What To Note About Kaitlyn Siragusa’s Social Media Empire and Her Relationships

Twitch is a platform renowned for online video game streaming. However, a few people have leveraged its popularity for other purposes, such as ASMR streaming. This is the foundation on which Kaitlyn Siragusa, aka Amouranth’s social media empire, is built.

Since she found her audience on Twitch, she has expanded and solidified her social popularity with a massive presence on YouTube and Instagram. But not only has social media made her internationally famous, but it has also made her rich, with a net worth many would envy.

Kaitlyn Siragusa’s Social Media Success Began on Instagram

Kaitlyn Siragusa is from Houston, Texas, USA and was born on December 2, 1993. After graduating from high school, she attended an unknown university, where she got a degree, however, Kaitlyn is known for two things – ASMR streaming and cosplaying – and her journey into fame began with the latter.

With a personal background in costume design and working for the Houston Grand Opera, Kaitlyn started designing clothing based on comic and anime characters in 2010. She would attend conventions like Stan Lee’s ComicCon and ComicPalooza, and Wizard World.

Her designs got popular at these conventions and upon learning she made them herself, people began making requests for her wares. This led to the creation of her company, A Charged Affair, in 2015. It has now become a money-making machine for the social media star.

Kaitlyn Siragusa
Her cosplaying skills has made the talk of the internet: image source

Simultaneously, Kaitlyn Siragusa posted her creations on Instagram, thereby attracting members of the online community. By posting photos of herself in costumes and leaning into her sex appeal, Kaitlyn has been able to amass millions of followers on the platform. As of October 18, 2020, she has more than 2.8 million followers, and it keeps growing by the day.

Her Twitch and YouTube Channels Have over 177 Million Views Combined

Less than a year after she began her cosplay journey in 2010, she created her YouTube channel, Amouranth, as part of efforts to publicize her designs. That goal has since been achieved, and the channel has grown in popularity. As of October 2020, the channel has more than 405 thousand subscribers and over 34.7 million views.

No longer just a cosplaying channel, Amouranth is now a variety channel where she publishes video game content, vlogs, and fashion tips. But while her YouTube presence is quite significant, it pales in comparison to her Twitch presence, which anchors her fame in the 2020s.

Her YouTube channel was already five years old when she opened her Twitch channel, Amouranth, on May 29, 2016. Since its creation, the channel has benefitted from her popularity on Instagram and YouTube and witnessed rapid growth. The channel now has more than 1.75 million followers, with over 143.6 million views.

On Twitch, she offers a similar variety of content, from IRL streaming (streaming her daily life) and Just Chatting, which involves conversations with her viewers. One other primary content by Kaitlyn Siragusa on Twitch is ASMR. Others include video game streaming for Mario Kart, Just Dance 2018, and Fortnite.

The success of her Twitch channel has brought Siragusa massive fame, with news coverage from media outlets like the Daily Mail and Huffington Post, among others.

She Also Has a Presence on Paid Platforms like OnlyFans and Patreon

Aside from the mastery of costume design, sexually suggestive content is also a driver of Kaitlyn’s social media empire. But there is a limit to how far she can go on the latter on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch. When she has pushed the boundaries, she has been banned and has even been the subject of a lawsuit.

Enter OnlyFans and Patreon, two social media content sharing platforms where users have free rein to publish sexual content. On Patreon, she has more than 800 patrons, with subscription at three tiers of $20, $60, and $100 per month. Her presence on them not only deepen her claim to fame and expand her social media empire, but they add to her burgeoning net worth.

Social Media and Costume Design Has Given Kaitlyn Siragusa a $2 Million Net Worth

Because her cosplaying company, A Charged Affair, is a private company, it is difficult to determine how much revenue it makes her. But the company has lasted five years, and she has become a leading figure in the cosplaying community, with public speaking roles around the world. So, it is safe to say it is doing well.

We do, however, have analytic access to her social media empire, which has helped Kaitlyn Siragusa to a $2 million net worth. Assuming she is on the default revenue sharing formula of 50% per subscriber, her Twitch channel earns her $16.9k per month from 6,700+ subscribers as of October 2020.

Asides from subscriptions, she also makes money from tips and ads, which can push her monthly earnings above the $17,000 mark. On YouTube, where she earns primarily from ads, she makes between $1.2k and $18.7k per month, earning up to $625 daily.

The dynamic nature of her subscriber and video views count means there is no set monthly income for Siragusa. But between Twitch, YouTube OnlyFans, and Patreon, she makes at least $50,000 per month from social media. Combined with public speaking gigs and her company, Kaitlyn’s net worth is at $2 million and growing.

All Evidence Suggests Kaitlyn Siragusa is a Single Woman

Even though she has been in the spotlight for years, Siragusa has mostly kept her personal life from the public eye. There is just as little available information about her background as her dating life. But her reluctance to share has not stopped fans and admirers from speculating.

She has been linked to two men, Nick Lee and Matt Barr. According to the rumor about her and Nick, the two are married and have been since June 15, 2018, however, that rumor has since been debunked. Another one suggested she dated Matt Barr, a man whose actual identity remains unknown.

The known personality with the name is an actor and star on the CBS show, Blood & Treasure. There is no evidence that Kaitlyn and the actor, or the mystery man who shares the name, dated. For now, the cosplayer and Twitch star remains single, publicly at least.

A Fan Once Started a Rumor About Her Marital Life

Kaitlyn Siragusa’s career on social media, especially when it comes to using her sex appeal, requires staying single or the illusion of being one. In 2018, however, that illusion came under threat when a conversation with a Twitch.tv moderator leaked and went viral.

In it, Siragusa appeared to have confirmed she was married and hidden the fact from her followers and fans. Although the backlash’s intensity died and she remained a popular figure, the rumor lingered for two years until August 2020. In a podcast alongside other female streamers, she confirmed that someone made the conversation up. The creator reached out to her and admitted to creating the lie.

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