The Intriguing Love Story of Kate Norley & John Oliver and Her Pursuits Since The Military

When Kate Norley decided to become a military medic, it did not sound like a great career to her loved ones. Fast forward to a few years later, and she has become a recognized veteran of the army of the United States of America. She is also one of the most decorated women in her unit – First Cavalry Divison. Besides the aforementioned, her story has become a source of inspiration to many.

Howbeit, she has gained more prominence as the wife of John William Oliver, a famous British-born comedian, known for his work on American soil. Despite their seemingly ideological differences, the two of them have made their marriage work, becoming one of Hollywood’s power couples.

Meet Kate Norley, the Army Veteran Married to a Comedian

As of now, no substantial records are validating her date of birth. However, Kate’s birth year is pegged at either 1983 or 1984. We know she hails from Arlington County, Virginia, and grew up in an affluent home. Her father, Walt Norley, is a golf course designer and has in the past partnered with Jack Nicklaus to design a golf course in Florida. He is the founder and the chief executive officer of OneGolf Team. At the same time, her mother, Pam Mannion, was said to have worked with Project Rubicon, a non-profit establishment designed to assist the helpless.

Unfortunately, her parents split up when Kate was only four years old. Regardless, they jointly contributed to the fine woman she has become today. Her mother then became the wife of Dennis Mannion, Baltimore Ravens’ senior vice president of business ventures for the NFL, making Kate his stepdaughter.

She attended Episcopal High School in Arlington, Virginia, and almost lost her life after sustaining a head injury from an accident that left her with acognitive skills loss at age 16. The failed brake of a car caused the accident, and Kate, who was riding her bicycle to school was the unwitting victim. Thankfully, she was able to pull through the harrowing experience, relearning all she previously knew.

9/11 Inspired Kate Norley’s Military Career

The humanitarian volunteered to serve her country by joining the army immediately she finished high school. Contrary to what many teenagers in her position would do, such as attend Ivy League schools, she opted to join the army after the events of 9/11.

To those who knew her background, Norley always had an interest in helping people. After the unfortunate disaster, she sought to help in a meaningful way. She originally wanted to join the Peace Corps, but she saw an Army website and opted for the military instead.

Her first week in training was challenging and scary. However, the odds did not deter her from pursuing her dream in the army.

Kate Norley
Kate during her service in Iraq: image source

Kate Norley later got posted to the 1st Cavalry Division of Fort Hood, Texas, where she worked as a combat medical and mental health personnel in Fallujah. She helped in counseling soldiers who made returns from combat.

From there, she got posted to Iraq where she saw to the welfare of kids, women, and the mentally challenged individuals, especially students at the University of Baghdad who were affected by war. Her bravery and great works earned her a Combat Medic Badge.

She Continues to Work with the Military

Her days as an active member of the US military might be over, but that does not mean her work is done. During her active days, she became one of the faces of a US military that took special care of the Iraqi people and advocate for better care of soldiers. She has continued in that vein post-service as a veterans’ right advocate.

Kate Norley now works for the Vets for Freedom organization, a political advocacy organization founded by veterans of the Iraq and Afghan wars. Most notably, while working for the organization at the 2008 Republican Convention, she met the man that would later become her husband.

The war veteran is also a member of the non-profit organization Rubicon. Besides, she has associated herself with other non-profit organizations that are apolitical and non-religious, aimed at empowering the girl child and women from third world countries.

Dissecting Kate Norley and John Oliver’s Love Story

Kate Norley
image source

John is famous for his open and controversial liberal positions on different social issues. Thus, it remains a surprise that he has become part of a power couple with Kate Norley, a vet with Republican background and ideology.

But Cupid has no interest in ideological differences. While covering the Republican National Convention in 2008, as a staff of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, their paths crossed. There, while working for Vets for Freedom, she hid Oliver and his crew from security, who sought to throw him out of the convention.

That singular act of protecting, true to her lifelong philosophy of helping people, began more than one decade of love between the unlikely personalities. They started as friends, developing a kinship out of the incident, and later became lovers.

Kate Norley and John Oliver dated for two years before a trip to St. Thomas, in the Caribbean for a summer vacation took things further. John popped the question to Kate, and she said yes. They married the year after, in October 2011.

Since they got married, they have given birth to two children: two sons, the first of whom is named Hudson. The comedian has actively kept his second son’s name out of the limelight. We do know that their first child, born in 2015, was premature. Their second, was born sometime in July 2018.

To those who might not be familiar with the comedian, John Oliver is a talented writer, producer, political commentator. He is also the host of Last Week Tonight. His other works are The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Lion King, Danger Mouse, and Community.

How They Have Made Their Marriage Work

Friends who have different ideological leanings find it hard to maintain their relationships. Things get even harder in a marriage, where there are other sources of conflict. Yet, Kate Norley and John Oliver have been an ideal couple for more than a decade. So how do they make it work?

Well, according to John Oliver, it comes down to respecting her views and fully understanding them, especially when it comes to her views of America and her military. The comedian has gone as far as to share some of her opinions having listened critically to them.

Kate Norley
Kate Norley, John, with a fellow longlasting couple, Stephen and Evelyn Colbert: image source

Additionally, he also appreciates her life, particularly her bravery and service to her country. He once described life with her as emasculating, an intriguing thing to say by someone who has won over seven Emmys.

Between the fair and reasonable approach to engaging differing opinions, their emotional connection, and his respect for his wife, it is no wonder that Kate and John and become a lasting couple. Besides, who would not want a forever after with the charming and witty British-American?


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