The Progression of Joss Fong’s Education, Rise to Prominence on Vox and Proof of Her Success

Joss Fong is an Asian-American journalist and charity worker, who has spent all her professional life reporting on science, technology, and health-related subjects. She is currently a producer at an online platform, Vox, which makes online videos to educate and inform its viewers about several topics. She has held this position for more than six years and helped Vox become the de-facto platform for short explanatory videos about current affairs.

Joss Fong has become an inspiration for those looking to build a legacy in online journalism. As such, she has triggered the interest of many fans who seek to emulate a career like hers and build a legacy just as she has.

Joss Fong Earned Her First Degree at Goshen College

Fong was named Jocelyn Kathleen Fong at birth; she was born in New York in the United States of America on May 22, 1988. Her father’s name is not public knowledge, but her mother’s name is Beverly Fong. It is on record that she has (at least) two siblings – a sister named Linda Fong, and a brother whose name so far remains undisclosed.

Though born in New York, Fong attended Goshen College, Indianapolis in the United States; however, her exact course of study remains undisclosed. For her second degree, however, she got admission to New York University in 2012. There, she undertook her Masters of Arts (M.A) degree in Journalism – specializing in Science, Health, and Environment Reporting. She then graduated in 2013.

She Began Her Career While She Was In College

While Joss Fong was studying to obtain her first degree, she combined her studies with working for Media Matters for America as an Energy/Environment Editor. She joined the organization in September 2008 and put in about four years of work before she moved on to try something else.

Joss would later combine studying for her Master’s degree program with working as an Intern for a firm called Ask Media. In 2013, after obtaining her Master’s degree, she joined an organization known as Scientific American, working as a Video Production Intern.

In her position as an intern, she used the opportunity to learn how to create and record educational and informational videos. She learned about animations and finishing off the production by editing, captioning, and publishing these videos online. This opportunity would later become the foundation of her defining career role thus far.

In 2014, Joss Fong began her storied career with Vox Media. She joined the online media outfit as a Senior Editorial Producer and has worked in that capacity for over six years.

Joss Helped Vox Become the Leading Source of Short Insightful Videos

For millions of netizens, Vox videos are just a default part of being on the internet today. From YouTube to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, short explanatory videos from the media outfit are how millions gain fundamental insight into several social issues. This phenomenon is attributable to Joss Fong, who, in her capacity as editorial producer, engineered the outfit’s brand as a leading source of this style of educative content. Under her watch, Vox, via its ‘Explained’ banner, covers issues in science, technology, and health.

Joss Fong
Joss on a panel discussing the Vox producing process: image source

Not only has she grown Vox’s share of the explanatory video market, but Joss Fong has also helped expand it to a more serialized form. She is equally a producer for Vox’s Netflix show, Explained, which covers a more considerable amount of issues. Fong has also produced other works like Vox Borders, Glad You Asked, and False Positive.

Fong Also Spends Time on Philanthropy and Other Creative Works

Beyond her Vox career, Joss has also dedicated herself to volunteerism and philanthropy. She devoted her skills and time to help a charitable organization called the “Against Malaria Foundation”, where she volunteered to work as a video editor.

Additionally, when she is not physically contributing to a better-informed society, she loves to draw and engage in some form of craft to create interesting articles.

She is also a hobbyist photographer, with social feeds full of random photos about sightings she finds interesting. It is a passion that has earned her an impressive following on social media and deepened her connection with fans of her work for Vox Media.

Her Work Has Earned Her A Couple of Award Nominations

You do not do a job as good as Joss Fong has done for Vox without getting recognition from media organizations. Her work has received two nominations from News & Documentary Emmy Awards; in 2015, she and her team received the Outstanding News Special nomination for Vox Docs, while the following year, Vox Pop, a program that covers pop culture, received a nomination for Outstanding Arts, Culture and Entertainment Report.

Aside from those, Joss Fong has received an award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. She received the 2018 AAAS Science Journalism Award for Video Sports News/Feature Reporting. Between her awards and nominations, and Vox’s online influence, it has indeed been a remarkable career for the New York native.

Joss Fong Has A Mysterious Personal Life

For fans of Vox Explainers, it is natural to want to know more about the woman behind several of the hit videos. But while she does a great job in breaking down complicated social issues for netizens, her personal life remains a mysterious field for fans.

As information is not readily available to address the curiosity from the public, many assumptions and rumors have flown around about the editor. Despite that, she has not done much to help dispel the stories either.

Joss Fong often posts several pictures of herself and two kids on her social media pages. This prompted a wave of rumors that she is in a relationship and perhaps, secretly got married. It later turned out that the kids in question are her sister’s children.

Joss Fong
Fong with her niece: image source

As for the secret relationship, there have been suggestions that she was in a romantic relationship with one of Vox directors, Dion Lee.

However, as you might expect, neither Joss nor Dion has confirmed any of it. But while we might not know her actual relationship status, that is not to suggest Joss Fong is without a companion. She has a pet cat named Karl, and he is a regular feature on her Instagram feed.


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