Does Kay Lenz Have a Daughter? Here Are Details of Her Family Life

Kay Lenz belongs to the realm of actresses who never really hit it big in Hollywood but has nevertheless managed to have a decent career. Renowned for her weepy penchants, Lenz held sway in the 70s and 80s, appearing in many TV series as well as some movies. She would go on to rack up several awards in the course of her career. Discover more details about Lenz here including facts about her family life, career achievements, and what have you.

How Kay Lenz Spent Her Early Life

Kay Ann Lenz was born on the 4th of March 1953 in Los Angeles, California. Her father, Ted Lenz was an actor, radio and TV announcer, writer and producer. Her mother, Kay Miller Lenz, was a radio engineer and model whose photos once adorned the bottles of Miller High Life Beer.

Lenz’s parents first met in San Francisco in 1945 and got married three years later on an L.A. radio show known as The Bride and Groom. Kay Lenz thus grew up in L.A. and started acting when she was just a baby.

In fact, her very first role was a bawling infant on the TV show, Hollywood on Television, in 1953. Following this humble debut, Lenz went on to appear in a string of movies and TV shows during her childhood and her teenage years. She, however, did not abandon her academics as she temporarily withdrew from acting, from ages 15 to 19, in order to complete her diploma.

Movies and TV Shows

Kay Lenz got her career breakthrough in 1973 in the movie, Breezy. Breezy is a romantic drama directed by veteran Hollywood star, Clint Eastwood. The movie revolved around a free-spirited hippie girl, Breezy, who falls in love with a disenchanted middle-aged divorcee named Frank. Frank initially resists the attractions between the two but later succumbs to it. Breezy featured William Holden as Frank while Lenz aptly portrayed the role of Breezy. Her excellent performance earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Most Promising Newcomer in a motion picture – female.

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Since her breakthrough on Breezy, Lenz has gone on to appear in several movies and TV shows. On the big screen, the California native has featured in movies such as American Graffiti, House (Ding Dong You’re Dead), Falling from Grace, Dead Wish 4, The Crackdown, Stripped to Kill, The Secret Lives of Dorks, and White Line Fever.

On the small screen, Kay Lenz has featured in TV shows such as Gunsmoke, Nakia, McCloud, Petrocelli, Rich Man, Poor Man, Midnight Caller, Reasonable Doubts, The Tick, The Magnificent Seven, How the West Won, etc.

Lenz has received several awards in the course of her career. They include the 1975 Daytime Emmy Award for outstanding actress in a daytime drama special, and the 1989 Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding guest actress in a drama series. Lenz has also scored four Emmy nominations.

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Details of Kay Lenz’s Family Life

Kay Lenz
Lenz and her former husband, late David Cassidy: image source

The Breezy star was previously married to the late teen idol, David Cassidy. Cassidy was an actor and musician who first rose to fame on the musical TV show, The Partridge Family. He later went on to become a successful musician dropping 12 studio albums, three live albums, and six compilation albums.

Cassidy was so popular that his concerts often snowballed into riots. In fact, a stampede at his May 1974 concert in London injured 800 people and left one teenage fan dead. Kay Lenz first met Cassidy in the year 1977. They quickly fell for each other and tied the knot on the 3rd of April that same year.

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The couple’s union lasted for six years and they split in December 1983. Lenz has never disclosed the reason for the divorce. Cassidy, however, attributed it to the fact that the actress had her own life while he had his own needs. Since her divorce from Cassidy, Lenz is yet to remarry but has stuck to just regular romantic relationships.

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Does She Have a Daughter?

The Breezy star does not have a daughter or any child for that matter. She, however, bears a striking resemblance with the popular actress and musician, Bethany Joy Lenz. The resemblance, as well as similar surnames, often make people jump to the wrong conclusion that Joy Lenz is Lenz’s daughter. However, this is not true. Meanwhile, Bethany Joy Lenz has expressed her desire to meet with the veteran actress someday.

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