Jordan McGraw
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Jordan McGraw is an American musician and lead guitarist who is also famous as the son of the famous American psychologist, Dr. Phil. Throughout his music career, Jordan has played in a few bands before currently playing for Hundred Handed. With most of his band groups, he has released a few singles and is eminent with his musical styles.

Jordan Mcgraw’s Biography

The singer was born into a family with brains for creativity and high intellectual acumen on the 21st day of October 1986. His mom, Robin McGraw is a renowned author whose works has been countlessly rolled out as New York Times bestseller and his dad, Dr. Phil McGraw is a popular media personality known for his self-titled show, Dr. Phil.

His elder brother, Jay McGraw is doing also well as an author. Jay holds a degree in psychology and is currently the founder of Stage 29 production; a company he runs alongside his dad. He is married to model Erica and has a child with her.

While every member of his family had taken a position in the theatre world, Jordan McGraw decided to do something kind of more extraordinary by being a musician. He is quite skilled with his vocals and is a don with the guitar. Jordan, who developed a heart for music at a very tender age took several lessons to hone his skills. Then, he subsequently created his first band group in 2005 known as Upside.

Jordan McGraw
Jordan McGraw (middle) and family

Following his exploits with his band group, the musician joined the Organica Music Group in 2010 and in the following year, he started to play the lead guitar for the Stars In Stereo band. With the latter group, he played the guitar permanently until the band dissolved in the later part of the year 2015. Jordan McGraw would then join his current band group, Hundred Handed, performing as the group’s lead vocalist and guitarist.

Jordan’s new band was a three-man group consisting of himself, Matt Black and Drew Langan who both play the bass guitar and the drums respectively. The group embraced fame the very year it came to be with the release of their debut single; Love Me Like The Weekend. Two years after, they released other singles like Miss California, Too Good, Vibe and Celebrate.

Girlfriend – If Married, Who Is The Wife?

When talking about the musician’s love life, he has had a spree of them. Jordan is often referred to as a playboy as his involvement with women is countless. Maybe, this may likely be a thing for band members. Sometime in 2011, rumors had it that he was romantically involved with Crystal Harris, however, the rumors got debunked after Crystal married Hugh Hefner in 2012. Till date, no one knows the truth if the duo had a fling or a relationship.

Afterward, Jordan kept most of his fans in the dark with his relationship life. It was not up until the year 2017 that it was revealed that the musician was in a relationship with Marrissa Jack. Sources have it that the duo started off their relationship in 2012 and succeeded in keeping it under lock and key. If not that Marrissa joined the musician on stage during the celebration of his parent’s 40th anniversary, then, maybe the relationship would have never gone public. Sadly, the duo couldn’t tolerate each other anymore and called off their six-year relationship in 2018.

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Currently, Jordan McGraw is in a love relationship with Ragan Walker. Surprisingly, records have it that while the musician was still in his former relationship, he was already involved with the American actress. This speculation seems to be true as Regan gave a hint about their relationship on April 30, 2017, following the upload of the musician’s picture on Instagram. Ever since their relationship went public, the couple’s timeline has been filled with endless photos of them in a lovey-dovey position.

Net Worth

The McGraws’ is also known for the kind of wealth they have accumulated. The patriarch of their home, Dr. Phil single-handedly is said to be worth over $400 million while his first son, Jay McGraw is estimated to have a net worth pegged at $12.5 million. Robin McGraw, the mother of their home is said to be worth $40 million.

For Jordan, who has solely made his earnings from music alone, his net worth of $1.5 million seems to be the lowest in the family. Well, we know for sure that in the coming years, his net worth is sure to rise.

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