DJ Zinhle Net Worth – Just How Much Is She Worth?

DJ Zinhle is a South Africasn DJ, producer, media personality and businesswoman who has an estimated net worth of R22 million (approx. 1,203,841.70 USD). 

DJing is said to be a male-dominated profession but DJ Zinhle has proved to be one tough cookie who can definitely hold her own next to the boys on the turntable. The African beauty has stepped up to the plate many times in the DJing business, filling in for jobs that were formerly believed to be for only men. The SABC1 musical show, Jika Majika, had her as its resident DJ and she has since stepped up her act in other DJing gigs.

Thanks to all the gigs that she was able to land as a DJ, as well as the roles she took on as an actress, and her endeavors as a singer and in business, the entertainer achieved fame and fortune at a very young age. Today, DJ Zinhle is a multimillionaire, credited as one of South Africa’s richest DJs as well as one of its best. The multitalented performer was able to achieve these milestones despite being labeled “lazy” during her growing up years.

According to the KwaZulu-Natal native, it broke her heart whenever she was called lazy because she failed to show interest in popular career options. Even less appealing to the actress was the routine robotic chore of washing and drying the dishes, earning her the alias “vila voco” (extremely lazy person). She however got her first dose of confidence by emerging as the best graduating student of marketing from the University of Johannesburg. Zinhle said it was possible that “vila voco” was ringing in her head, given her the needed confidence to conquer the world and she did exactly that.

DJ Zinhle’s Fortune is Calculated in Excess of R22 Million

Sources have pegged DJ Zinhle’s net worth at a handsome R22 million at the last review. The multitalented performer, however, became a millionaire early in the course of her career. Born on the 30th of December 1983, Zinhle is currently in her late thirties. She achieved fame more than a decade ago in 2006 at the age of 23 when she scored the job of the DJ for the Jika Majika dance show on SABC1. She left the show in 2009, but before then, she had already tested the limelight and became a household name. She has since expanded her wallet by moving into several other viable ventures.

She is Most Popular For Her Work as a DJ

When DJ Zinhle was still very young and impressionable, she admired people on television and had dreams of forging a career as a media personality. However, fate and providence had other plans in store for her, as she stumbled on her first DJ job by happenstance.

Zinhle’s brother happens to be in the sound equipment business, owning a company that hires equipment out to people. Whenever he was bored, he would mix and play some music at home. During such times, he began giving his sister DJ lessons.

Shortly after she started mixing sounds at home, Zinhle got her first opportunity to mix for a crowd after she assisted her brother’s company set up equipment for an event. It happened that the DJ for the event was delayed and she had to fill in for the position. Since then, the SA native has not looked back as she has been thriving in the male-dominated industry and we would not be wrong to surmise that a huge portion of her wallet comes from her DJing gigs.

DJ Zinhle’s efforts as a top-notch DJ has not gone unnoticed as the female turntable expert has swept accolades in the course of her career. In 2014, she made Bona Magazine’s list of Top 10 Most Influential Women in South Africa. The same year, her name emerged on the list of 21 Powerful African Women by Oprah Magazine, and a couple of years later in 2016, she was named the 4th Most Powerful Celebrity in SA by Channel 24 and Woman of the Year by Glamour Magazine. After being named as the Top Female DJ in Africa for two years in a row in 2018 and 2019, Zinhle won the Forbes Woman Africa Entertainer Award in 2020.

DJ Zinhle Earned Recognition as a Singer in 2015

DJ Zinhle’s first love has always been music and becoming a DJ laid the foundation for achieving this dream. The artist has since released a good number of songs starting with the self-titled track, “Zinhle”. Other songs by the DJ include “Uzobuya”, “colors”, “My Name Is”, “Against The Grain”, “Black Motion Ritual Mix”, “Terry Hunter Bang Is”, “Lonely”, “Banna Madisasi”, and “Renato Xtrova”.

She had her big break in the music industry with the “My Name Is” song in 2015 which was one of the hit songs of the year in SA as well as other parts of the African continent. According to the singer, the song taught her what success really is and she credits it with being one of the most exciting periods of her life. Her latest effort titled “Umlilo” which features Mvzzle & Rethabile is also a hit track. The song was named among the biggest hits in all of South Africa in 2019. After the first three months of its release, the song reached platinum and within a couple of months, it gained over five million streams. Beyond that, “Umlilo” was crowned the Crossover Song of the Year by several radio stations, including Metro FM.

Between singing and DJing, the big bucks were really rolling in fast for Zinhle. Though she is yet to bag an award for her music, she has been nominated for three different awards.

The DJ Has Penned a Book That Has Become a BestSeller

DJ Zinhle has always been in full support of female empowerment and has been quite vocal on that score. In a bid to further preach the importance of giving women a means of livelihood, she got involved in a project in 2017 that inspired her to write. The project entitled It Takes A Village was aired on SABC1 and was centered on some young women who desperately needed to address the demons from their past.

Zinhle’s role in the project was to provide assistance to the women throughout the process, as they aim for a better future. She was later inspired to write the book Meeting Your Power – Returning Home to Yourself after spending quality time with the ladies whom she described as incredible. The DJ and singer did not do the work alone as she collaborated with Nokubonga Mbanga to publish the book which is currently a bestseller, expanding her earning powers by a few digits.

She Keeps Pushing New Business Frontiers As The Years Roll By

For many years now, DJ Zinhle has been championing some projects centered on educating and developing young female deejays. In 2009, with the assistance of Nomndeni Mdaki, she launched FUSE (Firm Understanding of Sound Entertainment Academy) which became the first as well as the only SA DJ academy for women. The academy went on to produce numerous working female DJs and has made palpable contributions to the industry as a whole. FUSE adopted a holistic approach in educating their DJs, they identify as well as nurture them.

Zinhle’s other business ventures include a jewelry brand known as Era by Dj Zinhle which focuses on the sale of both bracelets and wristwatches. More recently in 2017, she has delved deeper into fashion, going into collaboration with a young designer named Chesney Williams, and together they both have succeeded in designing and showcasing a fashion line at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg.

As she expands her horizon in business, Zinhle is equally expanding her earning powers, so it is needless to say that it will have a positive effect on her bottom line. She collaborated with her friend and business partner Brandon Raynolds to establish a furniture and décor business. She was moved to do this after receiving praise from fans and the general public for decorating her mansion in 2017. The DJ’s latest creative project seems to be thriving as she now gives expression to her creative skills, offering clients with customs seating as well as bedroom décor items.

Zinhle Has Acted In A Couple Of Projects

The KwaZulu-Natal native seems to have a finger in every pie. With her diversified interest in singing, DJing, writing, and business, she still manages to find time from her busy schedule to dedicate to acting.

Although she has not done much as an actress, DJ Zinhle has registered her presence in a couple of productions, these include the television series eKasi: Our Stories and Rhythm City. Though relatively small, the entertainer’s acting gigs will take the credit for a digit or two of her net worth.

A Quick Look At All of Her Sources of Income Discussed Above

  • DJing
  • Singing
  • Writing
  • Business
  • Acting

DJ Zinhle Moved Into Her Own Mansion at 35 Years of Age

Having been quite successful in all her endeavors, DJ Zinhle bought herself a house at the age of 35 in April 2019. For many, owning a mansion is a mark of their wealth and in the singer’s case, this saying holds a lot of water. Located in SA’s capital city, Zinhle’s mansion is nothing short of spectacular and was built from the scratch. The mansion took all of two years to complete. While awaiting the completion of her house, she had to put up in a rented apartment in Bryanston and briefly stayed with her celebrity friend, Pearl Thusi.

After she moved in April 2019, Zinhle hosted a housewarming party within the same month. The party was graced by popular South African celebs like Thusi and Zari Hassan. After moving into her mansion, the DJ has been slowly transforming the place into a beautiful sight as she decorates it to her taste. Being an adept hand at interior décor, she sure knows what she is doing, however, she didn’t do it alone. Zinhle has confessed that she had a helping hand from her brother who is equally creative. The DJ has been magnanimous enough to give fans a glimpse of the double-story building as she decorates and the photos we have seen so far are testaments to the massive and classy outlook of the property.

A Peek at Both The Internal And External Structures of The Mansion

As we gathered, the mansion boasts of a walk-in closet which is nothing short of stylish, and after festooning the place with her collection of priceless bags, shoes, and giant flower murals, it became even more modish. The building also has a large stairway that is fit for royalty, a beautiful fireplace, several bedrooms decorated in attractive colors, as well as a chandelier topped kitchen.

The decor for her guest bathroom is simply top of the range, but the main bathroom takes the cake. The singer’s daughter, Kairo, has her own stylish room with the walls sporting stars in addition to a glow in the dark curtain. According to the singer, her daughter loves stars, and embedding some in her room’s décor scored her some points with the little girl. All-white furniture set further converted the house into a sanctuary that is so welcoming.

The house is not just beautiful inside as the outdoors are equally attractive. The artist extended her creativity to her immediate surroundings by including a spacious balcony where she relaxes to enjoy the beautiful views in the vicinity. After having an eyeful of the house and its environs, one would be forced to agree that DJ Zinhle is living a life steeped in luxury, and she deserves it having worked exceedingly hard to get to her current financial status.

Zinhle’s Recently Acquired BMW is Another Testament to Her Wealth

We have always known DJ Zinhle as that entertainer that loves to keep details about her personal life under lock and key, but when the talk is about showing off plush asset and luxurious acquisitions, she holds nothing back.

The singer recently acquired a BMW Convertible to the delight of fans who believe she may have received it from the BMW company after endorsing the luxury brand to her three million social media followers. In addition, Zinhle also drives a plush Range Rover Lumi which she has shared with fans on social media. There is also a Hyundai SUV in her collection.

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