Kabangu: Kenyan Hiphop Senior Citizens Like You Have Never Seen

Osborne Macharia is back again with exceptional pictorials of senior citizens in a concept as never before seen.

The architecture student turned photographer is serving us some vintage-esque vibes with his latest pictorial, Kabangu.

In March he published a collection of ‘league of extraordinary grannies’. The collection showed pictures of three senior citizens who were top government officials in the 70s rebranded in a retro-hip attire that made us swoon and tag them as ‘granny goals’.

This time however, the collection is called ‘ Kabangu’. Kabangu is the name of these four fit-looking grandpas who work as watchmen  by night and hiphop enthusiasts by day in Kariobangi, one of Nairobi’s informal settlements.

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Like in the first pictorial of the female senior citizens, the Kabangu pictorial is based on real life.

“A group of real hip hop heads from the 80’s who meet up regularly to educate and mentor upcoming young talent venturing out into the hip hop industry. They teach them on values such as peace, equality, prosperity and social justice. Little is known about them till now….” Macharia said on the images caption.

It is inspiring how Macharia features people who today’s society may not know or have easily forgotten. They are people who did exceptional things in their prime but missed the slot of recognition which history gives a select few.

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MAKE UP: Valary Mdeizi
HAIR STYLING: Richard Kinyua (Strand Africa)