What Movies Is Kate Capshaw Best Known For, Why Did She Retire and Where Is She Now?

In the 80s and 90s, Kate Capshaw was a familiar face on the big screen. From shows like The Edge of Night and Black Tie Affair to films like Love Affair and A Secret Sin, Kate established herself as a dependable and talented supporting actress.

However, since the turn of the millennium, she has vanished from the screen, only seen when she attends industry events in the arms of her husband, Steven Spielberg. Still, she leaves a fond memory for 80s Hollywood fans, a not so bad accomplishment for the once-divorced single mother who moved to New York City with a dream.

A Failed Marriage Sparked Her Acting Career

Born as Kathleen Sue Nail in Fort Worth, Texas, on November 3, 1953, Kate is the daughter of Beverly Sue (mother) and Edwin Leon Nail (father). Her dad worked as an airline employee while her mother worked as a travel agent and a beautician.

Kate, alongside her parents, relocated to St. Louis, Missouri, when she was 5. She attended Hazelwood Central High School and later bagged a degree in education from the University of Missouri. While at the university, she was a member of Alpha Delta Pi. The actress grew up an Episcopalian but upon marriage, converted to Judaism.

Before her days as an actress, Kate Capshaw worked as a Special Education teacher at Southern Boone County High School and Rock Bridge High school. While she was a teacher, she married Robert Capshaw, a marketing manager in January 1976.

In the same year, she gave birth to her daughter, Jessica Capshaw, who is now an actress. Four years after their marriage, they got divorced. But rather than wallow in the pain of the failed marriage, Kath Capshaw moved to New York City in pursuit of a silent dream to become an actress.

Kate Capshaw Appeared in 29 Films and TV Shows

Kate Capshaw’s dreams of an acting career did not come to fruition immediately. She had a few struggles in the city for a couple of months before she finally landed her debut role in the soap opera, The Edge Of Night, in 1981.

She later asked to be removed from the show after she succeeded in bagging a role in the movie, A Little Sex. Two years later, she starred in the 1984 film; Dreamscape. It was with her role in the movie, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), a prequel to Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) that she met her heartthrob; Steven Spielberg.

Her shrewd acts as a camp instructor in the 1986 movie SpaceCamp depict originality and perfection, an attribute any leader would have. She played Susanna McKaskel in the 1987 movie The Quick and The Dead. 

Kate Capshaw
Kate Capshaw with Michael Douglas in Black Rain: image source

Capshaw also showed great prowess at acting in the spy/romance film Her Secret Life. Kate has gone ahead to feature in a lot of other movies like Black Rain (1989), Just Cause (1995), The Love Letter, The Alarmist (1997), and A Girl Thing (2001) bagging both minor and major roles.

Kate’s last appearance in a scripted drama was in 2002, in the TV film, Due East, as Becky Purdue. Following her final role, Kate Capshaw had 29 credits in her filmography, two of which were TV shows. Seven of her film roles were on television, with an additional two appearances in short films, No Dogs Allowed and Duke of Groove.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Remains Her Best Work

With 29 credits to her name, several of which were minor roles, Kate Capshaw never fully got a chance to cement her name as an acting behemoth. She did, however, get the opportunity as Willie Scott, a nightclub singer, and performer in Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Kate Capshaw
Kate with Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones: image source

The film, now considered an American classic of the action-adventure genre, Kate strutted her singing skills. She was also Indiana’s love interest and the film’s damsel in distress. Before she got cast as Willie, over 100 actresses auditioned and got offered the role before she secured the part.

Other notable works in her filmography include 80s films, Power, Black Rain, and Dreamscape. In the 90s, she made memorable appearances in Just Cause, The Love Letter, and Love Affair.

She Retired from Acting to Focus on a Different Pursuit

After her last performance in the 2002 TV movie, Due East, Kate Capshaw had spent two decades in front of the camera. She was also 48 years old, an age where movie roles dried up for most actresses in Hollywood. Combined with the rapid expansion of her family with Steven Spielberg, which had risen to seven children with her first daughter, she decided to take a step back and focus on raising their children.

The decision has proven smart. Kate has nurtured three of her children to become notable members of the entertainment industry as actresses and musicians.

Kate Capshaw Has a $100 Million Net Worth

Her exact net worth at the time of retirement is unknown, but it was no doubt modest due to the limited scale of her career onscreen. A conservative guess might place it between $5 and $10 million, buoyed primarily by her role in the commercially successful Indiana Jones series.

However, her marriage to Steve Spielberg in 1991 has been another driver to her overall net worth. The director/producer has a $3.7 billion net worth. With it, Kate Capshaw’s wealth has grown from her modest acting days to a massive $100 million.

Her husband’s humongous wealth, with her not-so-shabby income, made it easier for the actress to walk away from Hollywood as an active worker.

Kate Capshaw’s Marriage to Steven Spielberg

image source

Her second marriage was to superstar director Steven Spielberg. The two of them met on the set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Although Steven was married at the time to Amy Irving, sparks flew between the two of them. Eventually, Steven ended his marriage with Irving in 1989 and married Kate two years after.

They married on October 12, 1991, in a civil and Orthodox ceremony. Since then, their family has grown to nine, with seven children. Both of them had a child each from their previous marriages – Jessica for Capshaw and Max Samuel for Spielberg. Kate also had a son, Theo, whom she adopted by her marriage to the acclaimed director.

Spielberg has since adopted Theo, as well as Mikaela George, born on February 28, 1996. Their three shared biological children are Destry Allyn Spielberg, born on December 1, 1996, and Sawyer Avery Spielberg on March 10, 1992. Their first child, Sasha Rebecca Spielberg was born on May 14, 1990.

Kate Capshaw
Kate, Steven, and their family: image source

Jessica, Theo, and Sasha Rebecca are entertainers. Jessica is an actress known for her role as Arizona Robbins on Grey’s Anatomy and Jamie Stringer on The Practice. Theo and Sasha are both members of the band, Wardell. Sasha is also an actress who has appeared in The Post, Munich, and The Terminal.

She is Enjoying Retirement with her Husband

We cannot speak for her creative desires. But from a quality of life standpoint, her decision to retire has proven to be a wise decision. These days, Kate Capshaw lives a quiet life away from the spotlight with her husband. In public, she is also seen attending major industry events like the Oscars and Golden Globes and eating high-priced meals on classy dates.

Occasionally, her name pops up when one of her children makes the news. But Kate herself has retreated from the uncertainty and drama of public life.

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