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The NFL has seen so many players who devoted their footballing lives to doing remarkable things on the field. One such player in the contemporary time is Julian Edelman who since his selection in the 2009 draft has been outstanding for his blazing speed and smooth plays against his opponents in any game he gets fielded for. Based on this, Julian earned the nicknames squirrel, Minitron and Energizing Bunny.

The New England Patriots Wide receiver and return specialist has been to 3 Super Bowls and won 2, but apart from his life on the pitch for which he is more popular, Edelman is also an author, actor, and producer. Here, you will learn all about it including who his significant other is.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

He was born on the 22nd of May, 1986 in Redwoods, California, the United States of America and named Julian Francis Edelman to parents of multi-racial: Jewish, Irish, Ashkenazi, German, Scottish, and English descent. The footballer, however, prefers to identify as Jewish. His parents are Angela and Frank Edelman and he has two siblings Jason and Nicole.

Julian was once a student of Woodside High School, Woodside, California where he played football for the Wildcats. He spent one year with the football team of College of San Mateo and moved on to Kent State University where he graduated from with a degree in Business Management.

Although Julian Edelman was not called up in 2009 for the NFL Combine, The New England Patriots still chose him probably because of the smashing college and High school records he had. He was later drafted as a quarterback alongside Brian Hoyer in July 2009 in a 4-year contract which had a signing bonus of about $48,700.

Career Highlights, Injury Stats and Suspension

His rookie season began with an ankle injury and upon his recovery, Julian helped his team in the game against the New York Jets, with 8 pass receptions for 98 rushing yards, and also added another 38 yards on 2 kickoff returns and 2 punt returns which totaled 138 all-purpose yard runs. Though his team lost the game to the New York Jet with 7 points off 16-9 scoreline he was still recognized for his amazing skills.

The Redwood City-born footballer sustained another injury when he broke his arm this time in a game against the Tennessee Titans which they still won. He was out of action for a while but remained the rookie with the highest pass receptions with about 21 points to his name. After he returned to action in week Julian Edelman scored his first NFL touchdown with a pass reception from Tom Brady against the Indianapolis Colts on 9-yard zone.

Since his first season, the quarterback has accumulated several awards like the First AFC- Special Teams Player in 2011, First AFL- NFL Player to make both receiving and returns touchdowns in consecutive games in 2012, First NFL All-Time Leader and AFC Offensive Player of the week in 2016, his daring catch in 2016 was not left out, of the various accolades he has received so far.

Here is a summary of his seasonal scores from 2009 to 2016. Julian Edelman, partook in a total of 11 games and was started in 7, he made 54 target passes, 37 pass receptions for 359 rushing yards and one touch down. By 2010, he obtained 14 pass targets, 7 pass receptions for 86 yards rushes but he recorded no touchdown in 3 games started, out of 15 games. he had no touchdown for 2011, though, he played in 13 games, had 9 good target passes, with 4 caught passes for 34 yards. The following year with the reductions in playtime, he managed to rack home 32 target passes, 21 pass receptions for 235 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns.

As though that was not enough, Julian Edelman recorded his career’s highest caught passes with 69.5%; he had 6 touchdowns, 151 target passes, with 105 receptions for 1056 rushing yards all in 11 games he started in. In 2014 he had more play time on the field, recording 134 passes, out of which he caught 92 for 972 rushing yards. As 2015 glided in, the footballer once again had 88 passes in 9 games started recording 62 pass receptions for 692 yards rushes and 7 touchdowns with 11.3 receiving yards reception. He did not do so bad in 2016, as he made 3 touchdowns, in 159 passes of which he caught 98 for 1106 rushing yards in all 13 games he started out of 16 in the season.

The game of football is one rough game that comes with its own body bashing and injury risks. Our dear superstar has had his own fair share, arguably one of the most injured NFL players, he has had not less than 3 corrective surgeries in the course of his career. Julian had a broken arm and ankles in 2009, medial collateral ligaments in 2011, his right foot and left foot metatarsal had to undergo surgeries too to mention a few. We just hope that in the coming seasons he would fare better on the field and stay injury-free for a long time.

Julian Edelman was found culpable in the use of drug enhancers, banned by the NFL, prior to the 2018 season. This saw him get punished with a 4 game suspension although he appealed the case, The appeal was however later rejected.

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The Wide receiver, return specialist basic salary is estimated to be $5.5 million aside his bonuses and cap. His net worth is estimated to be $9 million. Julian has other sources of income such as the books he wrote titled Flying HighFlying High 2 and Relentless which he published in 2016 and 2017, the documentary film he produced and owns a clothing line called JE11. These are some of his known income sources outside of his football earnings.

Is Julian Married or Dating Anyone?

Julian Edelma
Julian and Adriana Lima (Image Source)

The handsome tall quarterback is not yet married but was romantically linked with Swedish model Ella Rose who had a daughter for him on the 30th of November, 2016. They named their bundle of joy – Lily.

However, the year didn’t end as he moved on and dated Victoria Secret Model – Adriana Lima but their relationship ended 2017. Currently, it is not clear who his love interest is at the moment.

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