Kat Stacks – Life of The Controversial Star Who Was Exposing Hip-Hop Secrets

Beyond being addressed as a rapper in some quarters, Kat Stacks is all shades of controversial and that is what earned her the fame she enjoys today. A popular internet personality, Kat has been found at the center of most controversies in the pop culture community. She was an online terror in 2010 and rappers tried their best to stay off her radar as she didn’t have to bat an eyelid before displaying their dirty laundry in public.

From Bow Wow to Nelly and a plethora of other artists, Kat Stack didn’t mince words in calling them out and causing a thread of uproar on Twitter and YouTube. But before you go all judgy on her, take a sneak peek at her troubled life as a teen and the equally agonizing adulthood she found herself in.

Kat Stacks Biography

November 2, 1989, was the day she was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Named Andrea Herrera at birth, the internet personality was unfortunate to grow up in a troubled environment where she was physically abused at home. While she was born in Venezuela, her family immigrated to the United States and settled in North Miami, where she had most of her childhood memories with her mother, grandmother, and two uncles. Her mother was always absent from home and the granny suffered mental issues, leaving Kat’s upbringing to fate.

For her education, she attended an alternative school and there is no information on how far she went with school. She endured the troubles at home until she turned 15, at this time, she left her folks and went to Brooklyn, New York, with a pimp who subjected her to more mental and physical torture. She was made to work as a stripper among other derogatory jobs but she found it difficult to leave. Things somewhat changed for the better at the age of 19 when she was arrested while pregnant with her pimp’s baby.

Subsequently, she was placed under house arrest from whence her online career was birthed. Joining forces with the head of WorldStarHipHop, Kat Stack began to wreak havoc on rappers, churning out uncensored videos which went viral. In her videos, she dissed several of the hip-hop big guns with emphasis on what would seem like their bedroom secrets. Her activities did not only cause a ruckus on social media platforms, but they also drew attention to what Kat did in her dark days. Speculations went rife about her being an escort to the stars she was calling out. However, these claims were never confirmed by her.

What to Know About Her Family

According to Kat Stacks, her family has never been there for her right from her childhood. Besides, she has never disclosed any details about the identities of her family members in public. She only revealed that they are immigrants from Venezuela and her mother was never home, leaving her with a mentally challenged grandmother and a few uncles.

On the personal front, she has only been romantically linked with abusive men and the one she calls her baby’s father takes center stage. He gave her the name Kat Stack at age 15 after she left her family to stay with him. He mentally, sexually, and physically abused her but she couldn’t escape his grip until she was arrested by the authorities and placed under house arrest with her family. She has a son with the pimp she was dating.

Other Facts About Kat Stack

1. Her life is filled with betrayals and abuse by those she thought she could love and trust but amid all the vicissitudes, she found a way to pick up the pieces.

2. Kat has been in a mental hospital, as well as jail. She went to the former after trying to commit suicide.

3. She has split her wrist three times and survived and on all occasions, her baby daddy had something to do with it. He often ordered her to do it just for the fun of it.

4. Luckily, Kat Stacks is not entirely a bag of disaster. She has written a book titled Becoming Kat Stacks.

5. She is popular across social media platforms but reigns supreme on Twitter where she spits profanity without remorse.

6. She has been caught on video talking about how she slept with the Young Money crew including Lil Wayne, Bow Wow, Nelly and more.

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