Nigerian Olympic Team Win Bronze And An Extra $390,000

A Japanese plastic surgeon, Katsuya Takasu fulfilled his promise on Saturday to the Nigerian Olympic team with a $390,000 gift.

The monetary gift is supposed to serve as a compensation for the hurdles they faced before and during the games. It is also a token of commendation for winning the bronze medal at the Olympics.

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The Asian plastic surgeon by name Katsuya Takasu flew all the way from Tokyo to watch the Nigerian team play. On getting the report of the challenges they faced during the just concluded Olympics, he made up his mind to give them the cash prize.

First off, the team was trapped and stranded in Atlanta for lack of financial means to make their flight payments. It was then reported that the ‘Dream Team VI’ captain, Mikel Obi salvaged the team with about $4000. Arriving Brazil few hours to their match with Japan the group remarkably made a 5-4 win against Japan.

On Saturday, Nigeria played against Honduras; ending the tournament with a 3-2 win. This earned them the Rio Olympics bronze medal. This happens to be the only medal won by Nigeria in this year’s Olympics. 

Katsuya Takasu said:

“I had traveled from Tokyo prepared to reward them anyway, and to watch them win the bronze inside the stadium was very fulfilling.”

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After the match, the team met up with their Japanese benefactor, Katsuya Takasu. He presented the cheque of $200,000 to coach Samson Siasia and another $190,000 cheque to captain John Mikel Obi respectively on behalf of the team.

According to the Asian benefactor, the different cheques were meant to cover both the inconveniences in the travel logistics while the other was to commend them on their bronze win at the Olympics.

“The $200,000 covers the bonuses and allowances as promised and the $190,000 is for the bronze medal. This team showed resilience and fought the hardest to achieve success, despite all their problems – some people would have given up but they didn’t.

“In everything we must always let people understand that they are appreciated and not just in football but generally in life.”