The Roles That Defined Julie Chen’s Career at CBS and Controversies About Her Marriage

Julie Chen has been described as a major force on American TV and the reason is not farfetched. In a career spanning three decades, she has endeared herself to audiences as the host of several shows including the Big Brother reality TV series. The talented show host has also produced many news and talk show programs for the CBS Network.

Though her career life has been moving on oiled wheels from inception, the on-air personality’s marriage is a different ball game. After she exchanged marital vows with media executive Leslie Moonves, Julie’s marriage had to contend with a plethora of challenges and controversies.

Julie Chen Rose From CBS Intern To Anchoring/Hosting Successful Shows For The Network Including The Talk

The TV host’s first taste of real-life journalism came as an intern at CBS Morning News. This was in the year 1991 where she mostly did grunt work such as answering calls and distributing faxes. Chen was however not discouraged by this and regarded it as part of the learning process. After her CBS internship, Julie Chen worked with other networks like ABC News where she also interned and worked as a producer for three years before moving on to Dayton (Ohio) in 1995 to join WDTN-TV as a news anchor for two years.

Julie Chen got her career breakthrough in 1999 when she was tapped to join the CBS Network. Since joining CBS, she has anchored several shows such as CBS Morning News, CBS This Morning, and The Early Show alongside others like Jane Clayson, Bryant Gumbel, Harry Smith, Hannah Storm, Erica Hill, Maggie Rodriguez, and Rene Syler. She has also served as one of the hosts of The Talk – a show which is similar to The View. It involves an all-female panelist giving their opinions on the day’s hot topics.

The show has featured formidable ladies such as Eve, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, and Sheryl Underwood. From 2000, she became the host of the American version of Big Brother and has since been sharing posts about the show on social media. However, she was compelled to exit from CBS following her spouse’s sexual assault allegations.

Julie Chen’s Marriage Was Fraught With Controversies Thanks To Her Husband’s Sexual Misconduct CBS

Julie Chen has been the wife of media boss Leslie Moonves for many years and the couple’s union has served as an inspiration to many until several CBS employees surfaced with allegations of sexual assault against her spouse.

According to reports, Leslie was in the habit of demanding sexual gratification from the female staff at CBS even before he came to work for the media outfit. However, reports claimed that he put a stop to his alleged sexual misconduct after marrying Julie Chen.

Prior to his 2004 marriage, the alleged sexual misconduct entails Leslie Moonves demanding oral sex from at least four staff of CBS and having one employee “on-call” who is ever ready to perform oral sex on him. However, his marriage with Julie Chen seemed to work the magic as he was said to have desisted from demanding sexual gratification from female colleagues thenceforth.

Leslie’s Sexual Misconduct Put his Lucrative Exit Deal In Jeopardy As He Told Deliberate Lies To Cover Up

The management of CBS hired the services of attorneys to unearth the extent of the media boss’ alleged sexcapades; the aim was to determine whether he deserved the $120 million severance package that was his due after he stepped down from his position as the media outfit’s chairman and CEO.
From the look of things, the generous exit deal was already in jeopardy as internal reports discovered that Leslie misled investigators by destroying evidence, The New York Times said. According to the attorneys, the former CBS boss proved untruthful and evasive in four interviews, told deliberate lies about the case, as well as tried to curtail the extent of his sexual misconduct.

The concluded reports revealed that Julie Chen’s husband engaged in several acts of serious nonconsensual sexual misconduct both within the workplace and outside; these happened before and after he came to CBS in 1995. The report also uncovered previous allegations of sexual misconduct against the media boss that was undisclosed, counting 17 alleged victims in all. Suggestions from the reports point to the fact that the said ladies were expected to engage in sexual activities with Leslie in exchange for acting jobs as well as other work opportunities.

The Scandal And Her husband’s CBS Exit Raised Questions About Julie Chen’s Future With CBS

With the exit of her embattled spouse and the ugly allegations that befell him, several questions were raised about Julie Chen’s future with the media outfit. On her own part, Chen personality took the conscious decision to exit from the network’s daytime show The Talk the same week as her spouse. Julie stated her reasons as needing to spend time at home with her family; this was revealed in a videotaped announcement aired on The Talk.

Despite her decision, the television host still had to face mounting calls to exit from The Talk immediately for voicing support for her embattled husband; this included her signing off a Big Brother episode by identifying herself as Julie Chen Moonves.

Opinions from other television personalities such as The View co-host Joy Behar and Wendy Williams pointed to the fact that Chen’s continued stay on The Talk would be really awkward as she usually spends time with other panelists on set discussing hot topics in the news as well as share stuff about their personal lives. And when you consider the fact that one of The Talk’s hot topics centers on #MeToo movement, and sexual harassment allegations against powerful media moguls, including Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, you would agree that Chen just had to exit.

Some colleagues were really harsh in their judgment, accusing Julie Chen of knowing more than she lets on about her debauched spouse.

Chen Has Been Married To Leslie Roy Moonves Since 2004

Julie Chen
Chen with her husband and son Image Source

Chen and her husband commenced their relationship in 2004. They got married that same year; tying the knot in Mexico on the 23rd of December 2004. Chen has one son with her husband and his name is Charlie Moonves (born in 2009). She also has three stepchildren as a result of her husband’s first marriage.

Moonves was previously married to a lady named Nancy Wiesenfeld. The union lasted from 1978 to 2003 and produced two sons; Michael and Adam as well as a daughter named Sara.

Leslie Roy Moonves has served on the board of directors of many media giants. He held many executive positions in CBS and was the chairman and CEO of the CBS Corporation from 2003 to 2018.

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