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With many years of experience and knowledge in broadcasting, Kate Bilo has become a force to reckon with when it comes to weather reporting. The talented journalist is currently associated with CBS 3 network where she works as their chief meteorologist. Prior to her stint with CBS, Kate has also worked as a weather reporter for AccuWeather. While there, she met her heartthrob and has gone ahead to build a family with him. Read on to discover more juicy facts about this beautiful lady in this article.

Kate Bilo’s Biography

While speculations had traveled around the world without proof that Kate Bilo is quite still very young at age, there are no details available showing the exact birthdate of the forecaster. With cognition and experience, Kate Bilo has gained expertise in interpretation and predictions of the weather. She currently works as weather news anchor at CBS 3 and also appears on the network’s weekday morning and noon shows.

The weatherwoman was born in the United States of America, precisely in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Discovering her passion for arts, Kate Bilo attended Penn State University and acquired a degree in International Business. She subsequently bagged a degree in Geoscience from Mississippi State University.

Having been groomed at school, Kate Bilo subsequently gained professionalism with forecasting and weather predictions after working for five years at AccuWeather. While there, she provided forecasts for Accuviewers and other channels including Fox, ABC, and CNBC, among others.

After working for AccuWeather, she moved on to work at Bloomberg Television Network in 2010 and continued with her exploits. She subsequently joined CBS 3 Eye Witness News in the same year. As expected, her unique defining skills set her out amongst the crew, and in a short time, she served as a guest host for the CBS Daytime Emmy Award-nominated talk show, The Talk. As of now, Katie Bilo has worked her way to the top, occupying the position of the chief meteorologist of the program. She is always on-air every weeknight.

Who is Her Husband?

Just like she has attained stardom with her career, Kate has a well-crafted love life. She found both love and fulfillment working with AccuWeather. It was the very first day she stepped into the organization that she met and fell in love with Scott Eby. Scott worked as a senior software engineer for the team. They lit up their love flame and dated for months before deciding to make it official. However, how and when their marriage took place has not been shared with the media.

Kate Bilo
Kate Bilo and Daughter; Solenna Marit Elisabeth

Together, they share three adorable children. Two sons whose identities are still a mystery and a daughter, Solenna Marit Elisabeth born on the 31st of May 2017.

Her Salary and Net Worth

According to records, CBS meteorologist receives a salary ranging from  $70,250 to $78,471; however, as a chief, her salary gauge is said to be a little above it. The details of her exact salary figures are not available at the moment, but it is believed that her net worth falls at $1 million.

Other Interesting Facts about Kate Bilo

She is a Bookworm

It is no surprise that Katie Bilo has made her way to the top. She is quite disciplined and accurate with her plans. She sometimes reveals that she pledges every year to read at least a hundred books. Since she took that decision, she has never faulted in keeping her pledges.

She Worked Her Way Through College

The weather woman has been quite independent for a while. Sources say that she actually joined Accuweather in order to fund her fees at Mississippi State University.

Her Hobbies and Interest

Kate Bilo’s love for forecasting started while she was a college student. She started practicing on how to draw different forecast charts following the already predicted weather cast aired on television. In addition, Kate takes reading as a hobby and renders her services as Champion of Reading for several libraries in Philadephia. She equally enjoys reading to children in order to help them cultivate the habit of reading. Her other hobbies include traveling, cycling, and discovering new things.

Body Measurements

Kate’s full cheeks and smile is quite captivating. With a little touch of makeup, her magical beauty charms could envelop the heart of anyone. Her well-arranged set of teeth increases the sight of her dimples while she smiles. Kate is best described as a thick lady who is well endowed. She stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches with proportional body weight. Her other body measurements are not available.


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