Katy Kellner – Bio, Age, Family, Facts About Shannon Sharpe Wife

Katy Kellner is an American educationist and fitness coach. Interestingly, her love affair with her fiancé – Shannon Sharpe began from the gym house at Thousand Oaks where they first met and the rest, as they say, is history. Before her current job as a fitness instructor, Katy has spent ten years in the classroom at County Public school where she was a subject tutor.

Although her prolonged rocky love affair with ex NFL player, Shannon Sharpe has been a subject of public discussions with questions as to whether the duo is still together or if they have gone their separate ways following Katy’s child’s paternity revelation. All these and more are what we shall discuss below as we take a closer look into the bio, age, and facts about the Atlanta, Georgia’s beautiful fitness instructor.

Katy Kellner – Bio And Age

So many celebrities who have come to fame, have done so either through their sheer hard work or relationship with other well-known media personalities; our subject of discourse Katy Kellner is among those who have managed to make a name as a fitness instructor by virtue of her complicated relationship with the ex-footballer Shannon Sharpe.

Personal details such as her date of birth, basic education, and family background are still unknown. However, it is on record that Katy Kellner was born in the United States. Looking at the beautiful bodybuilder, one would assume she is in her thirties.

Katy Kellner schooled at Elmhurst College where she bagged her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2003. She would proceed to Troy University for her Masters’ degree and major in Instructional Technology. In the year 2008, Katy concluded her masters’ education to focus on other engagements. She started her career with Fulton County Public School as a teacher, a job she did for ten years.

As a fitness enthusiast, Katy Kellner thought it wise to venture into bodybuilding and fitness and she eventually made a business out of it. Currently, she is the regional director and instructor at Flywheel Sports and Senior Master Instructor at cycle bar. She is the co-owner of Thousand Oaks Gym alongside Marlon Bryd. She met Shannon Sharpe at the gym.

Her Family

There is no clear cut source that points to the family of Katy Kellner. She has not mentioned the name of her parents, their location or her siblings if she has any. From her Instagram post on July 31, 2017, and November 6, 2016, she shared the picture of her father who looks handsome, and somewhat young. But she did not reveal his name but both seem to share a special bond.

Katy’s Relationship with Shannon Sharpe

After Shannon Sharpe quest for love led him to Katy Kellner. They were said to have met in the Gym (Thousand Oaks Gym) and what played out was love at first sight. They first hit it off as lovers and then got engaged sometime in 2016. They were spotted in different events together and became the talk of the town. When everyone was expecting the wedding bell to sound, what followed was the shocking news of Katy’s pregnancy hinting that another man was the father of her then unborn child.

Her Instagram post made on November 4, 2018, at about 4:04 pm points to the fact that Marlon Byrd, a joint- owner of the Thousand Oaks Gym was responsible for her pregnancy and not Shannon Sharpe. This news set the internet ablaze, as many fans sought to figure out what may have happened. However, she has long pulled down the post from her Instagram accounts and successfully delivered the baby boy in December of 2018.

Since the incident, Shannon Sharpe has not made any public statement as regards their relationship status while Katy, on her own, has been mute about the father of her son and what has become of her love affair with the former star footballer.

Facts About Katy Kellner

She Loves Dogs

Katy Kellner does not only love dogs but she is a proud owner of three dogs of different species including a bullmastiff, two small furry cuties. She often flaunts them on her Instagram posts.

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Mother Of Jaden Charles Byrd

She birthed a son on December 7, 2018, at about 7:07 pm. His name Jaden Charles Byrd and weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces at birth.

Social Bee With Active Social Media Handle

The fitness queen has an active Instagram account that commands over 14k followers, she often posts her routine exercises drills and fitness tips on her Instagram for her loyal fans while her Twitter and Facebook accounts are set on private with small followership.

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