Justin Ervin – Bio, Facts You Must Know About Ashley Graham’s Husband

It is one thing to exude class and another to be excellent at one’s job, however, the combination of these two is likely to cause beautiful havoc. Well, that describes the American photographer, movie director, filmmaker, scriptwriter, and photographer, Justin Ervin. He has received good critical acclaims for his few works and has gone ahead to make a difference with his own production company. Apart from having a well-accomplished career, Justin is married to the beautiful model Ashley Graham.

Justin Ervin – Bio

Justin Ervin was born on the last day (31st) in the month of December 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. His parents are Louis Ervin and Katie Griffy Ervin. He is not the only child of his parents, having two siblings Kia and Louis.

Ervin started to nurture a passion for filmmaking while he was a teen and decided to pursue his dreams. So, he enrolled at the School of Visual Arts New York where he was taught the intricacies of film making. He subsequently graduated in 2012 with a degree in Social Documentary Filmmaking.

The movie director is a registered member of the American Society of Cinematographers and also holds a masters degree in the field. Through his career years, he has gained experience in dealing with the technicalities involved in film making. He is rising to become one of the most respected movie makers in Hollywood.

Facts You Must Know About Ashley Graham’s Wife 

Everyone started to poke nose in Justin Ervin’s business after his union with his wife, Ashley Graham. Only a few know that he has also made a fortune from his career. We explore lesser-known facts about this movie director in the paragraphs below.


Nothing drives any successful man other than passion and diligence. Justin’s Ervin’s passion for filmmaking drove him to the point he is today. His first shot in film making was a documentary; As In A Mirror based on the existence of Senegalese merchants and their survival. Of course, the documentary gained rave reviews. In 2005, he created a movie, Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take 2 1/2 based on two love couples whose marriage was experiencing hardship.

Then, he occupied the spot as a production assistant in Paranormal State and in the same year, he created the documentary, Derby In Black. Then in 2012, the filmmaker decided to play the role of a movie director in the movie Elephant In the Room. The movie later emerged as the Best Documentary Short at the Garden State Film Festival in 2013. Also, the movie gained a lot of good critical acclaim simultaneously pushing him to fame.

With the success Elephant in The Room gave Justin Ervin, he decided to found his own company in 2013 naming it Elements Films Inc. In a public statement, the movie director went ahead to reveal that the visions of his production company are to make clearer and digital motion picture images. Also, in the same year, he set out as a movie scripter writing the movie, Six Months Later. Blooming with success, that movie established him as a director with excellence.

Leap, a movie Justin Ervin created in 2015 gave him an award at New Filmmakers Los Angeles. The year 2016 birthed two great works, Essence Black Girl Magic: A Dorian Thomas’ and Peach Fuzz for the movie maker. The movies gained lots of rave reviews.

Apart from his focus on film making, directing and scriptwriting, the filmmaker has also done a few gigs for prestigious organizations including The Gap Inc and CNN.

Net Worth and Salary

Justin Ervin, though has not made many projects like most filmmakers, has produced a top-notch performance in the few movies he has created, written and directed. The details of his salary and net worth are still yet to be revealed, nevertheless, we can take a sure bet that his career has paid off.

Wife and Kids

Justin Ervin
Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin

Most people know that Justin is married to Ashley Graham, only a few know the story behind how they met. According to sources, the couple met in church and decided to kick off a relationship after moments of getting to know each other.

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In their relationship, they practised celibacy and were committed to themselves. Ashley also revealed that in a bid not to fall into the temptation of sex, they often times avoided meeting at odd hours and did more of outdoor activities to spice their relationship.

Finally, on the 14th day in the month of August 2010, the two decided to make it all official. They had an elaborate ceremony, exchanging their vows in the presence of friends, family as well as Ashley’s Grannie who didn’t really like Justin in the first place.

Well, to date, the couple is yet to have children of their own. In a tweet where the couple was said to have been celebrating their 8th anniversary, Justin tweeted that his kids would come as a part of branding.


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