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Playing with the Seattle Seahawks, Kam Chancellor made impressive records and bagged a lot of achievements with the team. Unfortunately, his career has been cut short as a result of an incurred neck injury in 2017, nevertheless, it is unarguable that he made waves with the team. His announcement broke the hearts of many, and of a truth, Kam was one of the best starters any National Football League (NFL) would have asked for, little wonder the Hawks renewed his contract on several occasions.

Kam Chancellor’s Bio

It is not common to see a child born into a poor home stay off the violence in the street, but Kam Chancellor is one of the very few who have no records of being a violent child despite being born into a poor home. His mother, Karen Lambert, tried everything she could to train Kam and his other five siblings in the most responsible way. His mom did several jobs in order to fend for her kids and still had the time to keep them all in check. Today, she has not only reaped the rewards of those years of toiling but is also recognized as the mother of one of the strongest safeties who played in the National Football League. Kam in his own little way has done so much for his mother, he bought her a house and a car just to say thank you for all those many years.

Kam’s existence at birth had no fairy tale attached to it, he came to be on April 3, 1998, and was named Kameron Darnel Chancellor. His early days were spent in the suburbs of Virginia. Most of his accomplishments as a footballer could be linked to his days at Matthew Fontaine Maury High School where he groomed his skills as a player while nursing his ambitions. During those days, anything called sports just spurred his spirits.

At the high school, he played as the team’s quarterback where he showed his athletic prowess which in turn had word spread quickly and make him a person of interest for many other colleges. With the intents of graduating with a degree in human development and also building his football career, Kam Chancellor enrolled at Virginia Tech. He joined the team and maintained his position as a quarterback but as the days rolled by he was subsequently moved to play as a cornerback. Not too long after that, he was moved to play as a starter. Until he bowed out, Kam Chancellor maintained the position and has proved his worth in playing as one.

NFL Career Profile

After being acknowledged as the best starter ever produced in the history of Virginia Tech football team, getting into the National Football league team became one of the easiest accomplishment Kam chancellor had. He joined the Seattle Seahawks after he was selected by the team in the fifth round of the 2010 NFL draft. He sealed a four-year deal on June 2, 2010, in a contract worth $2 million with a signing bonus of $213,000. Kam made his first appearance with the team against the San Francisco 49ners and recorded his first tackle and fumble. His next game was in a tumble tussle against the New York Giants, he collected a season-high seven combined tackles. By the end of his rookie season, he had played in 16 games and totaled 23 combined tackles, one deflected pass, one sack, and one forced fumble.

The next season, he played against the San Francisco 49ners and recorded 10 solo tackles, unfortunately, his team lost to the infallible Giants in their next game. The Hawks made up their game with a victory against the Arizona Cardinals with Kam being one of the top contributors to that victory after he recorded 5 combined tackles, 2 deflected passes and an interception. Kam’s celebration for that victory was cut short as he also sustained a quadriceps injury in that game which later resulted to his absence in a few other games. After healing from his injury, he played against the 49ners and recorded 10 solo tackles. By the end of the season, he played in 15 games and totaled 97 combined tackles (75 solos), a career-high 13 pass deflections, four interceptions including one sack.

The 2012 season was short for Kam, he played only two games against the New England Patriots and the Detroit Lions losing one and winning the other. Following the next season, the Hawks couldn’t let Kam go so they renewed his contract for another four years. He entered his new season with the team playing against the 49ners and recorded 5 combined tackles, a pass, and an interception. Soon he had to face the Arizona Cardinals and he scored 11 combined tackles (six solos), two pass deflections, and an interception in a close victory. Then his team had to face the New Orleans Saints in other to move to the next level that season and they alarmed the world with their victory after Kam Chancellor scored 14 combined tackles (four solos) and two pass deflections. The Hawks further played against the 49ners, won and also became the Super Bowl XLVIII champions.

Kam Started the next season in a game against the Green Bay Packers and he scored a season High 11 combined tackles. The Denver Broncos charged at the Hawks and requested for a rematch of the Super Bowl XLVII game and like always, Kam Chancellor pulled out his very best, kicked the Broncos in a corner as he made 9 tackles, an interception, a forced fumble, and 2 passes defended. With that victory, he was selected to play in the season’s Pro Bowl. He faced the Carolina Panthers and recorded 9 solo tackles and an interception. The next Super bowl competition, Super Bowl XLIX wasn’t as beautiful for the Hawks like the former, they lost their championship title to the Patriots.

The next season was quite short for the stellar player as he requested for new deals with the team. Upon a mutual agreement, Kam Chancellor appeared in a game against the Packers after missing out in two games earlier in that season. He was named the defensive team captain and played against the Detriot Lions recording 47 tackles and two interceptions. Come 2017, Kam Chancellor renewed a three-year contract with his team. Three months after the deal was sealed, he incurred a neck injury that kept him off his games throughout that season. A lot of his fans were still trying to digest the news of his absence that season when Kam publicly announced that he may never be able to play again because of his injury. Although he never used the word ‘retirement’, many have resolved that he implied it.

Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Kam Chancellor
Kam Chancellor and wife; Tiffany Lucy

Kam Chancellor is married to his longtime girlfriend, Tiffany Lucy, the two walked down the aisle sometime in July 2017. They have no kids yet but are a perfect team. They have been dedicated to the affairs of kids in Hampton Roads and Seattle areas and also operate the Kam Cares Foundation together. Apart from being a supportive wife, Tiffany is also a fitness trainer and model working on being a successful actress.

Weight and Height

A starter is said to be very strong. They are expected to build very thick muscles and maintain a superb body physically. Kam Chancellor has worked on his build, he stands at 6 feet and weighs 225 lb

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