Karla Souza’s Family Ties, Transition to English Movies and Why She Left ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

One of the greatest assets of the United States remains the diversity of its citizens and the idea that anyone seeking a better life can come in, embrace American values, and work their way to the top. The story of Karla Souza’s journey to fame further reinforces the uniqueness of America.

Fans and lovers of the crime drama series How To Get Away with Murder will be familiar with the Latina actress who played the role of Laurel Castillo. Apart from her many roles in Hollywood movies, she is also very popular within the film industry in Mexico. Fluent in French, English, and Spanish, Karla’s story epitomizes that of the American dream.

Karla Souza Comes From a Close-Knit Family That Has Roots in Chile and Mexico

Born in Mexico City, Karla Souza holds dual citizenship from America and Mexico. Her father was a shoemaker who emigrated from Chile to Mexico City, Mexico where he married and had her. She has two siblings; Jeronimo Souza (brother) and Monica Souza (sister).

Her grandmother, Elba Silva, immigrated to New York in the 1960s where she worked as a cook for the famous Rockefeller Family for 20 years before she gained US citizenship. This paved way for her and her parents when she was just two years of age to move to the US and gain citizenship. The family relocated to Aspen, Colorado where Karla’s father continued his shoe business.

She Has a Degree in Acting and Began Her Career By Appearing in Mexican Movies

After attending Centro de Education school; a school ran by Televista where she studied acting, Karla Souza moved to an acting school in France. While there, she joined a theater company and was one of the stars on set in most of their performances. She later left the school to join the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. There, she performed remarkably well and by the time she was done, she received the CCP Award for her excellence on stage alongside a Bachelors’s degree in Arts.

Karla was subsequently chosen to go to Moscow, Russia to receive intensive acting training, studying under Anatoly Smilianski. After this training, she returned to her birthplace of Mexico City where she picked up several roles in both television series and movies.

Karla Souza appeared in the television drama series like Verano do amor (2009). The following year seemed to be an inactive year for the actress as it wasn’t until 2011 that she bagged a major role in the romantic comedy film, From Prada to Nada (2011). That project gave her the publicity she needed to draw the attention of the big wigs in Hollywood.

Karla Moved To Hollywood To Explore More Opportunities

Karla Souza decided to move to Los Angeles, California in 2014 to join the elite league of actresses and actors starring in Hollywood. Having already gained some experience, it did not take long before she was able to land a role in the popular drama series, How To Get Away with Murder, which aired on Fox TV. She played the role of Laurel Castillo, a resourceful Keating 5 member whose wealthy father is the kingpin of an organized crime empire.

Karla’s performance on the series received positive reviews just as the show’s ratings have soared. She was part of a diverse cast that comprised of different races. She did well to pull off a sensitive and complicated idealist who later falls in love with classmate Wes Gibbons (played by Alfred Enoch). Her stellar performance has set her up for bigger projects.

Why She Literally Vanished From How To Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away with Murder premiered on ABC on September 25, 2014, and for five seasons, Karla Souza was a regular on every episode. As the show progressed, her character Laurel Castillo gradually began to show some of her darker sides as she was getting roped in way too many murder cases. Things are further complicated when she falls in love with classmate Wes Gibbons.

Laurel vanishes in the season 5 finale of the show in a bid to escape from her family and the growing case against Annalise and the rest of her classmates. While this is the trajectory taken by the plot of the show, in real life, one of the major reasons why Karla’s involvement was scaled down was because she landed another high profile role in a big film.

Karla is slated to play a major role in the much-anticipated film El Presidente. The project is an eight-part series centered around events surrounding the $150 million bribery conspiracy at the world football governing body, FIFA. The potential logistics nightmare that may ensue if she is to marry both projects is the reason she had her role on How to Get Away with Murder scaled back. She, however, made guest appearances on the series’ sixth and final season.

Karla Souza is Married To Marshall Trenkmann

Karla Souza
Karla Souza and Marshall Trenkmann

Karla Souza got married to her longtime boyfriend, banker Marshall Trenkmann in Los Angeles sometime in May 2014. The two dated for a few years before getting engaged in December 2013. In April of 2018, they welcomed a daughter named Gianna Trenkmann.

Prior to her marriage, Karla was in a relationship with actor Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco. The two met on set and fell in love, however, their relationship could be best described as a fling as it did not last long.

She Revealed That She was Once Raped By a Director 

During the #metoo movement in 2018, Karla Souza publicly revealed that she was raped by one of her directors while in Mexico. To date, the true identity of the rapist is yet to be revealed.

Following her revelations, her accusations were indirectly pinned to Gustavo Loza. The accusations were likely confirmed to be true after the media company Karla worked with claimed that there was an undefined bond between Karla and Gustavo. The media company, Televista, later dismissed the director from his ongoing project, and on Gustavo’s part, he denied all rape allegations laid on him.

Similarly, he revealed that he and Souza once dated but subsequently called it off. To date, Karla has neither spoken about the true identity of her rapist nor denied Gustavo’s claims.

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