Josh Peck once Rumored to be Gay has a Wife and a Staggering Net Worth

The post-child actor phase of Josh Peck is nothing short of fascinating. Unlike a lot of child actors who lose relevance waned as they grew into adult actors and actresses, Josh has reinvented himself as an online star and made a lot of money doing so.

Beyond that, he has also found love. While he had to deal with a few rumors because he fits into a few gay stereotypes, Josh Peck was in a longtime relationship with a woman who later became his wife. The story of child actors usually does not get better than this, and here is how it all unfolded for the Drake & Josh star.

His Good Looks and Girl Imitations Sparked Gay Rumors

Although Josh Peck rose to fame as the fat friend in Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh, Josh Peck grew up to be a very handsome man. In addition to that, during the heydays of the social media app, Vine, he made several videos of himself imitating girl voices.

In those popular vines, Josh Peck made skits about mean girls and ‘what girls are really trying to say.’ But what many saw as a funny act and nothing more to it, others read deeper meaning into it and questioned Josh’s sexuality. Working off stereotypes about gay people, they saw his good looks and his feminine side as evidence he was gay.

Sadly, that could not have been further from the truth. Josh was always a straight man, and while he did not feature in and out of tabloids with stories about his latest flings and girlfriend, he was in heterosexual relationships.

He dated a woman named Kelly Louie, and Hanna Beth Berjos. Josh Peck also had a rumored relationship with X-Men alum, Famke Janssen, before he began a relationship with his then-girlfriend now turned wife, Paige O’Brien.

Josh Peck and Paige O’Brien Began their Relationship in 2012

Josh Peck and Paige O’Brien
Josh Peck and Paige O’Brien: image source

Like a lot of personalities in his profession, Josh Peck keeps details of his personal life behind curtains. As a result, we are not entirely sure how his relationship with Paige O’Brien began. However, according to several reports, their relationship began in 2012.

After years of privately nurturing their relationship, they took things to the next level in 2016 when Josh proposed to Paige. He proposed in March of that year in Paris, with a beautiful diamond ring. Two months after, in May, the couple had an elaborate engagement party.

In the following year, Josh Peck and Paige O’Brien finally legalized their union with a wedding in June 2017. They held the private ceremony in Malibu, California surrounded by friends, family, and a couple of celebrity guests, one of whom was John Stamos.

Josh, who, aside from being an adored 90s child actor, had also become a social media star, shared several photos of moments leading to and after the ceremony. All of them received congratulatory messages from his fans and well-wishers.

Their Marriage has Produced one Child so Far

It did not take long for Josh and Paige to deepen their marriage. In August 2018, they announced the impending arrival of their first and only child so far. That announcement was fulfilled a couple of months after in December 2018.

They gave birth to a son, Max Milo Peck, just before they heralded the new year on December 29, 2018. Since Max was born, he has become a prominent feature in the couple’s online presence. Max Milo has made appearances on Instagram and his parents’ respective YouTube channels.

Josh Peck’s Wife is the Daughter of an American Football Quarterback

Following the engagement of Paige O’Brien to Josh Peck, we have come to learn a lot about the longtime partner of the child star. Most notably is the fact that her father is Ken O’Brien, a former star quarterback for the New York Jets.

Ken, along with his wife, Shelly, gave birth to Paige along with three other children – Taylor, Kelly, and Blake. Her father spent more than a decade playing for the Jets before spending a brief time with the Philadelphia Eagles.

However, even though she was born into a celebrity family, Paige has forged a career of her own. Details of her academic background remain undisclosed, but she works as a cinematographer and editor. Some of her works include films like Let Go and Black Wolf, as well as the documentary, Tell me a Story.

As for onscreen appearances, she has majorly appeared alongside her husband on his YouTube channel, Josh Peck. Aside from that, she made an appearance in the documentary, The Journey, in 2001.

Josh Peck has a Net Worth of $9 Million

Beyond settling down with a gorgeous woman, one other significant change in Josh Peck’s life since his Drake & Josh days is his net worth. The relatively young actor has accrued an estimated net worth of $9 million, most of which he earned after his Nickelodeon days ended.

He has earned his wealth via comedy, acting, and his YouTube channel. The latter has not only made him a lot of money but also ensured he remained relevant to older and younger audiences, beyond the nostalgia of his childhood days.

Peck has more than 3.76 Million YouTube Subscribers

People evolve, and although having a YouTube channel is not what most people associate with a working actor, Peck has carved out the niche for himself. On his channel, Josh Peck, he has over 3.7 million subscribers, who visit his channel to watch his vlogs about his life and other comedy skits.

The channel evolved from his skits on comparatively smaller platforms like Vine, and it has made him a lot of money. With several million subscribers and over 326.6 million views, the comedy channel earns him up to $21.6k monthly and $259.8k yearly in ad revenues, according to figures by SocialBlade.

He Still acts and has tens of film Credits to His Name

While his YouTube stardom might suggest his acting years are over, that is quite far from the truth. Josh Peck is very much still an actor, with many film credits to his name, most of which came after his stint on Drake & Josh.

He has particularly found a lot of success as a voice actor and brought characters in projects like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series to life. Others include Lego Star Wars: All Stars, Legendary Place, Gnome Alone, and Ice Age: Collision Course.

Josh Peck
Josh Peck with John Stamos in Grandfathered: image source

His live-action roles, which tend to pay better, are also quite substantial. His recent works include Grandfathered, Fuller House, Liza on Demand, Locating Silver Lake, and The Pain of Painting. Overall, acting has proven to be an equally significant source of income for the social media star.

What are His Other Sources of Income?

Aside from his acting gigs and YouTube earnings, Josh Peck’s $9.5 million also comes from things like his speaking engagements. While he may not be the most notable public speaker out there, he still makes a decent income from the role, up to $50,000 per gig.

Furthermore, as someone with a significant online following, from YouTube to Instagram and Snapchat, a few brands have taken advantage. He had a collaboration with Microsoft and AXE Hair Creator in 2017. He has also promoted products by the watch brand, Citizen Watches.

Lastly, Josh Peck also makes money from his podcast. His Curious With Josh Peck podcast, where he interviews celebrities, like his other online endeavors, has a significant following, which has attracted ad revenue opportunities. Peck also makes money through fashion. He has a collection of branded fashion pieces and accessories that include hoodies, t-shirts, crewnecks, and phone cases.

With all these ventures, it, therefore, comes as no surprise that Josh has amassed a net worth of $9.5 million. And if you are wondering how the former child star spends his money, his YouTube page has vlog videos about purchases like a house and a Tesla. With such expenses, it is safe to say Josh is living the good life.

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