Keith Christian – Bio, Facts About Kellie Martin’s Husband

There are very few people in this life who are blessed with success in both their professional and personal life. Keith Christian – the lifelong spouse of actress Kellie Martin is one among such ilk, an attorney turned rancher who works with Irell & Manella as the aviation solicitor in LA as well as owns a ranch located in Colorado which he conveniently operates from LA. His signature features are his graying black hair and gigantic height, also, he is known to be camera shy as he has a natural aversion to the limelight, especially when he is spotted with his celebrity wife.

His career took off as an attorney with a specialty in maritime and transportation and he still holds his credentials, operating from Studio City and Woodland Hills, CA. When it appeared like he was getting jaded in the legal profession after putting in several years, Keith Christian was already poised for business expansion when he came across a ranch in Colorado. He eventually acquired the property and after learning the ropes, the solicitor returned home to oversee things from California after handing the ranch over to his people to manage. Keith may be camera shy but when he finds himself in his comfort zone, his shyness ends and he assumes the role of the shrewd businessman that he is. Presently he owns and runs several businesses among which is a toy company.

Keith Christian’s Bio

Born in 1974, James Keith Christian’s birthday comes every 2nd of May; his place of birth is Polson, Montana, the United States. Keith spent his growing up years surrounded by farmland and nature which came to his aid while acquiring his Colorado ranch. However, every other information on his family background including the identity of his parents and siblings has never surfaced in the media light.

The rancher did well for himself in the academic front as he excelled with his studies, bagging a bachelor’s degree in politics & economics from Yale University and later proceeded to Columbia Law School where he earned a law degree in 1999.

Facts About Kellie Martin’s Husband 

Relationship History

Keith Christian
Keith Christian and his Spouse Kellie Martin image source

Keith Christian exchanged marriage vows with his soul mate Kellie Martin on the 15th of May 1999, however, their meeting dates back further than that. They were both undergraduate students at Yale University when they met. Kellie who has come to be her husband’s strength, his confidant and support is famous for her roles in several productions which include the likes of ER, Life Goes On, A Goffy Movie as well as Army Wives.

Keith’s union with Kellie made him a son-in-law to his wife’s parents Debbie and Dough Martins. It would appear that the couple was not in a hurry to have kids as they waited for over seven years before welcoming their first child – a daughter named Maggie Heather Christian who was born on the 4th of November 2006. Maggie became a sister to Olivia James Christian their second daughter who announced her entrance on the 13th of February 2016 which is 10 years after the birth of their first child.

Keith Christian and Kellie had their twentieth wedding anniversary as a couple and their union is still going strong. Kellie who was feeling all loved up uploaded an Instagram photo where she was seen hugging her husband on the 16th of May 2018 in a bid to commemorate their 19th wedding anniversary which she mentioned in the post. The Christian family currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Keith Christian’s Net Worth

Keith Christian has several sources of income which include his law profession, his ranching business as well as his toy shop. However, his annual salary has never been reported neither has his current net worthy been listed, though it is believed to run in millions.

Conversely, his spouse who has been active on the entertainment scene since her days in the elementary school has a listed net worth in excess of $3 million. Kellie earned the lion share of her wealth from the roles she has played in both the movies and the television series.

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Toy Shop Owner

After the birth of their first child, Keith Christian and his wife decided to limit the number of plastic toys their daughter will be exposed to and also didn’t want to allow her access to many battery-operated dolls. It was in the process of searching out special playthings for her that Kellie came across Romp – a toy shop with a specialty in antique toys that focused on a baby’s imagination.

Kellie started to regularly patronize the shop through online purchases and eventually, the couple decided to purchase the business when they received an email from the owner saying that she was going to close down the toy shop. The company is now a thriving concern with Keith Christian as the part owner while Kellie handles the helm of affairs as the chief executive officer.

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