Julia Lazar Franco – Bio, Life and Death of Tom Franco’s Wife

Famous American evangelist, Myles Munroe once said that the value of life does not lie in its duration but in its donation. You are not important because of how long you live, but because of how effective you lived. This saying proves true in the life and times of Julia Lazar Franco. Franco was an Austrian born artist who impacted a lot of lives through her dedication to the arts. She was also the wife of Tom Franco – celebrated sculptor as well as the brother of famous actors, James, and Dave Franco. Get to know more about Julia Lazar Franco’s life work and demise.

Life of Julia Lazar Franco – Bio

Julia Lazar Franco was born on the 7th of November 1957 in Vienna Austria. Her father’s name was Imre Lazar while her mother’s name was Marika Nagy. Franco inherited her passion for arts from her parents. Her father was an accomplished filmmaker while her mother was an artist who excelled in painting and drawing. Julia Lazar Franco spent her formative years in the Austrian city of Vienna. She, however, relocated to America in the 80s and became an active member of the California artistic community.


France spent nearly ten years in California during which she pursued various cultural and artistic endeavors. She also became the lead singer of a rock band known as Exit. Franco relocated to the Indian city of Ganeshpuri in the 90s. The move was in pursuit of her quest for higher living and spirituality. While in India, Franco joined an ashram (a secluded religious dwelling) and became in charge of their kitchen. From India, she moved to Paris to study at the famed Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute. Julia Lazar Franco eventually returned to America in the 2000s and joined another ashram in Bay Area California. It was there that she would meet the love of her life, Tom Franco.

About Her Husband Tom Franco

Before we unearth their love story, it is only proper to get some background information on the man himself. Thomas Andrew Franco was born on the 14th of April 1980 in Palo Alto California. His father’s name is Douglas Eugene Franco while his mother’s name is Betsy Lou. Tom Franco studied fine arts at the University of California Santa Cruz. He also studied ceramic arts at the California College of the Art.

Tom is primarily a sculptor but he also dabbles into other forms of art such as painting. Tom Franco is the founder of The Firehouse Collective – a non-profit organisation which began operations in 2004. The cooperative supports and nurtures artists. It provides them with affordable living spaces, studios, and galleries where they can show their work. The collective is not limited to traditional artists but also features others such as food artisans, DJs, and dancers.

Julia Lazar Franco and her beau first met in 2003 at an ashram in Bay Area. They started out as friends and collaborators before becoming lovers in 2009. Prior to their romance, the two partnered on The Firehouse Collective with Julia acting as a co-director of the organisation. She played an important role in taking the collective to greater heights. She did this through excellent marketing and public relations strategies. Franco documented their activities with her camera and then posted them online in order to attract publicity. Thanks to her efforts, the collective now represents over 100 artists and has five properties in the Bay Area.

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Julia Lazar Franco passed away on the 25th of August 2014. She died as a result of complications arising from chronic hepatitis C, end-stage liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Before her death, she was hospitalised for some months at the U.C. San Francisco. It must be said that Franco died a happy lady as she and her fiancée tied the knot on the 28th of July 2014.

Their nuptials took place in the hospital and featured their loved ones including members of their ashram. Franco subsequently passed away on the 25th of August. A memorial service was held for her on the 31st of August. Franco and her husband never had any children together. However, she had a daughter named Dawn from an earlier relationship. Dawn is married to a filmmaker, Ramon Rigoni, and has a son named Rafael.

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