K-Pop Groups That May Likely Disband By 2020 And Why We Think So

With so many new K-Pop groups debuting every year, there’s a possibility many more might get disbanded by 2020. And since it’s a common practice that K-pop idols pen down a 7-year contract, most groups that have lasted more than 7 years are bound to lose some members who just want to try something new or have better places to go. However, some entertainment companies like SM and YG have gained a reputation for not allowing any group under them get disbanded, rather, they let them go on a hiatus from which they could easily have a comeback.

Idol career can be really consuming and repetitive as there have been several K-Pop groups who think that they have achieved their dreams once they debuted, but later realize that they have to continue working hard in order to be more popular. With that knowledge, some members have decided to go solo or pursue another career. To learn more about K-Pop groups that may likely disband by 2020 and why we think so, read on!

K-Pop Groups That May Likely Disband By 2020 and Why We Think So

1. After School

K-Pop Groups disband
After School (image source)

After School is a South Korean K-Pop girl group formed by Pledis Entertainment with an admissions and graduation concept. They debuted in January 2009 with the release of a single titled, ‘AH!’. They went on to release one of the best selling K-Pop singles of all time, titled ‘Because of You’ in November 2009 which was an instant hit as it became commercially and critically successful. The girl group gained wide attention for their unique live performances which often incorporate pole dancing, tap dancing, and drums. They have won several awards throughout their careers and have sold over 12 million copies of their singles domestically.

Why we think that this K-Pop group that was ranked at No. 5 on Billboard’s List of the Top 10 K-Pop Girl Groups of the Past Decade will likely disband in 2020 is that since 2015, they have halted group promotions with the members embarking on individual music, modeling and acting careers. Throughout the existence of the group, many members have been added and many have also graduated, which leaves the group with three members; Raina, Nana and E-Young as of July 2019. However, it was later revealed that all the members of the girl group had gradually gone their separate ways, but they have not officially disbanded.

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2. Boys Republic

Boys Republic
Boys Republic (image source)

Boys Republic which is a South Korean boy band was the first K-Pop idol group that was managed by Universal Musical. The boy band is also managed by Happy Tribe Entertainment and they consist of five members named Onejunn, Sunwoo, Sungjun, Minsu and Suwoong. Boys Republic made its debut with the release of a single ‘Party Rock’ on 5th June 2013. They moved on to release other songs like ‘Get Down’, ‘A Song For You’ and ‘The Real One’. Then on 12th December 2018, the boy band along with their agency agreed to go on an indefinite hiatus which began from September 30th when they had their last performance. They are yet to make any comeback since then and that’s the reason they made our list.

3. ZE:A

ZE:A (image source)

Another K-Pop group that may likely disband by 2020 is ZE:A. The South Korean boy group was formed by Star Empire Entertainment in 2010 and they consist of nine members namely; Kevin Hwang, Kwang-hee, Park Hyung-sik, Im Si-wan, Moon Jun-young, Kim Taecheon, Jung Hee-chul, Ha Min-woo and Kim Dong-jun. They released their debut single album titled ‘Nativity’ along with the lead single ‘Mazeltor’ on 7th January 2010. The boy group also released full-length albums like ‘Lovability’ and ‘Spectacular’.

In 2015, two members of the group; Min-woo and Taecheon enlisted for military service. Later in 2017, it was speculated that ZE:A was likely to disband which appeared to be false. However, the members of the boy band later stated that for the time being, they would be concentrating on their solo activities as some members have joined different companies. On April 12, 2017, Star Empire released an official statement confirming that the K-Pop group won’t be disbanding but will rather come back as a group when the time comes and ZE:A is yet to make a comeback since then.

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4. Girl’s Day

Girl's Day
Girl’s Day (image source)

Girl’s Day is a South Korean K-Pop girl group created by Dream T Entertainment in 2010. They debuted with five members named; Jihae, Jisun, Jiin, Sojin and Minah with the release of their first song, ‘Til My Head’ in July 2010. Two months later, Jisun and Jiin left the group to focus on their individual activities. They were then replaced by Yura and Hyeri. In October 2012, Jihae left the group for personal reasons too.

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Following the release of their Japanese album, ‘Girl’s Day 2015 Autumn Party’, the girl group went on a 21-month hiatus during which the members focused on solo activities. In March 2017, Girl’s Day made a comeback with the release of the official music video for title track ‘I’ll Be Yours’. Why the girl group made the list of K-Pop group that may likely disband by 2020 is that on 11th January 2019, it was reported that all the members would not re-sign with Dream T Entertainment and they would instead pursue their personal interests. As of now, they are yet to release any song or album.

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5. 24K

K-Pop groups disband
24K (image source)

24K is a South Korean K-Pop boy group formed in 2012 by Choeun Entertainment. They made their debut with the release of the extended play, ‘Hurry Up (Palliwow)’ as a sextet group which consists of Cory, Seokjune, Kisu, Sungoh, Daeil, and Byungho. After the release of their second mini-album titled ‘U R So Cute’ in August 2013, the K-Pop group went on a 2 years hiatus. They made their comeback in 2015 with the digital single ‘Hey You’ and the addition of two members; Hui and Jinhong.

Why we think that the boy band may likely disband by 2020 is that most of the members who formed the original line up have currently left the group with the group leader, Cory departing in January 2019, followed by Jinhong, Hongseob, Jeonguk and Kisu. However, Cheoun Entertainment has stated that they will add more members to the boy band which only consist of Sungoh and four new members; Changsun, Kiyong, Imchan and Xiwoo as they prepare for a comeback.

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