Juliet Evancho – Biography, Facts About Jackie Evancho’s Sister

On that October night of 2015, when Jackie Evancho stepped out to perform at the Global Lyme Alliance’s inaugural gala in New York, her audience was familiar with her appearance and performances, but what many didn’t expect at the time was the new face that accompanied her upstage. That night, Jackie’s elder brother turned sister, Juliet Evancho, would be attending her first fancy gala, appearing on the red carpet for the first time, and most important of all Juliet will be letting the world in on her new gender-status. As Juliet later shared in an interview, it was a dense mix of emotions and adrenalin. But once it was all out, the LGBT community finally had another hero.

If you’ve ever wondered what if feels like being transgender in a liberal society like the US, then this post takes you to the heart of the story on one. Juliet Evancho is an American transgender rights activist and professional fashion model. Well, what that means simply is, for reasons best known to her, Evancho had a gender swap, from male to female. She is also a transgender reality personality. For Evancho, being transgender isn’t enough, she currently works to reduce the ever-present stigma that enshrouds the gender-swap status.

Juliet Evancho Biography

Juliet Evancho (birth name Jacob Evancho) was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 27, 1998, to the family of Michael and Lisa Evancho. She and her three younger siblings; Jackie, Rachel, and Zachary were raised in the suburb of Pittsburgh in a close-knit Catholic family. Until 2010, her father operated a video security business. Growing up, Juliet had much of her early education in Pine-Richland School District public schools, although, like her sister, Jackie, she was also schooled online.

She was later transferred to the cyber school where she graduated in the spring of 2017. But all along, Juliet felt different as a Jacob. Since she was little and male, she’s always preferred to play with Barbie dolls. She would put on makeup and play dress-up with her sister, Jackie. Soon her mom started getting her princess dresses; still oblivious of the signs young Jacob was letting out.

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After so much research and introspection, it didn’t take long for young Juliet Evancho to realize the unsettled feelings he’d always had was also shared by a larger community he identified to be transgenders. Consequently, in 2012, Juliet began working with a therapist when the next step forward and that included the right time to make up her mind.

On her 17th birthday in May 2015, Jacob finally announced her big transition from male to female to his family and extended family who gave her all of the support. Although she continues to appreciate the support of her extended family, Juliet admits that her first fan had been her mum who had noticed the tell-tale signs since her childhood. Her mother got her a wig, some girly gear and of course kept it secret. After her mother, the first few persons to know about Juliet Evancho’s decision was her younger sister Jackie. But Jackie knew too well the avalanche of teases that would follow when this goes public.

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Transitioning wasn’t going to be the easy thing she taught after all, but her family’s support helped to cushion the bumpy ride from male to female. The Evanchos were finally losing a son and gaining a daughter in return. In 2015, Juliet Evancho returned to public school, no longer as the male friends know her to be. The school has used her story to chart a course to better protect future transgender students, but that came at a price. Juliet not only continues to share her transition story, but she also fights for the rights of other transgenders. Let’s see some of those in the “facts section”

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Facts About Jackie Evancho’s Sister

Juliet Evancho.
Juliet Evancho and her sister, Jackie Evancho

1. She Won a Court Case Against Her School Board

In September of 2016, the Pine-Richland High School board passed a policy requiring all students to use the restrooms for the gender reflecting on their birth certificate. This parked so much controversy, seeing that Juliet Evancho and two other transgender students were on the verge of stigmatization. Following a lawsuit, the court later ruled that such a policy violates the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution. The ruling permits three transgender students, including Juliet Evancho, to use the school restroom that aligns with their new gender identity.

2. She was absent from her sister, Jackie’s big day.

Jackie Evancho’s invitation to sing at President Trump’s inauguration was a big jump for her career. What wasn’t in place, however, was the absence of her sister, Juliet Evancho, who was away on Gender-Reassignment Surgery at the time. Juliet said she will be there “in spirit,” with Jackie.

3. Dad Wasn’t Happy

While Juliet’s transition looked seamless, largely due to family support, there’s an inside story to the whole family-support thingy. Chiefest among the family glitches was that Juliet Evancho’s dad didn’t take the news with a soft touch. Don’t forget that her father was and still is a conservative Catholic. And it’s probable that he secretly abhorred the LGBT noise around the US; while being oblivious to the fact that the multi-color movement had a potential candidate living under his own roof.

4. Suffered Gender Dysphoria

Like every other transgender, Juliet Evancho had her own share of depression, anxiety and other psychological downturns that trail gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria happens when people become increasingly convinced that their gender doesn’t match their biology. They may feel female on the inside while wearing a male body around, or vice versa, and that comes with so many not-so-great feelings. Thanks to the support Juliet Evancho received from her family, hers was somewhat bearable.

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