, they were financially incapable and struggled with substance abuse. After Jordan, his mother also had two other children (a boy, Cory, and a girl, Trinity) who were later adopted by his maternal grandmother and step-grandfather; the same couple who took him in at age 11. Together the family lives in Los Angeles. Fisher speaks highly of them. Stating that they gave him another shot at life. And that without their support, he would have turned out much different than he is today.

Who is the Woman in His Life?

The handsome athletic red-lipped Jordan Fisher has been thought to be gay because he’s always kept his relationship under wraps. In 2016, he was rumored to be in a short relationship with actress Nicole Lambs. Later, he dated a model Audrey Chase but he has since moved on and now gushes over a beautiful damsel Ellie Woods.

Since news of their engagement went viral in May 2019, the media has been agog with details about the young lady in his life. Here’s what we know about her.

Woods is a graduate of clinical dietetics from the University of Alabama. She is a vlogger with a YouTube channel of about 3k subscribers and has been a supportive partner to Fisher.

The two have been best friends growing up. They first met in Birmingham, Alabama, in 2007, and by the time they started dating in 2017, their friendship had endured for ten years.

In May 2019, two years into their relationship, Fisher popped the big question and Woods said Yes! He shared a clip of the big moment on Instagram writing. Going by an Instagram post by Ellie Woods in late 2019, their wedding is expected to hold in 2020. As of this writing, however, the date remains unannounced. Whenever they chose to exchange vows, we wish them a happy married life.

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