Julia Moffitt Biography – 6 Quick Facts You Need To Know

Julia Moffitt is no stranger to the spotlight. With her talents and charisma on-screen, the Indiana-based journalist has gradually warmed her way into the hearts of many and also established herself as a household name. From her first broadcasting job at WENY TV36 to WANE-TV-15, and then to WTHR Channel 13 News, Moffitt’s media records speak volumes for her. Read on to discover lesser-known facts about the doting wife, mother, and award-winning broadcaster.

Julia Moffitt Biography

There is a dearth of information regarding Julia Moffitt’s birthdate, parents, family, and elementary education. However, it is common knowledge that Moffitt is a Hoosier who was raised in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Going by Julia’s academic records, it is safe to say she was certain of her career path right from high school and dedicatedly worked towards it. For her tertiary education, the journalist studied Communications at Indiana State University.


It is uncertain if Moffitt worked in other fields before debuting as a broadcaster. Her first job as a media personality was as a weeknight news anchor for a New York-based ABC affiliate station WENY TV36. Her charisma and talents on air were hard to go unnoticed and opened up more opportunities for the reporter thereafter. Her next job was at WANE TV-15 and later WTHR Channel 13 News all based in her hometown of Indiana.

While working for the former network, Moffitt established herself as a household name as the ratings for the weekday programmes she anchored skyrocketed within a short while. Julia Moffitt currently works as a weekday reporter and host for Channel 13 Sunrise. An epicure, one of her popular weekly shows is What’s Cooking. On the programme, Julia and her team explore new restaurants and cuisines especially those that are locally owned.

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Husband and Kids

Julia Moffitt and husband Barry
Julia Moffitt and husband Barry
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Julia Moffitt is not just successful professionally but also in her personal life. She has been happily married to her better half Barry for more than two decades. The couple’s union has produced two children Rylann and Cole. Julia and her family currently live together in Indianapolis, Indiana.

6 Quick Facts You Need To Know

  • Parents, Grandparents

Moffitt is of mixed ethnicity. The broadcaster’s Polish heritage can be traced right back to two prior generations. More so, while growing up, Julia who shared a close bond with her grandparents learned to cook Polish delicacies from her grandma.

  • Surprising Job Offer

During the interview for her first job, Moffitt offered to first work without pay for a week because there was no opening in the office at the time and also in order to better hone her skills in front of the camera. But she was surprisingly given the job two days later after one of the staff unexpectedly quit.

  • Industry Recognitions
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Through hard work and dedication, Julia Moffitt has carved a niche for herself in the industry. Her numerous efforts have not only yielded financial rewards but also recognitions both locally and across the globe. For her charismatic reporting skills, Moffitt has been honored by prestigious groups including the Society of Professional Journalists and the Associated Press. She has also been nominated for the best local female television news anchor award by Peoples Choice and consequently featured in an edition of the Indianapolis Woman Magazine.

  • Animal Lover

An animal lover, Moffitt got her first horse at age 10. Interestingly, she bought the stallion which cost 53 dollars back then at an auction with mostly her own savings except for an extra one dollar loan from her parents.

  • Life Adventures
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Julia Moffitt is a Hoosier with a fearless and daring attitude. As a child, she once participated in a rodeo, chasing a greased up pig. Though she had a good time at the contest, Julia didn’t take the price home.

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Again Moffitt began driving from the early age of ten without her parents’ knowledge. Back then, she had a senior friend who lived in the neighborhood and let her drive his truck around town. Sadly, that risky adventure ended after her parents discovered.

The broadcaster has been privileged to fly with the US Navy Blue Angels. According to Moffitt, the two-time adventurous experience was a scary one which made her pass out for a few seconds and thankfully, she didn’t spew her bowels out.

  • Fashion and Style

Julia Moffitt has two different style personalities, one that depicts her true person and the other for her job in front of the camera. For her professional clothes, Julia’s favorite go-to shops are  Nordstrom Rack, Saks, and T.J. Maxx, among others. For her off-screen looks, the mother of two loves to shop at Cloth, 14 Districts, 8 Fifteen, among others.

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