An Interesting List of Katie Holmes’ Exes and How Her Net Worth Has Grown Since Her Divorce From Cruise

Try as she may to live a private life, Katie Holmes is one Hollywood star whose life has fascinated fans and drawn much scrutiny from the media. This scrutiny followed her during the early days of her career in the 2000s. It also covered her personal life, most notably her relationships with her fellow actors. The whole thing however reached a crescendo when Holmes commenced a relationship with superstar actor, Tom Cruise, in 2005.

Their romance held Hollywood spellbound for about six years, heightened by Cruise’s controversial relationship with the Scientology church as well as Holmes’ willingness to unconditionally commit herself to that faith. Ironically, it was the church that would drive a wedge between the couple and they ended up calling it quits in 2012. Holmes, in a bid to protect her daughter, agreed to walk away with nothing but this did not cause her much concern as she had, and continues to make an enviable fortune from her career.

Here’s a Breakdown of Katie Holmes’ Love Life

Joshua Jackson

Katie Holmes
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The first love of Katie Holmes’ life (her words not ours) is the Canadian-American actor, Joshua Jackson. She and Jackson met when they were cast to portray the lead roles in the popular teen drama, Dawson’s Creek, in 1998. Jackson played the role of a young aspiring filmmaker named Dawson while Holmes was his tomboy of a best friend named Joey. As one can expect, the two later become an item but what many did not see coming was the fact that their romance would transcend the screens.

The pair kept their romance under the wraps though. Even their co-stars never knew they were dating. The relationship between the two spanned from 1998 to 1999 and Holmes would later describe it as a wonderful, amazing, incredible, and indescribable experience as well as her first love. The relationship ended in 1999 but the two remain good friends. Holmes has even stated that Jackson helped her in the acting business and that she respects him as a friend and professional.

Chris Klein (2000 – March 2005)

Katie Holmes
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After ending things with Jackson, the next individual that Katie Holmes dated was Chris Klein. Much like her, Klein was also a young teen idol in Hollywood thanks to his lead role in the teen comedy films, American Pie. This fact meant that he and Holmes ran in the same circles and so they naturally encountered each other in the year 2000. They fell for each other and started dating that year.

In the course of their relationship, Holmes and Klein made a few red carpet appearances including one in which they wore coordinated denim outfits. They avoided unnecessary publicity though and when one overly curious reporter asked the actress about their living arrangements, she thanked him for his curiosity but maintained that it was their private business. Such an attitude, amongst other factors, helped to sustain the couple’s romance and they later got engaged in 2003. Sadly, they never made it down the aisle as they broke up in 2005.

The breakup was attributed to the busy schedules they had with the shows they were filming. Another factor behind the split was distance. Holmes was filming in Wilmington, North Carolina which meant that she and Chris could only be truly together during hiatus. All these eventually made them call it quits in March 2005. The fact that the breakup occurred just a few months before Holmes commenced her sensational romance with superstar actor, Tom Cruise, made many to jump to the conclusion that she must have dumped Klein for him but this is not the truth.

Klein has revealed that their relationship was over for some time before they announced it publicly. He also stated that Holmes acted in a respectful manner post-breakup and made sure that she informed him about the thing she had with Tom Cruise before it became public news. Such considerateness meant that the two were able to end things in a truly amicable manner and they still recall their time together with fondness to this day.

Tom Cruise (2005 – 2012)

Katie Holmes has been married only once in her life and that marriage was to the acclaimed actor, Tom Cruise. The actress had never hidden her fascination with the Mission Impossible star and reportedly had a poster of him on her wall as a teenager. Holmes also stated that she thought she had to grow up to marry Cruise whilst discussing her engagement to Klein in a July 2004 interview. As fate would have it, her wishes eventually come true.

Holmes and Cruise made their first couple appearance at an award ceremony in Italy in April 2005. This served as a confirmation of their romance, which was said to have started a few weeks before that month, and by May, Cruise declared to Oprah that he was very much in love. In an infamous moment in which he jumped atop her couch, the actor yelled that he was in love and that he can’t be cool or laid back about it but rather wants to celebrate it. Such an unequivocal declaration prompted the talk show queen to declare that the “boy was gone”.

Well, he wasn’t the only one. Katie was so into Tom that she agreed to dump her catholic faith and join his Scientology religion. According to her, Scientology was quite important to her man and she wanted to be able to share that with him. In order to fulfill this purpose, the actress started studying the tenets of the faith in earnest. She also cut back on some of her friends and even turned down some roles at the behest of Cruise.

Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise: Image Source

Holmes and Cruise get engaged atop the Eiffel Tower in June 2005 and by April 2006, welcomed a daughter named Suri. A six-month-old Suri would later witness her parents’ lavish nuptials in Italy in November 2006. The Scientology ceremony was held in a 15th century Castle and featured 150 guests in total including celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Brooke Shields, Jim Carrey, Will, and Jada Pinkett Smith. The bride wore an off-shoulder Giorgio Armani gown while her groom also patronized Armani, specifically a navy two-button Armani tux. She and her husband exchanged traditional Scientology vows as well as double rings to the delight of all assembled.

Holmes and cruise would remain married for about six years during which they held sway as one of the most famous couplings in Hollywood. They appeared at several red carpet ceremonies and also gushed about each other in interviews. Holmes described her life with the actor as amazing, and really fun, and stated that more kids were a possibility. He himself also called her an extraordinary person in a May 2012 interview. Ironically, their divorce came just one month later.

Holmes filed for divorce in June 2012 and asked for primary custody of Suri. An agreement was reached to that effect by the next month. Following the divorce, it emerged that Katie had filed for divorce because she didn’t want her daughter to be brainwashed by the Scientology church.

Jamie Foxx (2013 – 2019)

Katie Holmes
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The whole experience with Tom Cruise, as well as the media buzz around them, meant that the next time Katie Holmes found love, she kept it very much away from the public domain. That romance was with an acclaimed actor and musician, Jamie Foxx. The pair were first spotted dancing together at a charity event in the Hamptons in 2013. They however denied that they were dating but as time went by, it became obvious that they were an item as they were photographed coupling up on various occasions.

They kept things on a low key though and avoided any red carpet ceremony until 2018 when they attended Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy gala. The couple also attended the 2019 Met Gala, though they did not walk the red carpet together, but broke up in August 2019.

Some sources attributed the split to Foxx’s penchant for partying which didn’t sit well with Holmes. Another source had it that it was due to the peculiar pressures of the entertainment industry as well as distance. There were also rumors of Foxx cheating on Holmes with singer Sela Vave. This was quickly dispelled as the two only had a mentor-mentee relationship.

Emilio Vitolo Jr. (2020)

Katie Holmes
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The Dawson’s Creek star has a new beau and his name is Emilio Vitolo Jr. Emilio is a chef at a popular NYC restaurant owned by his family. The restaurant is named Emilio’s Ballato and has attracted celebrity guests such as Whoopi Goldberg, Rihanna, Justine Bieber, and Barack Obama.

Holmes and Emilio were first spotted together whilst grabbing dinner at a Manhattan restaurant in September 2020. They were next photographed making out with each other in a restaurant over the Labor Day weekend that same month. The couple is still going strong to date and sources close to them have indicated that their romance is thriving.

According to the sources, Vitolo is quite down to earth and funny and the fact that he is not a celebrity means that Holmes can be as free as she wants to be with him. This particular fact excites the actress and she is said to be quite smitten, happy, having fun, and living for herself. She reportedly hasn’t been this happy in a long while and Vitolo makes her feel quite young.

The Actress Walked Away With Zero Spousal Support Following Her Divorce from Tom Cruise 

Given all the hullabaloo surrounding her sensational marriage and divorce from Tom Cruise, it is quite easy to forget the fact that Katie Holmes is a talented actress who had a genuinely thriving career before she met her superstar ex. The truth however remains that she was one of the biggest teen idols of her time and was able to remain relevant in the industry as an adult.

This gave her the opportunity to increase her profile in the industry but most importantly, it greatly enriched her bottom-line and the actress now has a net worth of about $25 million. This marks a 150% increase from what it used it used to be prior to her marriage and divorce from Cruise.

Before marrying the Mission Impossible star, Katie had built up a fortune of about $10 million from her thriving Hollywood career. While this was quite respectable, it quickly paled when compared with her ex-husband’s fortune which ran into hundreds of millions of dollars. One would expect that Katie would get a sizable chunk of her ex-husband’s wealth in the divorce settlement but this was not to be.

The pair signed an iron-clad prenup which stipulated that Katie would get about $3 million for every year they were married. This meant that the actress should have ordinarily gotten about $18 million but this did not happen as she agreed to waive spousal support all in a bid to make sure she got sole custody of her daughter. The only amount that the actress got was $400,000 in annual child support for Suri until she turns 18.

Breaking Down How She Grew Her Wealth to $25 Million 

She Earned about $175,000 Per Episode of Dawson’s Creek

Her fortune comes from several sources including her acting career. The Toledo native got her breakthrough on Dawson’s Creek and appeared in a total of 128 episodes between 1998 and 2003. In the first few seasons, Holmes received about $30,000 per episode. As the show’s fame increased, her paycheck was bumped up to $175,000 per episode for the final season. She, therefore, made not less than $6.82 million from the series.

Holmes’ acting career did not stop with Dawson’s Creek. Rather, it served as a springboard for her to get roles in several other TV series and movies, all of which have paid her well. Some of them include Phone Booth (2002) – $500,000, Abandon (2002) – $1 million, and Batman Begins (2005) – $1 million. On TV, the actress can be seen in series such as The Kennedys and The Kennedys after Camelot. She reportedly earned from $50,000 to $75,000 per episode and appeared in a total of 12 episodes meaning that she earned anything from $600,000 to $900,000.

Holmes Has Produced a Few Movies, Including 2015’s Touched with Fire

Katie Holmes has also proven her mettle behind the camera. The actress has produced about three movies thus far: The Romantics (2010), Touched with Fire (2015), and All We Had (2016). Touched with Fire revolved around two bipolar poets who meet each other and fall in love at the hospital. The movie could only gross about $146,487 at the box office.

The Romantics, on the other hand, followed a bunch of college friends who reunite for the wedding of their pals. The movie was panned critically and grossed $123,820 against a budget of $4.5 million. Given such poor performance, it stands to reason that Holmes may have only made the basic Hollywood producer’s salary which is put at $250,000.

Katie Holmes
Holmes as a filmmaker: Image Source

Holmes made her directorial debut in 2015 with an ESPN documentary about a gymnast, Nadia Comaneci, titled Eternal Princess. The next year, she directed All We Had, which she also co-starred in. Based on a 2014 novel of the same name by Annie Weatherwax, All We Had follows a single mom and her teenage daughter who relocate to a small town in order to start life afresh following the worldwide financial crisis of 2008.

All We Had received average reviews, 42% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 48% on Metacritic, and there are no estimates of the box office takings. A rookie Hollywood director earns from $400,000 to $500,000; meaning that Holmes would have earned something in that region. `

The Actress Has Served as the Face of Brands such as Miu Miu and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Ever since she made her Hollywood debut, Katie Holmes has been consistently ranked amongst the most beautiful people as well as one of the sexiest women in the world. This fact has not escaped the attention of several top brands and they have flocked to her to help them market their products.

The actress has appeared in ads for companies such as IRIS Jewelry, Coach (leather goods), Gap, and Garnier. She has also been picked as the face of top brands such as Ann Taylor, Bobbi Brown cosmetics, and Alterna haircare. All these have resulted in six-figure and seven-figure checks for the actress, thus making for a huge payday.

She Had a Clothing Line Called Holmes & Yang

Katie Holmes
Holmes with her business partner, Jeanne Yang: Image Source

Holmes has also tried her hands at the fashion business with mixed results. Back in 2009, she launched a chic but understated clothing line known as Holmes & Yang in collaboration with a good friend, Jeanne Yang. The two ladies met each other when Yang worked as a stylist for the actress on the set of the 2005 movie, Batman Begins.

Holmes loved Yang’s work so much that she retained her as her personal stylist when the shooting ended. The two became good friends over the years and when Katie had the dream of making simple pieces that she could effortlessly wear, she went to Yang.

They put their heads together and their clothing line debuted in 2009. The line carried items such as camisoles, shirtdresses, and cute blouses and was retailed by high-end stores such as Barneys. Katie also promoted the brand by wearing it. Her efforts were rewarded as it proved to be commercially successful. She later pulled the plug on the line in 2014. This was attributed to the interpersonal conflict between the two partners but Holmes revealed that she was happy with what she and Jeanne achieved and only ended things to concentrate on acting and motherhood.

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