Kayte Walsh – Bio, Age & Facts About Kelsey Grammer’s Wife

A former English air hostess, Kayte Walsh suddenly burst to the limelight when her name was linked to Kelsey Grammer – an American actor who is known for his starring role in Fraiser. She is best recognized as Kelsey Grammer’s fourth wife, but she was with Virgin Atlantic Airways as a flight attendant which was where she met her man, thanks to her schedule in the upper class to and fro the US. As at the time of their meeting, Kelsey was still entangled in embittered divorce proceedings with his then celebrity wife Camille Donatacci who happened to be his third legal partner.

Kayte’s vilification for wrecking Kelsey’s 13-year-old union with Camille came to light in August 2012 on the set of the OWN show Oprah’s Next Chapter when she appeared with her husband to discuss the role she played in the breakup. According to the former flight attendant, she cannot hold her head high to talk about the onset of her relationship with Kelsey as he was still a legally married man at that time. Kayte Walsh has also made other appearances on television shows like Entertainment Tonight, as well as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She is also an actress with her debut made in Boss – the Starz drama series, alongside her spouse.

Kayte Walsh’s Bio and Age

Kayte Walsh is a British national born in Hartlepool but her date of birth is not known. The names of her parents are listed as Susan and Alan Walsh and she grew up with two siblings. Kayte is the eldest daughter of her family.

It may be because she is yet to attain mainstream celebrity status but information on her academics has never made it out to the public. While she was still growing up, her dad’s football profession took the family from place to place, starting from Clevedon where they moved to after he landed a deal with Bristol. Their next relocation took them to Portishead located on the periphery of their former base. Many years went by before they moved again, this time, their destination was Istanbul and Kayte was just eight years old. Her dad’s contract in Istanbul was a two-year deal after which he took his family back to Bristol city where he finally settled as a coach.

Kayte Walsh’s Family

The fourth wife of Kelsey Grammer came from a family of footballers, both her dad Alan Walsh and her brother Phil Wash played active football. Although her dad has settled down as a coach, her brother is still active in the field of play. He was part of the football league for Barnet, as well as Dagenham & Redbridge. However, her mum’s profession is not known, but she has been identified as Susan Walsh while her younger sister is called Sophie.

Facts About Kelsey Grammer’s Wife

She Gained Popularity as the Fourth Mrs. Grammer

Though she later came to work as an actress in the entertainment world, Kayte Walsh as a name would never set the bells ringing until the name of her spouse Kelsey Grammer is mentioned. In fact, referring to her as the fourth wife of Kelsey Grammer has become a more recognizable identity than her given name, thus nobody mentions her name without attaching her spouse’s own.

Her Marriage to Kelsey

Kayte Walsh
Kayte Walsh and Kelsey Grammer: image source

She was first cited as the other woman in the very public divorce between Kelsey Grammer and his third wife Camille Donatacci – a major cast member of Desperate Housewives, but Kayte Walsh appeared not to be touched by the controversies as she continued with her lover until he was finally able to secure a divorce from Camille. Barely 15 days after, Kelsey married Kayte in a well-attended marriage ceremony at NYC Plaza Hotel in 2011, and they have been having secret weddings throughout their relationship. According to Kayte, Kelsey has to wed her many times as he had already been through so many weddings and being wife number four, she demanded that her husband marries her at least five times. Important to note that Kayte’s relationship with Kelsey raised a lot of eyebrows because of the huge age gap of 25 years between them.

Her Children

While Kelsey was still the husband of Camille, he announced that Kayte was pregnant for him but the pregnancy was miscarried. However, after the duo were married, their daughter named Faith came in 2012, she soon became a sister to Kelsey Junior born in 2014, followed by their third child Auden in 2016

Her Life Before Kelsey Grammer

Kayte Walsh was just a run-of-the-mill air hosted working as a flight attendant with Virgin Atlantic before she took a ride to fame on the wings of her superstar husband Kelsey who is best recognized from the Fraiser series.
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