Who Is Karen Mcdougal, What Was Her Relationship With Donald Trump

Karen McDougal is a former playmate who came onto the scene after details of her affair with US President, Donald Trump came into the light. The rumors of their relationship while President had been married was a point of interest for American news media during the period of his campaign. McDougal was hindered from telling her story for some reasons at the time, but now that she has found the freedom to speak we can learn a lot about her life and the exact nature of her relationship with President Donald Trump.

Who Is Karen Mcdougal?

Karen McDougal was born on the 23rd of March 1971 at Merryville, Indiana. She is descended from a mixture of the Cherokee, Irish, and Scot. Her parents were blessed with three boys named Bob, Dave, and Jeff before Karen McDougal then came as their first daughter. She also has a younger sister named Tina. When Karen McDougal was only nine years old her mother who had been separated from her father for a while got married again moving the family from Merryville to Sawyer, Michigan.

It was in Michigan that Karen continued her education up until college level. Her high school was River Valley High School, and while there she engaged in a variety of activities like cheerleading, and sports like volleyball and softball. She was also a band member, color guard and the Michigan state champion clarinet player for four years consecutively.

Karen’s ultimate dream at that young age was to become a famous ballerina, but as she grew older the dream changed into a desire to become a teacher and model. She went to college at the Ferris State University at Big Rapids, Michigan where she studied Elementary Education. After spending only two years in college, Karen McDougal moved to Detroit and began teaching pre-kindergarten. Whilst there, she was convinced to try out for a swimsuit competition and in 1997 she tried out and won the local Venus Swimwear swimsuit competition.

The win brought her to the attention of a playboy photographer named David Mecey and she was soon approached for a test shoot that she accepted. It was the lead up to her being chosen as Miss December 1997, and in May 1998 she was chosen by Hugh Hefner and some fans as the Playmate of the Year (PMOY). She was awarded $100,000 and a special edition silver Shelby Series 1 convertible with a customized Michigan license plate “PMOY 98” after the win. Karen McDougal has since expanded her career into fitness modeling and has appeared in bit parts on some TV shows.

What Was Her Relationship With Donald Trump?

Reports surfaced in November 2016 that Karen McDougal had had an affair with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. The Wall Street Journal in its own report wrote that she had told a friend about the affair and that at the time of the affair Donald Trump was married. The affair was said to have lasted for about ten months to one year.

Revealed during that time was also the fact that American Media, Inc. (AMI), the owner of the National Enquirer paid out $150,000 to Karen to gain exclusive rights to her story. Despite buying the rights, AMI never actually published the story, but the media house claimed that they had not intended to kill the story by buying the rights, but had rather gotten along with the rights to the Trump infidelity story, two years’ worth of her fitness columns and magazine covers.

Karen McDougal
Donald Trump with some playmates including Karen McDougal (image source)

The story of Karen McDougal and Donald Trump’s relationship was published by The Wall Street Journal only four days to the 2016 United States presidential election. The Trump campaign denied the existence of the affair. In memoirs that Karen McDougal had written about their affair, she revealed that the two met at a party hosted by Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion. The President had kept in contact with her and the two ended their first date with sex. McDougal met members of Trump’s family and was even promised a New York apartment. The memoirs also said that whenever McDougal flew in to meet Trump, he reimbursed her travel and accommodation expenses.

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Their relationship apparently ended in April 2007 when McDougal called quits because she felt guilty and was also offended by some comments that Trump made. All this information about their relationship continues to come to light because in March 2018 Karen McDougal sued American Media Inc. in Los Angeles Superior Court with the goal of invalidating the non-disclosure agreement that came about as a result of them buying the exclusive rights to her story. AMI settled with McDougal giving her the freedom to speak about the alleged affair.

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