Keith Urban Has 2 Kids With Wife Nicole kidman – A Look Into Their Family

Keith Urban is a popular figure in American media for a few reasons, most of them music-related. The Australian singer and songwriter has sold millions of albums and singles. His notable works include songs like Somebody Like You, Be here, and Stupid Boy. But beyond music, Keith Urban is also known for his marriage to veteran and iconic actress, Nicole Kidman.

Their marriage is not just renowned because of their status in American celebrity culture, although it is a notable factor. It is also down to the fact they have been married for more than 13 years, a number few couples of their caliber get to before feeling the pangs of divorce. Here is a look at how Keith and Nicole built a successful life together.

Keith Urban Met His Nicole Kidman at G’Day LA

When the Australian Consul General, John Olsen AO, pioneered the inaugural G’Day USA, an event to promote Australia and her opportunities in the United States, he hoped it would succeed. But one doubts he expected it to become the foundation of one of America and Australia’s most notable celebrity relationships.

In January 2005, just one year after the event came into existence, Keith Urban met fellow Australian, Nicole Kidman at the LA version of the event, G’Day LA. At the time, Nicole was recovering from a failed marriage with Tom Cruise, and Keith was battling with substance abuse. However, their meeting left an impression on each other’s minds that lasted for months.

Six months after, they started dating. Unlike other major celebrity marriages, they had a lowkey dating phase. Instead of attending high-profile events together and being plastered all over gossip tabloids, they went on quiet motorcycle rides in upstate New York. They also spent time together in Nashville, and she traveled with Keith on Keith’s Alive in ’05 tour.

Keith Urban
They share an expressive love for each other: image source

It did not take long for the two of them to fall head over heels in love with each other. They got engaged in November 2005 and had their wedding on June 25, 2006. The couple held the wedding at the Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel in Sydney. Despite facing their share of relationship and family troubles, they have remained together ever since, expanding their legacy and growing their family.

They Had a Honeymoon Rehab

Before Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman met and got married, Keith, like a lot of people in his industry, struggled with substance abuse. He spent a lot of time in and out of rehab, failing to kick the habit for good.

Things took a more dramatic turn four months after they got married when the singer-songwriter checked into rehab. Having noticed his abuse of drugs and alcohol early into their marriage, Nicole called an intervention on her new husband.

Although he relapsed after a year momentarily, Keith Urban praised her timely intervention for saving his life. He has credited her love for him and their family as the anchor of his sobriety. Since his short relapse in 2006, he has remained sober to date.  While the couple faced significant trouble in the early days of their marriage, they did have a real honeymoon. Keith and Nicole had their honeymoon in French Polynesia.

They Have Been Parents for Over a Decade

With a combined net worth of over $320 million, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman could afford to have a litter of children. However, the celebrity couple has stuck with two. Their first child, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, was born on July 7, 2008. She was born in Nashville, Tennessee.

Her younger and only sibling, Faith Margaret Kidman Urban, was born on December 28, 2010, and is an American native. She was born via surrogacy. While Keith and Nicole share only two children, Faith and Rose have two additional siblings. They are half-siblings, Isabella Jane Cruise and Connor Cruise, adopted by Nicole Kidman during her 11-year marriage to Tom Cruise.

The name of their first child, Sunday, was suggested by her uncle, Nicole’s brother. He named her after an Australian art enthusiast, Sunday Reed. Although she is still a child, Nicole announced to the world that Sunday intends to follow in her footsteps as an actress. According to her, she has appeared in school plays, and with the support of her parents, she is Hollywood.

Keith Urban and his family split their time between the United States and the United Kingdom. They have homes in Los Angeles and Nashville, as well as London. They also have a holiday home in their home country, Australia.

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Keith and Nicole Have Strict Parenting Methods

Considering their respective schedules and their wealth, it would have been easy for Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman to pass off the responsibilities of raising their children to nannies and professionals. However, the couple chose to adopt a personal style.

Regardless of the demands of their professional schedules, the two of them regularly spend time with their kids. They are often interchanging when the other has to be away. With this pattern, they have been able to enforce specific rules with their children, such as controlling their access to the internet and television.

In the family’s home in Tennessee, the couple banned handheld devices. Their friends are also not allowed to bring electronic devices over. Instead, they are encouraged to play outside and interact physically with each other.

Keith Urban
Keith and Nicole Kidman with their children: image source

Keith and Urban are also raising their children to be churchgoers, at the very least. Although they don’t necessarily classify themselves as religious, the celebrity couple and their kids go to church. The family attends the Catholic church, and sometimes gospel churches for the music.

Additionally, as parents, Nicole and Keith prefer to keep their children’s life away from the media. The couple rarely share photos of their children on social media.

Nicole Kidman Wished They Had More Children Together

Despite having two children with each other, Nicole Kidman has expressed an interest, or rather, regret, that she doesn’t have more with the singer. The Big Little Lies actress mused that had they met when she was younger, they would have had a lot of children.

The couple has only two children, but only a biological child because medical professionals told Nicole that she couldn’t conceive. Their first child, Sunday, was a miracle pregnancy and their second was born via surrogacy.

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