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Jordan Peterson is a famous Canadian Clinical Psychology professor, YouTube Personality, critical thinker and author of a best-selling book. He is arguably one of the world’s most famous professors, owing to his numerous lectures and contributions on issues regarding religion and ideological belief.

A lot of Peterson’s work, which he uploads to YouTube to his over 1.8 million subscribers, has proven to be beneficial to many people. Some of his most famous videos include the Biblical Series (15 in all), Modern Times: Camille Paglia and Jordan B Peterson, Identity Politics and the Marxists Lie Of White Privilege among others. Stick around to learn more about his work, family, and the religion he practices as well as what his net worth could be.

Biography (Age)

Jordan Bernt Peterson was birthed on the 12th day of June 1962 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but was raised in Fairview, Alberta. His mother Beverley Peterson was a librarian while his father Walter Peterson taught in schools. He is the first of three children.

Peterson received his high school education at Fairview High School, graduating in 1979 before proceeding to Grande Prairie Regional College to study political science and English Literature. He later transferred to the University of Alberta from where he graduated in 1982 with a degree in Political science.

After his University education, Jordan Peterson embarked on a one year tour of Europe where he explored the psychological origins of the cold war, 20th-century European totalitarianism, as well as the works of Carl Jung among many other things. Upon his return to Canada, he enrolled at the University of Alberta, earning another degree in psychology in 1984.

His ultimate quest for deeper knowledge saw him pursue his Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1991 at McGill University. He had his post-doctoral fellowship at the university’s hospital until 1993 after which he took up a job as an assistant professor in the Psychology Department of Harvard University. Peterson later rose to become associate professor before moving back to Canada in 1998 to work for the University of Toronto as a professor.

Jordan Peterson has written two books; Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief published in 1999 and 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos published in January of 2018. His first book focuses on several academic fields, unraveling the structure of systems of beliefs and myths, their role in the recognition of emotion as well as other topics like motivation for genocide. The second book, which is due to be translated into 50 other languages, made Peterson the best selling author on Amazon in 2018. He is reportedly already working on releasing yet another book entitled 12 More Rules for Life: Beyond Mere Order which is due to be published in the first few months of 2020.

Today, the professor imparts knowledge to a larger audience via his YouTube account where he uploads videos. He has also featured in podcasts of H3H3 productions, Robin Report, Joe Rogan, et al. Other doctors like Dr. Daniel M. Higgins and Dr. Robert O. Phil as well as other renown public figures have graced his shows to speak on societal issues.

Family – Wife, Daughter, and Son

Jordan Peterson
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Jordan Peterson has been married to his old-time heartthrob, Tammy Peterson since 1989. The pair first met when they were very young and after a prolonged relationship, they walked down the aisle. Their union has produced two children; a daughter named Mikhaila Peterson and a son named Julian Peterson.

Mikhaila is very active on social media where she dishes advice on low or zero carb diet and beauty tips. In August of 2017, she gave birth to an adorable daughter called Scarlett. Just like his sister, Julian is equally an avid social media user who describes himself as a Kinetic Scientific and Exam Corp. Whatever that means, the family seems happy together.


The academician professed to be a Christian in 2017. However, about a year later in 2018, he explained that he does not exactly believe in God, but he knows that God may just exist. This answer was prompted after he was asked if he believed in God.

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Net Worth

Jordan Peterson’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. He made a huge chunk of his wealth from his job as a lecturer, as well as from the books he has authored and ad placements on his YouTube Channels. Additionally, his online lectures have been supported financially by a number of patrons who donate as much as $50,000 per month to see that his knowledge is spread across to whosoever needs it.

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