Yemi Alade’s Net Worth and How She Built Her Wealth

Yemi Alade’s net worth is $4.2 million and she made her money as a Nigerian singer and songwriter

The “Johnny” singer had an astronomical rise since she made her debut in 2014. In that time, she has grown from being the rising star we met for the first time in the Peak Talent Show to a bonafide superstar, making millions from music sales, film and TV appearances, and brand endorsements.

How Yemi Alade’s Net Worth of $4.2 Million Accrued

Strictly in the Nigerian context, Yemi Alade has always been comfortable. Born in the late 80s, her parents are firmly rooted as part of the Nigerian upper middle class. Her father was a police commissioner, and she grew up in Lagos where she attended Victory Grammar School and the University of Lagos (UniLag). It was during her time at the famous UniLag that her journey to remarkable wealth began.

Yemi took part in a TV talent show called Peak Talent Show and won. It was her first TV appearance, and she impressed enough as a singer, securing a record deal with Effyzzie Music Group afterward. Thus began what has been a decade-long career in the music industry, with several high points, transforming her into a dollar millionaire.

Music is the Major Contributor to Yemi Alade’s Net Worth

Since signing to Effyzzie Music Group in 2010, Yemi Alade has gone from being a reality show winner to a megastar. Under the label, she has released five albums with one EP. She has also released over 40 singles, most of which have been commercially successful.

She released her first album titled King of Queens in October 2014. The album featured seventeen tracks and the deluxe version, 20 tracks. It was critically well-received as a debut project, and its favorability reflected in its commercial performance, selling over 100,000 copies.

To promote the album, she released singles like “Johnny”, “Tangerine”, and “Kissing”. She also toured several African countries, including Kenya, South Africa, and Ghana, performing in front of thousands of fans. King of Queens helped solidify her place in the industry, with award nominations from The Headies and Nigeria Entertainment Awards for Album of the Year. It also got her victories at the MTV African Music Awards as Best Female and nominations from BET and MTV Europe.

Following her first body of work, Yemi Alade expanded her discography and consequently, her net worth with the release of albums like Mama Africa, Black Magic, and Woman of Steel. All three albums combined have sold several hundred thousand copies.

Tours and International Collaborations

In a continent where artists lose a significant share of music revenue to piracy, Yemi Alade has made up for it with multiple live performances buoyed by a vibrant on-stage personality. Since her debut album, she has gone on four world tours, promoting her albums and singles.

More popular outside Nigeria than in it, Yemi Alade earns a significant amount of income performing in front of several thousand people a year. She has performed in Tanzania, France, Germany, Malaysia, and a host of other francophone countries. Her international appeal has also led to several collaborations with international music stars. She featured in Beyonce‘s Black is King album and has collaborated with Rick Ross, Angelique Kidjo, and Estelle among others.

The Abia State-born singer also has a multi-year licensing deal with UMG France and Universal Music Africa. In 2020, she released her fifth album titled Empress under the agreement. Together, they have helped Yemi Alade to her $4.2 million net worth.

Brand Endorsements and a Burgeoning TV Career are Noteworthy Sidekicks in Yemi’s Alade’s Net Worth

Success begets success, and it has been especially true for Yemi Alade. Her music career’s success, not just in terms of music sales but as a public figure, has also made her a darling of brands worldwide. The singer/songwriter has signed several endorsement deals, locally and internationally, helping her maintain her millionaire status.

The “Tumbum” crooner has endorsement deals with Shell, Globacom, Maybelline, Luc Belaire, Bacardi Breezer, Close Up, and many more. Her advocacy on various social ills has also earned her ambassadorship of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Outside of endorsements, Yemi has also made a significant amount of money from her television work. In 2017 and 2020, she served as a coach on The Voice Nigeria. She also appeared in films like Home (The Movie) and played herself in the visual album, Black Is King by Beyonce.

Exactly how much each deal and TV/Film role contributed to Yemi Alade’s net worth remains undisclosed. Regardless, they have been the pillars that have made her one of Nigeria’s richest female musicians.

Other Sources of Yemi Alade’s Net Worth

Other less prominent income sources for the singer include digital earnings, with YouTube being a leading source at an estimated N4.4 million annually. Her YouTube channel, where she uploads music videos and other content, has more than 1.62 million subscribers and over 510 million views.

Yemi Alade also has a clothing collection that was launched in 2016 in partnership with Iconic Invanity. Her fashion label, House of Tangerine, designs and curates some of the styles that have made her one of Nigeria’s iconic personalities. She also has a jewelry collection, YAC, launched in partnership with Bland 2 Glam in 2015.

Highlights of the Sources of Yemi Alade’s Net Worth

  • Music Sales – Released five albums with more than 400,000 copies sold
  • Touring – Embarked on four world tours and had multiple live performances
  • Multiple Endorsement Deals
  • International Collaborations with Beyonce and Rick Ross
  • Estimated N4.4 million from YouTube annually

Yemi Alade’s $4.2 Million Net Worth Makes Her One of the Richest Musician in Nigeria

In Nigeria, where she is known and recognized but does not command the same devotion as outside the country, Yemi Alade remains one of its wealthiest female musicians. Her $4.2 million net worth, earned in just over ten years as a performer, puts her within a touching distance of Tiwa Savage, who leads the pack with $4.85 million.

Tiwa, who signed to Universal Music Record and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, has been a performer since 1996. She started her career as a backup singer for known names like George Michael, Chaka Khan, and Mary J. Blige. Since she returned to Nigeria in 2012, Tiwa has been the leading female musician in the country, with Yemi Alade just behind.

Behind the two megastars are other successful women like Omawumi ($3 million), Chidinma ($2.8 million), and Seyi Shay ($2.1 million).

Yemi Alade’s Cars and Houses Mansions Where She Splashes Her Wealth

Yemi Alade Net Worth
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With a net worth of $4.2 million, Yemi Alade is in a unique position to enjoy some of the luxuries life has to offer. Although she has admitted she rarely gets to enjoy some of them because she spends most of her time traveling, her collection of comforts is quite significant.

Yemi Alade’s car collection includes:

  1. Black Range Rover Sport car – Estimated to cost N73.5 million
  2. BMW X5 – Estimated to cost N35.2 million
  3. White Rolls Royce Phantom – Estimated to cost N182 million.
  4. White convertible Mercedes S63 Cabriolet – Estimated to cost N27.3 million
  5. Mercedes GLE 350 – Estimated to cost N18.8 million
  6. Toyota Highlander – Estimated to cost N11.5 million
  7. Toyota Land Cruiser with three TV screens – Estimated to cost N30.5 million

Other than an endless list of cars are frequent trips on private jets to shows and vacations. The singer spends a considerable amount of her income jetting to various locations worldwide, either for work or play. One other noteworthy way she spends her money is her house.

Although she barely lives in it, the singer has at least one house, presumably in Lagos. Details of the house, including its location, cost, and amenities, remain undisclosed. One thing is at least for sure, though, for a woman of her status, it will be extravagant in size and style.


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