These Facts Will Tell You Everything You Should Know About TJ Miller’s Wife Kate Gorney

A truly talented woman, Kate Gorney is a mixed media artist and poet who has worked extensively over the years, stunning art lovers with her work around the world. Widely known as the wife of the actor and comedian, TJ Miller she gets her inspiration from travelling around the globe.

Clearly a multi-talented woman, Kate Gorney has also dabbled into acting and appeared in some movies since her Hollywood debut. Apparently, her story is one worth reading about.

Kate Gorney’s Very Interesting Childhood

Kate Gorney, whose full name is actually Kathryn Titus Gorney, was born in the United States to a mother who is a poet and a father who is a retired priest. It is safe to say she got her talent from her mother as she would later become an awesome poet herself who is respected for her art.

Though she grew up on a farm where horses were bred, Kate Gorney’s childhood was filled with some interesting things she did. As a matter of fact, the versed artist began training as a ballet dancer when she was just 4. Around that same time, she trained as an actress and also had singing and language instructions before she turned 10.

Gorney also had some equestrian training because she was interested in horse riding. These early training sessions prepared her for bigger achievements when she grew older.

Her parents played a major part in giving her a nudge in the right direction and also provided the necessary assistance to help her build a career in music and arts. She continued training herself in classical ballet and participated in dancing all through her high school as a fellow of Ann Arbor Civic Ballet Company.

She later attended George Washington University and graduated with a degree in liberal arts.

Kate Gorney
Kate Gorney’s art

Exploits As A Mixed Media Artist

Kate Gorney is a highly admired mixed media artist who is amazingly talented. Having taken great interest in the arts and performance, Gorney now creates deep poetry and installation art.

The highly skilled artist has always had a strong ardour for culture and arts right from her childhood. It was this passion that prompted her to study liberal arts at George Washington University. She is known for creating works with general themes of rebuilding, agonizing, and affectionate abuse.

Kate Gorney has since gone ahead to create her own website with her nickname, Rose Petal Pistol, which was given to her by her parents at a very young age. There on the website, she exhibits and sells her works.

Often On The Road

Kate Gorney’s work has taken her to different parts of the world for art exhibitions. Interestingly this is a lot of fun for her because she loves travelling as well.

So far, she has toured as many as fifteen different countries throughout Europe, East Asia, Central, and South America. And she is not done just yet.

Gorney’s Hollywood Adventure

Apart from her many talents as a poet, dancer, and artist, Kate Gorney also has another talent; she can act! Over the years, she has explored her acting talent and appeared in a number of movies.

Kate Gorney
Kate Gorney and TJ Miller

In 2008, Gorney was cast to play Capri in Twelve. The next year in 2009, she starred in her first TV series after landing the role of Bleecker Inn Barista in Gossip Girl, an American teen drama television series.

Gorney continued her Hollywood adventure in 2010 with a performance in another TV series, Fringe, in which she played a nurse. The same year, she starred in Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac as Isabel.

In 2014, she played Nora White in Bristel Goodman, a thriller/drama, and followed it up with a performance as a ballet teacher in Lovesick, a sitcom and as Julie in Runaway, a TV movie. In 2017, she voiced a character in The Emoji Movie, a computer-animated comedy film.

Her Thrilling Love Story With TJ Miller

Kate Gorney’s life is not all about work and arts and acting. It is also about love and family. The artist is a happily married woman and the love of her life is no other but the famous actor, comedian, producer, and writer TJ Miller.

Miller is best known for playing the character of Erlich Bachman in the comedy series, Silicon Valley. The talented actor has made appearances in multiple movies and his film credits include, She’s Out of My League, Yogi Bear, and Emoji Movie.

Interestingly, TJ Miller also studied at George Washington University just like his wife.

The Story Of How They Met

Gorney and Miller have known each other for a long time. The couple met when they were still college students at George Washington University. The interesting thing is that it was art that brought them together.

While in college, Miller was part of the comedy group and Gorney also performed. Eventually, they came together with other student artists to perform in the university’s production of the ‘70s musical, A Chorus Line. It was while the production was going on that they met and took interest in each other.

Kate Gorney
Kate Gorney and her husband on their wedding day

Eventually, they started dating and remained together throughout college. In 2014, they got engaged after Miller proposed to Gorney in the sculpture garden at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Something rather funny happened during the proposal. Miller explained that while he was trying to propose, he hit his knee hard on the concrete floor as he knelt down. This hurt his knee but he managed to go through with the proposal and she said yes. Finally, on September 6, 2015, they became husband and wife.

Gorney and Miller’s wedding ceremony was phenomenal and unique in its own way. The ceremony was full of whims and their cocktails were exclusive.

For instance, the groom’s exceptional drink was supplied in an antique cologne bottle while the bride’s unique wine was supplied in a squirt gun. Truly, the ceremony was unique and a work of art.

At the moment, the couple is yet to welcome any child of their own. However, the important thing is that they appear to still be heavily in love years after their wedding.

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