Interesting Details of Jordyn Taylor Rise to Fame as Trevor Noah’s Girlfriend, Her Music Career and Family

In 2014, Jordyn Taylor, an American model, singer, songwriter, and estate agent shocked the world after revealing that she was slowing down with her music career. Many wondered what went wrong? With no answer to their probing questions, in 2015, she stormed the news again with her relationship with the South African comedian, Trevor Noah.

After several questionings, the two decided to come out open with what they shared, automatically publicizing their relationship. While a lot of their fans looked forward to an engagement or wedding plan, the two went their separate ways in the summer of 2018. What really happened to the lovebirds?

Jordyn Taylor and Trevor Noah Confirmed Their relationship After Their Picture Surfaced On The Internet

Jordyn Taylor
Jordyn Taylor and ex-partner; Trevor Noah image source

After quitting her musical career, Jordyn Taylor set the internet abuzz when a picture of her and the famous South African Comedian and Television host, Trevor Noah got out in 2015. In the released picture, the two were seen walking in a lovey-dovey fashion.

During that period, a plethora of speculation and assumptions flooded several social media pages. And while fans were still trying to decipher whether they had become an item or not, the two decided to came out open with their relationship. Thus, the lovebirds were subsequently seen attending several red carpet events, vacations, and gracing a few interviews as a couple.

Taylor Attained another level of fame As Noah’s Girlfriend

Automatically, their relationship became heavily publicized, and even though Taylor had already slowed down with her thriving music career, the ensuing publicity on her love life constantly kept her in the public eye. Apart from people who knew her as a musician, she garnered another crop of fans who wanted to know more about the new woman in Trevor Noah’s life.

During the peak of their dalliance, many were envious of the American singer, but what they didn’t know was that Jordyn Taylor has lived through a dark tragedy, one which the comedian’s gift for laughter helped her overcome. Noah was actually the singer’s first serious relationship since she lost her fiancé. In 2011, she was engaged to her high school sweetheart Vin Giuliano after dating for five years, Giuliano already proposed and the couple was looking forward to a life of love and togetherness when tragedy struck. Her fiancée lost his life in a car crash, leaving Taylor devastated. For the ensuing 4 years, the singer mourned the love of her life, until she met the SA funny man, Trevor Noah.

After they got together, the former R&B singer was smiling again, and the SA comedian was obviously besotted with his new girlfriend. The celeb duo was so in love that Jordyn Taylor moved across the country from LA to New York just to be closer to the “The Daily Show” host. Trevor in turn took Jordyn home to Johannesburg to meet his parents and siblings.

The Celeb Duo Called It Quits In 2018

With the pace at which the couple’s romance was growing, most of their fans looked forward to either an engagement or even a wedding. However, their dreams were shattered as the love birds decided to call it quits during the summer of 2018. Besides, the celebrity duo kept mute on the cause of their breakup and is yet to reveal any detail in that regard to date.

The reality of their breakup became more glaring as the pop singer turned realtor unfollowed the comedian on Instagram. However, she still follows his charity page and as at the last check, Taylor is yet to take off his pictures from her social media pages. It is not indicated whether the American singer is dating again, but she maintains that she still loves the SA comedian after their break up.

Jordyn Taylor Kick Started Her Music Career At The Age Of 15

Jordyn developed a passion for music as a growing lad and by the time she became an adult, she took to chasing her dreams. Her professional career kick-started when she was just 15 under the Manta Production. While working with the record label, the talented musician familiarized and worked with other producers like Mark Jackson and Ian Scott. Under the tutelage of these producers, Taylor learned to hone her skills as well as the tricks behind every musical tone.

Having been equipped with the required musical training, Jordyn Taylor released her first single, Strong On MySpace. Despite being a newbie, her first single received a lot of rave reviews and became the highest-ranked song from an unassigned artist.

She Released Two Successful Albums Before Slowing Down On Music In 2014

Following the popularity of the song, Interscope records signed a deal with the singer. Under the watch of the record label, Taylor released her debut self titled album, Jordyn Taylor in March 2012. Like her first single, the album was a big hit with most of her singles emerging as favorites songs played on every radio station. Fan-favorite tracks in the album include Never again, Stuck, and Be the Same. The track Be The Same was composed with respect to the death of her fiance who died from a fatal accident.

In the following year, Jordyn Taylor released a sophomore album, Shine transiting from soulful R’n’B to Pop. In the album, celebrated singers like Matt Wong and DJ Hello Kitty were featured in a few of its tracks. Just like her first two music gigs, the album received rave reviews with singles like Set Me Free and Its Vabene placing very high on the iTunes chart.

Sadly in 2014, Jordyn Taylor publicly stated that she was slowing down with her music career. Also, she said her decision may not be permanent. Currently, Jordyn pays her bills as a realtor.

Jordyn Taylor’s Hails From A Multi-racial Background

Born on the 14th of November 1990, Jordyn Taylor has her place of birth recorded as Albuquerque city, New Mexico, USA. Needless to say, her birth country makes her an American national. However, there has always been confusion about the singer’s ethnicity, while some have referred to her as white, others have linked her to Asian roots.

Well, from our findings, she is neither of the two, we have discovered that the singer turn realtor is from a mixed background with African-American, Mexican, Filipino, and Albanian ancestry. Her parents have been identified as Jason and Elayne Braff, sources have revealed that the singer shares a closely knitted bond with her mum and dad.

Jordyn Taylor is not the only child of her parents, she spent her formative years alongside two other siblings; an older brother, Justin, and a younger brother, Mikey.

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