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Julie Hampton, a former elementary school teacher, is the wife of National Football League quarterback, Kirk Cousins, who plays currently for the Minnesota Vikings. Hampton is a very private person but she has since been robbed, to a large extent, of the kind of privacy she would ordinarily want since she got married to the NFL star.

Julie Hampton Biography

Julie Hampton was born in September 1989 in Alpharetta, Georgia, with the full name Julie Ann Hampton. She grew up in her place of birth and although it is not yet known which elementary and high schools she attended, it is known that she had her higher education at the University of Georgia, the same institution her father and siblings attended. She was working as an elementary school teacher before she met and married her husband, Kirk Cousins.


Pretty Julie is the daughter of Sue and Michael Hampton. She has two older brothers named Scott and Steve Hampton. Born into the family of dog lovers, with parents who are strong advocates for adopting animals, it is no surprise that Julie Hampton turned out to be a lover of dogs.

Facts About Kirk Cousins Wife

Her Proposal Story/Marriage

Julie Hampton got to know Kirk Cousins through a mutual friend and after dating for one and half years, Kirk popped the question on November 22, 2013. News of the proposal was all over the media as it took place on the balcony at the Capitol building. You might have read about it then but just in case you did not, this was how it all happened.

According to Kirk, he wanted to propose to Julie Hampton on the balcony of the Speaker of the House’s office. He had been there before and seeing the view, he thought it would be great to pop the question there. In view of that, he talked to his U.S. congressman, Bill Huizenga, whom he had gotten to know a little bit, from his home area in West Michigan, to find out if it would work out and luckily, they found a day that worked. Huizenga’s assistants also agreed to be on hand to capture the moment.

On the D-day, Kirk Cousins told his then-girlfriend, Julie Hampton that they were going to tour the Capitol building so without suspecting her man’s intentions, she followed him downtown. As their car drew close to the Capitol building, Kirk was so nervous that his hands became cold and sweaty and because he was holding Juli’s hand, she felt the cold-sweat.

Julie Hampton
Julie Hampton and her husband, Kirk Cousins Image Source

As they walked through the building and to the balcony, “to check out the view” as Julie Hampton thought, Kirk talked about the view, how they got to know each other in that city and how they had good memories walking through the city on some of their earlier dates. Before Julie could smell what was coming with the speech, her boyfriend went down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said yes, of course, prompting Kirk to slide a round-cut solitaire diamond set in white gold onto her finger.

About seven months later, precisely on June 28, 2014, the couple got married in Julie’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Julie’s Son

Three years and a few months after her marriage to the NFL player, Julie Hampton gave birth to a son named Cooper Cousins. While waiting for his arrival, Julie and her husband had fun with the pregnancy.

They did not only announce that they were expecting through their dog which had a signboard that read, “Mom & dad are getting me a human,” on its neck, their gender reveal was also exciting.

Sharing the news of their baby’s sex, Kirk Cousin threw a baseball at a brown box with a big question mark on it. As soon as the ball hit the box, a blue dust cloud rushed out of it, meaning they were going to have a boy. Present at the gender reveal besides Kirk was Julie and their dog, Bentley, both of whom could not hide their excitement.

Baby Cooper was eventually born on September 29, 2017. He arrived eleven days late, weighing a little more than 9-lbs.

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Dog Lover

A huge lover of dogs, Julie Hampton believes in fostering animals until they are able to find a permanent home. Luckily for her, her husband shares the same love for dogs and at a point, they fostered 7 dogs within a space of 18 months. While they fostered a Goldendoodle named Bentley, Julie and her husband grew to love him so much that they adopted him three days after they took him in.

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