Who is Big Chief (Justin Shearer) and What Does He Do For A Living?

The American race car driver Justin Shearer, otherwise known as Big Chief has become one of the most famous streetcar racers in the US, thanks to his hard work and dedication to his passion. His fame came as a result of his continuous participation in streetcar racing for many years. Beyond that, he is also popular as the host of the documentary show, Street Outlaws. The show is strictly on-street car racing and it currently airs on Discovery Channel. Asides street racing, Shearer is also a co-owner of the Midwest Street Cars Automotive. He has a YouTube channel with over a thousand subscribers and above 79,000 views.

Who is Big Chief (Justin Shearer)?

From Kentucky USA, Justin Shearer was born in Louisville, the largest city along the Ohio River on the 9th December 1980, to a hardworking widowed mother of two boys. Coming from a town known for horse racing, it was surprising to see his interest in streetcar racing. At age twelve, Justin and his family relocated to Oklahoma City, which is a popular spot for street car racing. While there, he eventually developed a passion for the game, which has culminated into a lifelong career.

His love for car racing ignited the need to visit and attend many street racing events around his neighborhood. While seeking a means to an end (in the hopes of getting his dream car), Big Chief worked at a gas station and briefly at the Midwest street cars Automotive which he would later co-own. Through his stints doing different jobs, the race car driver gathered as much money to acquire 1972 Pontiac Lemans that he personally named, The Crow.

What Does He Do For a Living?

While doing what he knows how to do best, Justin Shearer earned the nickname ‘Big Chief’ as a result of his ability to be successful at any car race. Subsequently, he got the attention of the Discovery channel, which inspired the network’s show called The Street Outlaws. The 41 minutes show, which began in 2013 is basically a documentary series that reveals the fastest and talented racers on the streets and scenes behind the camera.

As a streetcar racer, Big Chief (Justin Shearer) found a great rhythm in his car. The Crow (car) which he used as his tool for wonders, lived through the dangers and thrills of car racing. However, the untimely bond was cut short when he was involved in an accident in 2015, colliding head-on with his co-racer Brian Davis (a.k.a. Chucky) and crashing his ride.

Big Chief (Justin Shearer)
Big Chief during one of his car racing moments

Unexpectedly, the end of the car did not daunt Justin and his passion for racing. Despite suffering a smashed collarbone, injured spinal cord, and pulmonary contusions, Big Chief (Justin Shearer) still returned to the forefront eager to feel the pulse.

Asides car racing, Big Chief (Justin Shearer) is also known as a partner in the Midwest Street Cars Automotive alongside Shawn Ellington. Their company has become a part of the Discovery Channel reality show, Street Outlaws. Even though Justin’s salary is currently not known, it is no rumor that he bags a good fortune from his career as a streetcar racer, reality TV host, and a business owner, all of which contributed to his net worth of $2million.

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Does He Have a Wife?

The 6’3″ tall racer met his better half Alicia while they were both working at a gas station in 1999. They later tied the knot on the 29th day of September 2006 and together, they are parents to two children, sons named Corbin and Covil. As a result of the demands of motherhood, Alicia left her job as a respiratory therapist at the Integris Southwest Medical Centre.

During their years of courtship and marriage, the couple found friendship and companionship in each other but unfortunately, not all roses get to bloom for too long. The power couple called it quits in 2017, thus raising several eyebrows amongst their many fans. It is not known, however, what led to their divorce, as the couple has kept mute about it.

Meanwhile, while they were still married, there were rumors that Big Chief (Justin Shearer) was busy cozying up with a lady named Jackie Braasch. However, after his split from his wife, Shearer confirmed his relationship with Braasch. Just like Big Chief, Jackie is also a professional female car racer and a pre-school teacher. Asides from his interest in cars, Big Chief loves to enjoy good music, especially ones from artists such as Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne, Primus, Hank Williams, The Avett Brothers, and Dr. Dre while working out with his favorite energy drinks.


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