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Justin Chambers is a former model turned actor whose role in the series Grey’s Anatomy has announced his name worldwide. He is a flourishing American actor as well as a husband and father. His ability to successfully balance his family life and career makes him a role model to many. Besides these, Justin Chambers is also a handsome man; his body build and other physical attributes played major roles when he worked as a model for top brands like Calvin Klein, Armani, and the likes.

Chambers has a lot of things working right in his life especially in his personal life; he has built a family that many in the industry can only wish for. Not many know that Chambers has a twin but you’ll find that and many other interesting details below.

Biography of Justin Chambers

The handsome American actor was given the name Justin Willman Chambers on July 11, 1970. He is an America by birth having being born and brought up in Springfield Ohio even though his descent is a mix of English, Irish, and German. Chambers hails from an Elite family; his parents were active in their roles as Deputy Sheriffs in their days of service. His mother is Pamela Sue Chambers and his father is John William Eugene Chambers II.

Justin was received sound education; he went through the Southeastern High School at South Charleston in Ohio, during which period he had dreams of a career in dentistry and hoped to become a dentist after school. This changed in the following years when he went to New York to learn acting rather than dentistry. He spent four years acquiring skills from two notable studios; HB Studio and Ron Stetson Studios. He was admitted into the Alumni Hall of fame of Springfield Clark County Joint Vocational School, after his studies there and upon his graduation in 1989.

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Having been a very hardworking chap from the onset, Justin Chamber engaged in other endeavors during his high school years through which he earned extra income. He was involved in the sales of orthopedic shoes.

Career Timeline

His sudden drift from his passion for dentistry to modeling and acting occurred during a trip to Paris after he was convinced to take up a career in modeling by a modeling veteran. Justin decided to take the bold step hoping for the best outcome. Though his career in the modeling business was short-lived, it was very successful. His modeling career had him traveling to different continents of the world and working for prime fashion brands like Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, and Dolce & Gabbana

The fashion world earned him quite a lot of money but he saw more longevity in the acting business, he chose to swing the other way. Since this decision and the training that followed it, he has landed several roles in movies and TV. His first appearance was in the soap opera Another World, where he took on a minor role as Nicholas Hudson. He was also seen in minor roles in some other movies at the onset of his newly found career. They include Harvest of Fire (1996), Rose Hill (1997) and Liberty Heights as Trey Tobelseted. Justin’s most notable films are The Musketeer where he played the lead role of D’Artagnan and The Wedding Planner (2001).

The star took a short break in his acting career from 2001 to 2005 when he came back with a role in one of his popular movies The Zodiac and then the lead role in Grey’s Anatomy; the widely acclaimed ABC TV series.

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Justin Chambers’ Family

Justin had 4 siblings, one of whom is his fraternal twin brother Jason Chambers. His other siblings are a brother John Jnr. and two sisters Mia and Susan Chambers. Justin and Jason were the last of the bunch. They had health issues through their childhood days and frequently had to treat pneumonia which reoccurred at several periods of their early years.

Justin’s twin Jason is also in the acting industry, he is a sports analyst and a martial artist as well. There is no information about his other siblings besides their names; John Chambers III, Mia and Susan Chambers.

Everything About His Wife and Children

Justin Chambers got married to Keisha Chambers who was formerly into the modeling business in 1993. She was born in 1970 in the USA. Keisha has an African American descent but holds an American Citizenship. She is the youngest of the four children of her parents who put funds together to put her through school. Keisha had always aspired to be a model, but her dreams never quite took off so instead, she took up a career with a modeling company where she tutored models.

After their marriage, Keisha resigned from the Glamour agency to pay more attention to their home. One year after their marriage in December 1994, they welcome their first child, Isabella Chambers, and after her came their twin girls; Maya and Kaila Chambers in 1997. Their fourth child was Eva Chambers, born 1997 and the fifth was a boy; Jackson Chambers born in January 2002.

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