Julianna Farrait
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Having gained notoriety for a life of crime, Julianna Farrait and her ex-husband had been on the news as a result of their illegal line of work. She was the spouse of the infamous drug peddler, Frank Lucas who traded on hard drugs and solely distributed it in the United States. He gained popularity for rubbing shoulders with the eminent personalities in the politics, entertainment and crime world. He had in possession many properties of great worth which were all seized during his apprehension in the mid-1970s.

Farrait who had been in support of her ex-husband’s business, having been involved in some of the deals, had been apprehended on many occasions and equally visited the prison for the violation of the narcotics law. She lost her ex-husband on 30th May 2019 as he died in Cedar Grove, New Jersey at the age of 88. Read on to find out more details about the family life and crimes of the mother of seven.

Julianna Farrait’s Bio

There is little to no information available on the early life of Farrait who came under the spotlight following her illegal business deals. Likewise, information about her parents, siblings and educational endeavors are not available too. According to some sources, Julianna Farrait was reportedly born in 1940, based on the fact that she was seventy years old when she was apprehended in 2010.

Julianna Farrait’s Family Life

Farrait first got acquainted with Frank Lucas at a late-night dance club in Puerto Rico, during his visit to the city. Having admitted that she is very much passionate about the luxury things of life, she got married to Lucas who was then a wealthy drug peddler. Although details of their married life have not been disclosed to the public, it is known that Julianna had once got separated from her ex-husband after serving a five-year jail term. However, they eventually got back together as a couple in 2006 and remained married until his demise in 2019.

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Julianna Farrait
Julianna Farrait with her ex-husband and son (image source)

They had seven children whose names are; Francine Lucas-Sinclair, Betty Lucas, Candace Lucas, Ruby Lucas, Frank Lucas Jr., and Tony Walters. Following the inclusion of her first two children in a witness protection program that occurred in the late 1970s, the duo has moved on to launch a website where they post valuable articles for children whose parents are serving jail terms.

Julianna Farrait’s ex-husband who was a North Carolina born took up to drug peddling business after coming in contact with Leslie “Ike” Atkinson, a former United States Army master sergeant in Bangkok around 1974. Atkinson was convicted for drug peddling as he was believed to have been a major figure in smuggling heroin into the US. According to Lucas, Atkinson smuggled drugs into the United States by hiding them in the coffins of dead American soldiers coming back from Vietnam. But the former US sergeant refuted the claim, stating that he transported hard substance by hiding them in furniture.

Through his illegal business, Lucas amassed tremendous wealth which made him start competing with the elites in various walks of life. He acquired properties all over America which included an apartment situated in Miami and Los Angeles, office complex in Detroit, several thousand-acre ranches located in North Carolina. These assets, however, were all seized following his apprehension in 1975 for which he was handed a 40-year Federal term and 30-year State term in the next year.

As a result of him providing evidence that led to the conviction of more than 100 drug dealers, his 70 years prison sentence was reduced to time served plus lifetime parole after staying in custody for five years. He was apprehended again in 1984 and was sentenced to seven years imprisonment of which he gained his freedom in 1991.

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Crimes of Frank Lucas’ Wife

Following her involvement in her ex-husband’s line of business, Julianna Farrait had been arrested on several occasions for which she served jail terms. During her ex-husband’s arrest in the mid-1970s, Julianna was also sentenced to five years in prison as a result of her participation in smuggling of drugs and equally for trying to cover up the activities of her ex-husband.

Similarly, she was also handed a five-year jail term in the year 2010 as she was nabbed by an undercover agent whom she sold 2 kilograms of cocaine to in Puerto Rico. Unknown to her, she was placed under surveillance since 2009 by the federal agents which eventually paid off in the following year when she was apprehended. After serving her jail term she never got arrested again for any drug-related issue.

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