Kaylee Bryant’s Interesting Career as a Model and Her Transition From Child to a Fully Fledged Actress

Kaylee Bryant did not have the conventional childhood a lot of us had. She had the fortune (or misfortune) of becoming a working-class citizen at a very early age, and it has greatly influenced her personality. She has blossomed into a confident, smart, and ambitious woman. We have watched her grow from a child actress into taking up more mature roles, and she is doing quite a good job so far.

People make career switches in life all the time, and Kaylee is a good example of those who have successfully done so. Having transitioned from modeling to acting, she has left people curious about the rationale behind such a bold decision. She is a movie star in her own right now, and her career is ticking along nicely. Still young, Kaylee has the acting world at her feet, and her journey is one many would continue to follow.

She Began Her Modelling Career at the Age of Seven

Kaylee Bryant’s modeling career began at the age of seven when she signed with Ford Models. It led to her getting a role with fashion giant, Ralph Lauren. She walked the aisle for the brand’s Seven Seasons of Ralph Lauren during her time with them.

Kaylee Bryant
Kaylee for Ralph Lauren: image source

She did this for three years until she was ten years old. Her modeling career helped her attain a high level of confidence for someone so young.

Also, her experience with Ralph Lauren stood her in good stead by the time she was ready to move on to other endeavors.

A Desire to Try New Challenges Inspired Her Switch to Acting

After three fruitful years as a model for Ralph Lauren, Kaylee Bryant had gotten too comfortable. She realized she no longer felt challenged, and it had directly affected her zeal. The young model decided to leave her promising career as a model and embark on a new journey.

Acting was her preferred option, and she felt it represented a more formidable challenge. She believes acting tests people more and requires them to make use of all their skills. The opportunity to take on numerous roles with varying storylines appealed greatly to her.

Growing up, she was a big fan of Disney movies. She even admitted she pretended to be sick on occasion to stay home and binge-watch several movies. Although she decided to pursue acting at the age of eight, it was a long process before she made her first on-screen appearance.

Her first role came at the age of 14 when she played a zombie slut on the American anthology horror television series, American Horror Story. Her next appearance came a year later in 2012 on an episode of ABC’s medical-crime comedy-drama, Body of Proof. She played a minor role as a musician.

Kaylee Bryant Worked with Disney on Three Different Shows

Kaylee Bryant has always been a big fan of Disney’s and Mulan is one of her favorites. It perhaps meant extremely more to her when she got the chance to work with Disney Channel. Disney has contributed significantly to the acting careers of a lot of celebrities.

Actors such as Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Miley Cyrus, and Demi Lovato all got huge boosts from working with Disney. So when Kaylee Bryant got the opportunity as well, she grabbed it with both hands. Her first appearance was in 2013 on the comedy series titled Dog with a Blog.

She played the role of Maddie and appeared in two episodes. Her next Disney appearance also happened the same year. This time around, she appeared in an episode of A.N.T Farm playing the role of Tina Garcetti.

She had her longest stint with Disney on the comedy show, Kickin’ It. Over two years from 2012 to 2014, she appeared in three episodes as Tori/Carrie. Kaylee has spoken positively about her Disney experience and particularly highlighted that the chance to have fun and be on comedy shows stood out for her.

Her First Film Helped Her Transition into Adult Roles

Having appeared only on TV shows so far in her acting career, Kaylee Bryant was due for a movie role. One eventually arrived when she got the chance to star in an indie feature film called Mary Loss of Soul. Not only did Kaylee star in her first film ever, but she also played the lead character.

Kaylee Bryant
Kaylee in Mary Loss of Soul: image source

In the thriller, she played Mary Solis, a girl who returns home after disappearing from her family’s lake house and has no memory of the traumatic event. This role was very much different from anything Bryant had done in her career previously.

Asides from how exerting it was, the experience it provided her ensured she was able to handle more mature roles in the future. She also remarked that she enjoys making indie movies a lot and would not mind spending the rest of her career making more films like Mary Loss of Soul.

Legacies Became the Actress’ Major Breakthrough

Kaylee Bryant went back to appearing in TV shows after her work on Mary Loss of Soul. She appeared on an episode each of Mind Readers, Backstrom, Speechless, and Criminal Minds.

She had more extended appearances in other TV shows including a two-episode run on the ABC drama series Chasing Life, and three-episode appearances on both The Real O’Neals and Santa Clarita Diet. The latter, a horror-comedy running on Netflix, stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant.

In between her busy schedule on TV shows, she managed to feature in two television movies. She was Paula in Double Daddy (2015) and Charlotte in What Goes Around Comes Around (2016).

Kaylee continued to veer on the periphery of the industry though until 2018 when she got the opportunity to star in CW’s latest series, Legacies. She got cast amongst the lead characters, making it the most significant role of her career to date.

She Took Inspiration from Being a Fan of The Vampire Diaries

Legacies is a spinoff of two CW shows – The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Kaylee Bryant was a huge fan of both shows. She confessed that she had binge-watched The Vampire Diaries when she was 15 years old.

After she got cast to play the role of Josie Saltzman on Legacies, she took inspiration from being a fan of the previous shows and channeled it into playing the part.

Kaylee Bryant
Kaylee Bryant and Lulu Antariksa in Legacies: image source

According to her, she is determined to play the role as best as she can because having been a fan; she understands what the fans are going through and what they expect.

Her character is a witch who lacks self-confidence and suffers low self-esteem. As of 2020, Bryant continues to play this role, and the show will return for a third season.

Kaylee Bryant Grew Up Speaking Japanese

Born on November 1, 1997, Kaylee Bryant was originally named Kaylee Marie Kaneshiro. She grew up in Orange County, California, and has an older brother named Kane. Her ancestry is traceable to Okinawa, Japan as her paternal grandpa hails from there.

As a result, she learned to speak Japanese whilst growing up and shocked viewers of Legacies when she dialogued in fluent Japanese with another character.

Kaylee’s family was very supportive of her career. At 12, she began homeschooling due to the busy schedule that comes with her life as a model and actress.

It accelerated her education process, and by the age of fifteen, she had started the junior year in high school instead of being a sophomore.

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