Are Kane And Undertaker Real Brothers? Every Fact You Need To Know

Kane and Undertaker constituted a duo that was seen as the most dominant tag team in the history of the World Wrestling Entertainment. They were dubbed The Brothers of Destruction during their stint as a pair but were forced to split due to the fact that they proved indefatigable and undefeatable.

In addition to teaming up together as an unstoppable force, the wrestling duo has had their personal run-ins over the years as the WWE Universe got to know the facts about the pairs messed up past, as well as their upbringing as brothers. Kane was declared the bad brother, and that was exactly when The Taker started to assume the character we have all grown to love.

Are Kane And Undertaker Real Brothers?

But of course, there is no blood tie between Kane and Undertaker; it is just one of the famous storylines from WWE that has come to feel like reality. Even at that, fans have not relented in questioning the details to date, despite the fact that both men are ready to face another life away from wrestling. Whether apart or together, Kane and The Undertaker have come to be among the most popular personalities in WWE. However, there are still loads that we don’t know about these onetime brothers, friends, as well as rivals.

Every Fact You Need To Know

They Are Real-life Friends

It would be really close to impossible for two men to build their careers side by side for twenty years and not end up as close friends. Both within and away from the WWE ring, Kane and Undertaker have a lot of admiration and respect for each other.

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Twenty years ago, the duo was just two men trying to forge careers in the WWE. Now, they are two friends looking back at their past careers, while they look forward to what the future holds for them and their families. The road has been really long for two of the best wrestlers to ever grace WWE, and it would appear that they have taken much more than good memories from the time they spent together in the WWE.

Kane Was One Of The Undertaker’s Fiercest Rivals?

There exist just a few men who can beat their chests and admit to facing The Undertaker two times at WrestleMania, Kane is unsurprisingly one of such people. However, it would have been really nice if it were to be Kane who finally brought The Streak to an end a few years ago, but apparently, that was not the way that particular script was written.

Several of the WWE Universe called for one last face-off between Kane and Undertaker before the Survivor Series in 2015, but rather, they were presented with the gift of The Brothers of Destruction who reunited once again, and showed the world that age is merely a number. When fans and the general public think of The Undertaker, they will surely remember The Streak, and Brock Lesnar will definitely come to their minds. But above all, fans will remember the unbelievable rivalry that existed between two men who were mistaken for blood brothers for several years.

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Outside The WWE

Kane and Undertaker are currently at the point in their career lives where they would wish to explore options outside the world of wrestling. As husbands and fathers, they had to move into careers that demanded less physical strength, especially as old age is creeping up on them, and being on the road for all of 300 days annually is beginning to tell on them.

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Away from the WWE, the ring brothers have ventured into similar career directions, while The Undertaker has investments in real estate in partnership with Scott Everhart, Kane has taken up a career path as an insurer, and alongside his wife, he operates an Allstate agency located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Kane’s future plans include running for Knox County’s mayoral seat as a Republican.

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The Undertaker Was Formerly Known As Kane

The Deadman was announced as The Undertaker at the Survivor Series event of 1990 when he made his debut as the mystery partner, but with the replays of the event on national television, he was called Kane the Undertaker.

Later, WWE dispensed with the Kane part and allowed the famed wrestler to be simply called The Undertaker. Consequently, fans took it as a revelation that he actually had a brother in the wings. So, when Paul Bearer brought Kane to WWE, fans couldn’t help but feel that their predictions were, in fact, correct, Kane and Undertaker have finally revealed themselves as brothers.

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