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Best known for his explorations and adventures, Josh Gates is a television presenter with a voracious appetite for seeing the world and the beauties in it. Through his years as an explorer, he has documented his trips, sharing it with viewers around the world. Through Josh Gates, people at home have been able to see parts of the world they wouldn’t normally be aware of. Also, those who daydream about seeing exquisite locations experience them through his journeys. He has had a colorful life so far, and it’s only fair we take a deeper look at who Josh Gates is.

Josh Gates Bio (Age)

Josh Gates was born on the 10th of August, 1977 in Manchester-by-the-Sea; a town on Cape Ann found in the Essex County of Massachusetts. He attended Tufts University in Boston, where he studied archaeology and drama before moving to the University of Maryland where he joined the university’s archaeological team. He took part in the excavations done by the team from 1996 to 1998.

His passion for travel was fueled by his father, who was a deep-sea diver. Seeing the places his father went to on his expeditions fueled his love for traveling; he couldn’t stop wanting to explore the vast corners of the world. This love has carried him all over; from under the sea to the top of the mountains. He is also a certified SCUBA diver. On his trips, he has assisted in archaeological excavations off the coast of Israel, just as he has traveled to remote villages in Nepal and Bangladesh. That’s not all, Josh Gates has scaled high mountains like Mt. Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in Africa, and Aconcagua – the highest in the Americas.

This Josh appeared on the first season of the reality show Beg, Borrow & Deal where he had to go from one corner of the USA to the other without handling any currency and with just the clothes on his back. He has also appeared on other shows such as The Budweiser-sponsored Truly Famous, Facts or Faked: Paranormal Files, and Ghost Hunters.

However, Josh is best known for his exploration series Expedition Unknown on Discovery Channel for which he is the host and producer. The series follows Josh Gates as he explores legends and mysteries. It ran on the Travel Channel from 2015 to 2017 before being moved to the Discovery Channel in 2018.

He was also the host and co-executive producer of the Syfy series Destination Truth.

His Net Worth

Josh Gates has an estimated net worth of USD3 million. It’s no real surprise, seeing as his list of producing and hosting credits date back to 2008. It makes sense that the plethora of series would allow him to rake in that amount of wealth, and it doesn’t hurt that he immensely enjoys the shows that he works on.

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Wife/Girlfriend, Kids, and Sister

Josh Gates
Hallie and Josh: Image Source

In 2014, Josh Gates married his Destination Truth co-star Hallie Gnatovich. Josh was the host of the show and Hallie worked on it as a researcher. She currently works as a therapist in L.A.

While filming the special ‘Secrets of Christopher Columbus’ for Expedition Unknown, Hallie called Josh to let him know that they were expecting a baby. It was all recorded, including Josh’s emotional reaction to the great news. In February 2016, they welcomed their son and named him Owen Gates.

Josh Gates is an only child, he followed his parents around whenever they needed to travel because of work.

Is He Gay?

As stated earlier, Josh Gates is a happily married man with a son; everything points to him being straight. His wife, Hallie, does work as a licensed therapist for LGBTQ patients in L.A. She has a website ( for her practice.

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Height and Other Facts

Josh Gates has been scuba diving since he was 10 years old. He has a rather rare allergy to English ivy (Hedera helix). Rare because it’s very hard to find anyone with an allergy to the ivy. He trained nonstop with two friends before climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, crediting the trip for helping him make traveling a much larger part of his life. There are Facebook pages that are dedicated to the necklace and scarves he wears, but no one knows who owns them.

He has a book called Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter that was published in 2011. The book chronicles the various encounters he had with several dangerous creatures on his worldwide trips. Josh Gates is 2 inches taller than 6 feet (188 cm).

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