South Africa’s Julius Malema Sets Out To Retrieve White-Owned Lands At All Cost

Out and ready to retrieve white-owned lands in South Africa is none other than the Economic Freedom Fighter, Julius Malema. During the launch of his campaign recently, the opposition leader vowed to take back lands owned by whites in South Africa.

Julius also included that this will be done with no form of apologies or compensation either. Many have tried to see this political figure in the shoes of Nelson Mandela. Some others believe he is taking care of the work that Nelson left untouched. Such tasks include the forceful retrieval of white-owned lands for the economic interest of black South Africans.

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In his speech, the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) Movement founder promised to tackle poverty, unemployment and corruption in the South African government. He also promised to nationalize the banks.

About 40,000 people surged up in solidarity at Orlando Stadium in Soweto, on Saturday. Between the EFF crowd and those of the ANC’s at East London 2 weeks ago is an incredibly wide margin. The EFF pulled more crowd.

Starting off as ANC’s youth leader, Malema’s political vibrancy was as strong as evident. After his fallout with the party leaders, he founded the Economic Freedom Fight Movement in 2013. So far it has been a massive political victory for him.

“In national elections less than a year later it won more than a million votes, taking 25 seats in parliament and becoming the third largest party behind the centrist Democratic Alliance, which holds 89 seats.”Aljazeera

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Julius Malema’s fight for economic freedom for the black South African is stemmed in the fact that even after apartheid, the white minority still hold a humongous share of lands and national wealth.

“We are not chasing the whites away. We are saying you have too much land. We want you here in South Africa, but 80 percent of the land belongs to us” -Julius Malema

The South African municipal elections come up in August. And Julius is already making bold steps to ascertain a win in few months time. On the contrary, the ANC which has enjoyed leadership since 1994 have to worry about what is left of their supporters.

As a result of the scandals hovering around the incumbent president, Jacob Zuma, report says that the ANC “could lose a couple of major municipalities in the upcoming vote.”

According to the EFF manifesto, the party is only asking for only 5 years; and if they fail the people, will step down.