Exploring Jordyn Woods’ Friendship With Kylie, Her Sources Of Income and The Thompson Cheating Scandal

The name ‘Jordyn Woods’ made headlines on so many news outlets as an American plus-size model who became famous as a result of her popularity on the 6-second video making app, Vine. She also garnered more popularity when she featured in a few episodes of the Kardashians’ reality television series; Keeping up with the Kardashians, Life of Kylie, and others and she is best known as Kylie Jenner’s best friend.

Due to her much publicly displayed friendship with Kylie and by extension the Kardashian clan, she has thrived from the ensuing media attention. She is part of a generation of young celebrities whose one potent weapon is social media and she has amassed a huge online fanbase with her Instagram handle having over 11 million followers.

Jordyn’s Friendship With Kylie Dates Back to when She was 13

The Jordyn and Kylie friendship dates back to many years. They first met when she was 13, at a mutual friends house party. Jordyn and her family had just moved to Calabasas, in California and she was already friends with Jaden Smith and the Smith family.

Her relationship with the Smith family goes back to when her late dad worked with Will Smith on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with Will as a sound engineer. She sees Will Smith as an Uncle and is more or less an insider to the Smiths. It was through Jaden Smith that she got to know Kylie. Over the years, their friendship has grown in leaps and bounds. Jordyn was even a guest at the super exclusive Kanye West and Kim Kardashian wedding in 2014.

Expensive Gifts Were A Norm In The Jordyn-Kylie Friendship

It’s not every day that you find friendship where expensive jewelry is exchanged. Kylie bought Jordyn a $14,600 Cartier Rainbow bracelet. Probably the one that made the news was when Kylie bought her a brand new black Mercedes.

Jordyn’s father passed away after suffering from cancer for a long time. At the time, it was very depressing for her family as they had spent a fortune in the course of his treatments. Surprisingly, people responded to their plea for support and made heartfelt donations. During that time, Kylie demonstrated the true value of their friendship as she gave the family a support fund of $10,000.

Kylie also revealed in an interview that she and Jordyn were living together and she was a huge support during her pregnancy and after the birth of her baby, Stormi. This incredible friendship was the toast of the town, in fact, when Kylie launched her cosmetics brand, Woods would even go on to model for Kylie Cosmetics. In 2016, Jenner returned the favor and supported Woods’ fashion line launch. She was a regular face on Kylie’s reality series Life of Kylie, where they even had a scene where they got “married” to as a show of the depth of their friendship. Over the years, it was a custom for them to vacation together at some of the most exotic of locations.

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Cheating Scandal With Tristan Thompson

Everything was seemingly rosy in the Jordyn-Kylie paradise until news that Jordyn had kissed Khloé Kardashian’s then-lover, Tristan Thompson broke.

Jordyn had over the years become close to the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan and was taken in as one of them. However, the relationship went sour when the famous model’s illicit relationship with Khloe Kardashian’s then-boyfriend and baby daddy, Tristan Thompson came to light.

It was revealed that Jordyn Woods was sighted with Tristan in a romantic atmosphere during a party held on 17 February 2019. Thereafter, Khloe confirmed the rumor by confronting Woods who denied the allegations at first but later owned up to the truth. As a result of this, the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan put a stop to their friendship with the American model. Every one of them except Kylie has unfollowed her on their social media handles. Although everyone was expecting Kylie to follow suit, she did not.

As though the negative publicity wasn’t bad enough, in typical Kardashian style, the next episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired the drama on a special two-part series finale. The episode had the cameras capturing all the drama. It showed Khloe’s hysterical breakdowns and the reaction of all the sisters, with all of them throwing their weight behind their sister in her moment of pain.

While all this was going on, Jordyn was looking to tell her side of the story. She made an appearance on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk to tell her version of the story. According to her, she was at a party with a bunch of friends, incidentally, Tristan was also at the party. And after their time at the club, they all headed for Tristan’s house where they all continued drinking into the night. When it was time for her to leave, Tristan kissed her on the lips, for which she was surprised. She denied sleeping with him or sitting on his laps all night as many reported and reiterated that it was Tristan who made the move to kiss her. With a bit of alcohol in the equation, she said it was an indiscretion and apologized for letting her self into an awkward space and denies there was ever any sort of relationship with Tristan.

Despite All The Drama Her Net Worth Has Been On The Rise

In the wake of the public scrutiny, she was subjected to, Jordyn Woods went about her business and even used that media attention as prime time to launch new initiatives. Barely 24 hours after the scandal episode was aired, she announced a lucrative Boohoo x Jordyn Woods clothing line.

As an established model, she already had a contract with a prestigious modeling and talent agency; Wilhelmina International. There, she worked for the agency’s division for plus size models named Wilhelmina International Curve.

Beyond her work as a model, her self acceptance and confidence as a plus-size lady has been an inspiration to many plus-size women across the globe and has fetched her an Ambassadorship for a famous plus-size brand; Lovesick.

Jordyn Woods has also starred in a good number of the Kardashians’ reality television series for which she was paid for her appearances.

The Lovesick Ambassador has assembled huge earnings for herself as she has also established her own clothing line. With all this, Jordyn Woods’ net worth is estimated to be around $6 million.


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