The architecture of the Kaedi Regional Hospital is a perfect blend of the traditional African, Arabic and modern art. The artistic structure won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1995. The design and details displays the concept of eclecticism. It has a touch of the very many facets of art, culture and African originality – a perfect mix of everything that appeals to aesthetics.

Kaedi is actually the largest and busiest city in Gorgol province, Southern Mauritania. Consequently, the Kaedi Regional Hospital is a very vital health care amenity, patronized by many in the area. It is the largest health facility in Southern Mauritania. As the name implies, the Kaedi Regonal Structure is the extension of an already existing concrete structure.

As a health facility, the institution is famous but as an architectural piece, it is super-famous. It is exceptionally structured in a one of a kind pattern. According to Wikipedia, the stunning design is defined as an “urban vernacular” architecture. It was built with a deep rooted African technique. Without searching too hard, one can instantly denote the inherent Islamic/Arabic details in the buildings. The hospital extension has camps where a patient’s family can lodge.

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Kaedi Regional Hospital building is locally made of hand fired bricks, dome shaped, and has strategic openings for proper ventilation. Because it is an earthen structure, the interior is super-cool. Who would not want that for a hospital environment? Ordinarily the typical Kaedi buildings consist of uniformly different details such as having a brown-color, flat-roofed and most times surrounded by “dutch brick” enclosures.

Kaedi is a culturally diverse region in Mauritania. It consists largely of mixed race communities of Arabic decent. The people are good with agriculture. Nevertheless the city  is equally a commercial hub.

The topical and artistic Kaedi Regional Hospital structure was designed by Fabrizio Carola. He is an Italian Architect from Naples. He employed the traditional Nubian architectural style. That explains his use of arches, vaults and domes.

Fabrizio is a member of ADAUA- Association for the Development of Traditional African Urbanism and Architecture. With the design of Kaedi Regional Hospital, he has given a face to the vision of reviving African traditional architectural styles.

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