Inside Julian Edelman’s Pursuits Outside Football, His Net Worth and Past Relationships

The NFL has seen so many players who devoted their footballing lives to doing remarkable things on the field. One such player in the contemporary time is Julian Edelman, who since his selection in the 2009 draft has been outstanding for his blazing speed and smooth plays against his opponents in any game he gets fielded for. Based on this, Julian earned the nicknames squirrel, Minitron, and Energizing Bunny.

The New England Patriots Wide receiver has been to 3 Super Bowls and won 2, but apart from his life on the pitch for which he is more popular, Edelman is also an author, actor, and producer. Here is

Early Life and Career Beginnings of Julian Edelman

Julian Francis Edelman was born on the 22nd of May, 1986 in Redwoods, California, the United States of America to parents of multi-racial identities: Jewish, Irish, Ashkenazi, German, Scottish, and English. The footballer, however, prefers to identify as Jewish. His parents are Angela and Frank Edelman, and he has two siblings – Jason and Nicole.

Julian was once a student at Woodside High School, Woodside, California where he played football for the Wildcats. He spent one year playing football for the College of San Mateo before he moved on to Kent State University where he graduated with a degree in Business Management.

Although he did not make the 2009 NFL Combine, the New England Patriots still chose him because of the smashing college and High school records he had. He later got drafted as a quarterback alongside Brian Hoyer in July 2009 in a 4-year contract which had a signing bonus of about $48,700.

His Impressive Football Career

Julian Edelman’s talents and consistency have seen him remain a significant part of the New England Patriots team since he joined in 2009. He has played over 138 games for the team in the regular season, missing only on one season due to an injury. Julian started 84 of them, recording over 599 receptions from 6,507 yards and 36 touchdowns. He also has four returning touchdowns to his name.

In eleven seasons with the Patriots, he has played 19 postseason games, starting 15 of them. His impressive regular-season records continue in the postseason with 118 receptions from 1,442 yards and five touchdowns. He holds the record for most receptions in a Super Bowl half, with seven receptions.

Throughout Julian Edelman’s impressive career with the Detroit franchise, he won the Super Bowl thrice. In his last Super Bowl victory, LIII, he won the Super Bowl MVP award and has been named in the New England Patriots 2010s All-Decade Team. But for all of his achievements on the football pitch, Julian’s public life is more admirable for the things he has achieved off it.

Julian is a Multi-Faced Footballer

Considering footballers are some of the most celebrated personalities in America, and are highly paid for their work, it is easy for fans to confine them to a box. Hell, footballers do so to themselves, placing their entire identity on their life in the sport. Not Julian Edelman, however. He has committed his life to other pursuits that range from book publishing to fashion and TV.

Author of Two Books

In 2016, Julian did something that not often found in football, even among footballers who share his multifaceted career ideology – he published a children’s book based on his football career. He wrote and published his first book, Flying High, about a squirrel who overcame his physical limitations through hard work and the help of a goat named Tom.

The book is a loose metaphor based on his relationship with Tom Brady, the former Patriots quarterback. He released two sequels to the book, Flying High 2 and Flying High 3 in 2018 and 2019 respectively. His second book, Relentless, is a memoir, targeted for adults which he published in partnership with Hachette Book Group – in October 2017.

A Budding TV Career

Julian Edelman is not a controversy magnet, but he has had his fair share over the years, including a case of vandalism. Acknowledging his ability to attract attention, he has forged a TV career, one that has seen him appear on several TV shows and also feature on live TV.

He has made appearances on shows like Ballers, America’s Next Top Model, and Wahlburgers. Julian has also appeared at the Grammy Awards, where he presented two awards. In 2017, he featured alongside then-teammate, Danny Amendola, in an NFL Network program, NFL Going Global: Edelman & Amendola.

Add an advertising campaign for Puma in 2015, and one might not rule out a second career in front of the camera for the Patriot wide receiver when he hangs up his helmet.

He Also Owns a Clothing Brand

None of his off-football pursuits makes him as much money as he does in football yet. However, his clothing business has been a significant source of income. He founded a clothing brand, JE11, where he sells a variety of fashion items, such as snapbacks and beanies.

He also has collaborations with Joe’s Jeans for a line of shirts and jeans. Aside from the jeans company, he also has a deal with Cutters Sports for a range of football gloves.

Julian Edelman is Worth More than $25 Million

All of his pursuits, from football to book publishing and fashion, has helped Julian Edelman amass a personal net worth of $25 million. The wide receiver makes most of his money from football, with more $37.5 million in career earnings via salary and bonuses.

Since he signed his first contract in 2009 for $358,700, his biggest contract came in 2014, when he signed a four-year $17 million deal with the Patriots. Since then, Julian has signed other mega-deals like a two-year $11 million deal in 2017 and a two-year $15.5 million contract in 2019. His 2019 deal will see him make $3.3 million and $2.8 million in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

The exact earnings from his other pursuits remain unknown, but having reached New York Times Best Selling list with his memoir, Relentless, there is no doubt that they are substantial.

What We Know About Julian Edelman’s Love Life

Julian Edelman is a single man. Even though he has had a couple of relationships in the past, but none of it has lasted enough to take him permanently off the market. Julian has primarily dated models, including Ella Rose and Adrianna Lima.

Adrianna Lima (2016 – 2017)

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Adrianna Lima is the last known girlfriend of the Patriots wide receiver, and in a sense, his only significant relationship. The couple began their affair in the summer of 2016 and had a lowkey relationship throughout their time together.

They parted ways after the two of them realized they wanted different things from the relationship. According to insiders, Adrianna wanted to have children, while Julian preferred keeping things casual. Both of them had children from previous relationships. Adrianna from her marriage to Marko Jaric, another footballer, and Julian from a fling with Ella Rose.

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Ella Rose (2016)

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In the same year Julian began his relationship with Adrianna Lima, he welcomed the birth of his only child, Lily Rose, with the Swedish model, Ella Rose. Initially, after Ella named him as the father of the baby, he contested the assertion, and the model filed a paternity suit. Later in November 2016, he acknowledged he is the father of the girl.

Ella Rose and Julian Edelman no longer have a romantic relationship. They are, however, co-parents to their daughter. Lily lives in Los Angeles with her mother while Julian lives in Boston.

As for other relationships, over the years, Julian Edelman has been linked to a couple of women, like AnnaLynne McCord and Jaqui Rice. None of them, however, have been confirmed.

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