Riveting Facts About Jordan Mcgraw’s Family, His Personal Pursuits and Past Relationships

Jordan McGraw is an American musician and lead guitarist who is also famous as the son of the renowned American psychologist, Dr. Phil. He understandably became a public personality by being the son of one of America’s most popular TV personalities but his choice of friends and career has further cemented his place as a famed person.

He has had a relatively short music career, still, in this brief period, Jordan has played in a few bands before venturing out on a solo career. It has not been an out and out success, but it has been enough to distinguish him from his uber-famous family.

Jordan Mcgraw’s Early Life and Road to Music

The singer was born into a family with brains for creativity and great intellectual insight on October 21, 1986. His mom, Robin McGraw, is a renowned author and his father, is the TV behemoth, Dr. Phil, known for his self-titled show. His parents, who have been married for more than four decades, raised him alongside his brother, Jay.

While every member of his family had taken a position in the world of entertainment, Jordan McGraw decided to do something more outside of his family’s path by becoming a musician. The journey started in his teenage years when he learned how to play the guitar.

Interestingly, his father inspired his interest and style of music. He admitted during an interview that his father would force him to listen to different types of music during school rides. The same happened in their house, and while everyone else was happy just to listen, he decided to one day play it.

At eighteen, he created his first band, The Upside. The group was not successful, but Jordan did not give up. He continued to learn, expanding his knowledge on the piano while improving his skill on the guitar.

Five years on, he gave professional music another try. He joined the company, Organica Music Group, and became a member of one of its bands, Stars In Stereo, as the lead guitarist.

His Music Career and Achievements

He joined Stars In Stereo in 2011 and was with the group as its lead guitarist until 2015 when it disbanded. Despite playing several venues and events, the band never got traction, and Jordan never got recognition for his ability.

That changed with his next band, Hundred Hundred. Jordan’s new band was a three-person group consisting of himself, Matt Black, and Drew Langan. They played the bass guitar and the drums, respectively.

The group embraced fame the very year it came to be with the release of their debut single; Love Me Like The Weekend. Two years after, they released other singles like Miss California, Too Good, Vibe, and Celebrate.

But Jordan McGraw is an ambitious man. A couple of years into their creation, the musician decided to pursue a solo career. He released his debut project, a self-titled EP, Jordan McGraw, in November 2019.

In the same year, he released a single, Met at a Party. He featured actress and singer, Sarah Hyland. In addition to its public release, they also performed it at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards, with a rapturous reception.

Jordan McGraw
Jordan performing with Sarah Hyland: image source

As a solo artist, Jordan McGraw’s career continues to grow, but he has recorded a couple of impressive achievements. He has opened for the Jonas Brothers’ on the Happiness Begins tour. Jordan has also performed on Steve Harvey, as a musical guest. There is also an appearance in an episode of the TV show, The Changeover, where he played himself, as part of efforts promoting his name and music.

He is Also Worth a Lot of Money

A recurring theme in the stories of upcoming music acts is the financial struggle. Sometimes, it inspired some of the best music ever created. Other times, it killed many dreams. Thanks to Jordan McGraw’s influential background that is one aspect of the journey, he does not have to experience.

His family’s stature in the entertainment business has helped open doors that may not have necessarily opened if he had a different last name. In turn, the musician has helped himself to a personal net worth of $6 million, free of the shackles of poverty and limited studio time.

The rest of his family boasts of substantial individual wealth too. His father, Dr. Phil, has an estimated net worth of $460 million, while his mother, Robin, is worth $40 million. His brother, who has established himself behind the scenes as an entertainment businessman, has a net worth of $12.5 million.

A Look at Jordan McGraw’s Influential and Successful Family Members

Jordan McGraw comes from one of the most successful families in Hollywood. His father has been a renowned name since the 90s, and his mother has been writing bestselling books for years.

Phil McGraw and a TV Empire

Popularly known as Dr Phil, Phil McGraw is the patriarch of the McGraw family. After graduating from college and completing his Ph.D., he began a career in the seminar circuit, along with his father.

After finding a modicum of success, he co-founded Courtroom Sciences, Inc, a trial consulting film. It was another successful gig, bringing him closer to his fame defining role as a TV psychologist.

Phil McGraw rose to fame with initial appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show before launching his TV program, Dr. Phil, in 2002. The show has been on the air ever since and spurred spin-off shows like The Doctors, Daily Mail TV, under his Stage 29 Productions company.

Robin McGraw Found Fame in Books

Jordan McGraw’s father, Phil, is also a published author, with over 15 books to his name. But it is one of many ways he became an icon of the media world. His mother, on the other hand, is primarily known as a writer.

She has published several books that have made it onto the New York Times Bestseller list. They include From My Heart to You, What’s Age Got to Do with It, Inside My Heart, and Christmas In My Home and Heart.

Marriage wise, the musician’s mother has been married to the TV icon since 1976. Their long and successful marriage has been the foundation of the couple’s remarkable success on television.

His Brother is Running the Family Business

Jay McGraw is the older brother who has taken reins of the family business, at least one arm of it. Born on September 12, 1979, Jay is also a graduate of psychology but rather than practice in the footstep of his father, works as president and CEO of Stage 29 Productions.

He co-founded the company with their father and has produced shows like Renovate My Family and The Doctors. He is also the owner of RumorFix, a website that determines the veracity of tabloid stories.

Unlike Jordan, Jay is well into being a family man. He is married to the former Playboy model, Erica Dahm. They have been married since August 2006 and have two children, Avery Elizabeth and London Phillip.

Jordan McGraw is Getting Married to Morgan Stewart

Jordan McGraw
image source

Sometimes, the right person can come at the wrong time. That is the theme of the love story of Jordan McGraw and Morgan Stewart. Back in 2010, the two of them had a relationship that lasted a year. It came to an end in what could be described as a result of youthful exuberance.

Ten years after, the two of them reunited. After Jordan ended a relationship in 2019, he reconnected with the Morgan, who is the co-host of E! ‘s Daily Pop and former star of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

Morgan had similarly ended a major relationship, specifically a marriage to Brandon Fitzpatrick, her RKBH co-star, in October 2019. Rumors of a Jordan/Morgan relationship began to fly in February 2020, and by July 5, the two had gotten engaged.

In celebration of their engagement, Jordan’s father, Phil, gifted the couple a $10 million mansion in Beverly Hills. The Trousdale Estates mansion has five bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms with amenities like home theater, pool with inset spa, and an outdoor kitchen.

He Has Had a Few Failed Relationships

When talking about the musician’s love life, he has had a spree of them. Jordan is often referred to as a playboy as his involvement with women is substantial. Sometime in 2011, rumors had it that he was romantically involved with Crystal Harris. However, the stories got debunked after Crystal married Hugh Hefner in 2012. To date, no one knows the truth if the duo had a fling or a relationship.

Afterward, Jordan kept most of his fans in the dark with his relationship life. It was not up until the year 2017 that it became public knowledge that the musician was in a relationship with Marrissa Jack. The duo started their relationship in 2012 and succeeded in keeping it under lock and key for five years.

Their relationship became public after Marrissa joined Jordan on stage while he was performing at the celebration of his parent’s 40th anniversary. The couple, however, parted ways one year after in 2018.

Jordan McGraw
Jordan and Ragan Wallake: image source

Jordan McGraw also dated actress, Ragan Wallake. Surprisingly, records have it that while the musician was still in his previous relationship, he was already involved with the American actress. They were together between 2017 and 2019, freeing Jordan to start a relationship with his wife-to-be.

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