Julie Hirschfeld Davis – Biography, Parents and Husband of The Journalist

The former White House correspondent of The Baltimore Sun, Julie Hirschfeld Davis is a prestigious journalist who is publicly known as The New York Times Congress reporter and a political pundit on CNN. The publicly acknowledged journalist has a special knack in reporting which enabled her to clinch the Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for her Distinguished Reporting of Congress. Having spent about 20 years in the field of journalism, Davis is well known for carrying out amazing reportage on several international stories including the 2008 financial crisis, which earned her an award.

In addition, the award-winning journalist has previously rendered her services to several other news networks such as Bloomberg, The Dallas Morning News and MSNBC. Following her world-class reporting talent, Julie Hirschfeld Davis is being rated as one of the renowned American journalists. Learn more interesting details about the reputable reporters’ life, parents and marriage.

Julie Hirschfeld Davis: Biography

The political news journalist was born into the family of James and Janet Hirschfeld in New Jersey, the United States on the 17th of April, 1975. She has a sister, Jennie, who works as an art consultant. Davis and her sister went to the Ethical Culture Fieldstone School, where their mother worked. She achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ethics, Politics & Economics from Yale University.

At the age of 10, while still in elementary school, Julie Hirschfeld Davis began her pursuit of a career in journalism when she interviewed a hot dog salesperson in front of her school for a feature in her after-school programme. She was then made the editor of her high school News during her junior year. Davis has cited her high school teachers as those who greatly influenced her career, having laid the foundation on how to write creative and unique articles.

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Prior to her graduation from the university, the reporter attended an event organised for Fieldstone alumni and that’s where she came in contact with Carl P. Leubsdorf, who worked at The Dallas Morning News. Soon after their meeting, the amazing reporter landed an internship at the News Network.

Julie Hirschfeld Davis began her professional career properly when she started working as a weekly magazine writer and reporter at Congressional Quarterly. She spent five years of her career at the news agency before moving on to join The Baltimore Sun as a staff member. While she was there, she worked as a White House reporter from 2002 to 2007. Soon after leaving The Baltimore Sun, Davis bagged another job with Associated Press, serving as a political reporter for about four years.

Later in 2011, the world-class journalist was hired by Bloomberg to continue with her brilliant work of a political reporter. She rendered her services at Bloomberg for a period of two years before joining The New York Times. Julie Hirschfeld Davis presently works as the New York Times Congress reporter, having previously worked as their White House correspondent. She is also well known as a political pundit on CNN. Throughout the many years of her career in journalism, she has covered multiple political news including the political campaigns of three United States Presidents along with their administration agendas.

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Julie Hirschfeld Davis
Julie Hirschfeld Davis (Second To The Right) on CNN

As a result of her special knack in reporting and an admirable determination for success, As previously mentioned, Julie Hirschfeld Davis was honoured with Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for Distinguished Reporting of Congress which was based on her excellent report on the 2008 financial crisis.

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Julie Hirschfeld Davis: Parents

As previously stated, Davis parents are James and Janet Hirschfeld. Her mother was an assistant to the Ethical Culture Fieldstone School director before her death on 28th October 1988. Her father, on the other hand, was a well-known, multiple award-winning television show director and producer before his retirement. His notable body of work includes Picturepages and Captain Kangaroo which earned him three Emmy Awards. He was also inaugurated into the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia’s Hall of Fame. Presently, he reviews movies at Buzzguide.com website.

Husband of The Journalist

The congress reporter exchanged vows with her husband, Jonathan Davis on 25th March 2001, in a Jewish wedding held at Yale Club, Manhattan. Jonathan Davis is also a graduate of Yale University. He currently works as the Senior Vice President for software development at a computer consulting firm, Adrenaline Group.

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