Joshua Jeffords – Who Is He? His Wife And Her Affair With Fletcher Cox

If the name Joshua Jeffords rings a bell, there are mainly two reasons why. Knowing him personally is a bit of a stretch in this vast world. But, on the other hand, the scandalous affair his wife had with NFL player, Fletcher Cox instantly shone the spotlight on him. The high profile lawsuit attracted attention on a national level. In the process, Jeffords’ popularity soared, with him making appearances on shows like ABC’s Good morning America. It may not have been for the most sensitive reasons, but Jeffords is public figure now. Here is all there is to know about him and the affair that changed his life forever.

Who is Joshua Jeffords?

There is not a whole lot floating about out there about the man known as Joshua Jeffords. In fact, very little was known about him before the unfortunate incident between his wife, Catherine Cuesta Jeffords, and the NFL player, Fletcher Cox. The little known about the man himself is that he hails from the state of North Carolina and served as a U.S marine. Additionally, he married Catherine Virginia Cuesta, who also happens to come from North Carolina.

The lawsuit, filed in November 2017, undoubtedly launched them both into the spotlight and had him claiming that the NFL player seduced his wife. He went on to add that this act led to the destruction of his marriage and left him emotionally scarred.

His Wife and Her Affair with Fletcher Cox

The Discovery

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To Joshua Jeffords, his marriage was as peachy as ever until he stumbled across text messages that informed him otherwise. Apparently, his wife was exchanging inappropriate Snapchat and text messages with Fletcher Cox. It was stated in the lawsuit that two of the messages from the NFL player stated that he wanted to get his wife pregnant. His wife was not opposed to the idea either and even went on apparently received photos of the star’s genitals.

Jeffords went on to add that while on a work trip to Pennsylvania, Cox met and seduced his wife. Apparently, when confronted with her husband’s knowledge of her extra-marital affair, she visited Pennsylvania a couple of times before permanently moving there.

The Accusation

All in all, Joshua Jeffords accused the NFL star of inadvertently ruining his marriage. In the lawsuit, it was stated that he had to actively seek out mental health treatment as a result of “substantial emotional distress.” He was quite perturbed by the fact that he would have to pick up the pieces of his life and begin from scratch. Based on that, he was seeking out an amount of $50,000 in damages.

Subsequently, he proceeded to file for a divorce from his wife, Catherine Cuesta. Though he made no mention of Cox, he cited public ridicule as his reason.

The Defence

The NFL star did not take the accusations lightly and was ready with a line of defense. He stated he was not aware that Catherine was married to Joshua Jeffords or anyone for that matter. All in all, he never denied communicating with her over Snapchat but went on to deny that they had relations in North Caroline. With confidence, he stated that “no genuine love or affection existed between them by which to alienate”. Further standing his ground, he divulged that he did not set out to seduce her or cause Jeffords any distress. Rather, they kicked off the relationship on a basis of mutual attraction and consent.

The star did not deny the fact that messages exist but denied that he sent any risqué photos. Seeing as they were not included in the lawsuit, that claim seemed to hold. Nevertheless, Jeffords replied by saying that the photos would be included eventually.

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The Settlement 

Despite the fact that this case was highly publicized, Joshua Jeffords and Cox eventually settled it out of court. When asked about it, the athlete’s lawyer, Mark Trigg, simply said he was unable to comment. He did, however, divulge that the matter ended with neither party admitting any liability to the other. In the same vein, mum was the word when Jeffords was consulted with the same question.

His lawyer, Christopher Adkins, responded in his stead. The statement he offered up was vague and practically the same one offered up by Trigg. He simply revealed that the lawsuit was resolved with neither party admitting liability to the other.


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