Juicy Details of Why Kellita Smith Is Not Married, Her Career Success and Other Fun Facts

Kellita Smith is one of Hollywood’s unforgettable stars. In a career spanning nearly three decades, she has endeared herself to fans through various roles. One of her most popular characters is Wanda on the Bernie Mac Show. The show ran from 2001 to 2006 and focused on the attempts of comedian, Bernie Mac, to raise his sister’s rambunctious kids.

Smith ably played the role of Mac’s loving but no-nonsense wife and her portrayal of the character did not only win her many awards but lifelong fans as well. One thing that has bugged her fans though is the fact that Smith has never been married and doesn’t seem to be quite interested in that phase of life. The actress, on her part, has tried to shed light on why she prefers to stay single.

Kellita Smith Doesn’t Buy Into The Conventional Idea Of Matrimony

Nowadays, many celebrities often splash their personal lives on social media, all in a bid to generate publicity. Kellita Smith does not belong to this category. She is a notoriously-private person. As a result, there have not been rumors romantically linking her to any of her co-stars or any other guy for that matter. In 2013, she was spotted with a guy at a Mr Chow Outlet in Beverly Hills but nothing more was heard of that.

Amid the rumors making the rounds about her love life, one thing is clear, Kellita Smith has never exchanged marriage vows with anybody and she has her reasons. Going by her interview with Comedy Hype, the actress explained that she doesn’t exactly agree with the whole idea of marriage. The fact that marriage makes one monogamous for life doesn’t go down well with her.

She also went on to emphasize that she would rather be in an exclusive relationship than being married officially to one man. The actress used Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell as examples, she obviously adores the longtime couple who have been in a relationship for decades. Kellita, however, admitted to believing in fairytales when she was younger but all those fantasies changed as she got older. Now, she just sees marriage like a sentence without privileges.

She Is Not Ruling Marriage Out Entirely

Before you think she’s all against marriage, Kellita still harbors hope that she might meet that person who would give her enough reasons to take the bold steps to matrimony. She emphasized that the chemistry would have to be right and knowing the right person is more like a feeling, not what you see with the eyes.

In the meantime, she pointed out that she is cool with being in an exclusive relationship with a partner who is willing to discuss the terms that would work for them. Overall, if she eventually meets ‘the one’, she might adjust her reservations about marriage and give it a try.

Before Her Rise To Fame, She Worked As A Salesperson At Macy’s Departmental Store

Kellita A. Smith was born on the 15th of January 1969 in the city of Chicago. She hails from a family of four. Her mother’s name is Honey Smith and she has a brother named Eric. Her father’s name is not known but we do know that he is a veteran of the Vietnam War. Smith’s parents divorced in 1972 after her dad returned from Vietnam. Kellita Smith grew up in the city of Oakland California which is where she completed her high school and college education.

Smith had her schooling at the Oakland Community Learning Centre. The school was established by a renowned civil rights group – The Black Panther. She then had her college education at Santa Rosa Junior College California where she studied Political Science. Smith initially aspired to be a lawyer before making a career in Hollywood but things didn’t work out the way she wanted. Upon graduation, she worked various jobs including as a salesperson at Macy’s and an assistant at an insurance company.

Theatre Ushered Her To The Limelight

Smith commenced her journey to Hollywood stardom via theatre. In the mid-90s, she appeared in several stage productions including Tell It Like It Tiz, No Place to be Somebody and The Thirteenth Thorn. These theatrical productions brought Smith the much-needed exposure in Hollywood and she soon started landing roles on a regular basis.

Kellita Smith got her very first movie role in the 1994 film, House Party 3. Since then, she has gone on to appear in over 20 movies, including The Crossing Guard, Kingdom Come, Hair Show, Fair Game, King’s Ransom, Feel The Noise, A Deadly Adoption, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, The Man in 3B and Three Can Play That Game. The latter is a rom-com that focuses on men and women as they try to outwit themselves in the dating game.

Kellita Smith
Smith and one of her co-stars – Anthony Anderson: image source

Kellita Smith has appeared on some reality TV series as well. For instance, she featured in an episode of Hell’s Kitchen in 2017. Hell’s Kitchen is a cooking competition/reality TV series hosted by British celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay.

Playing Bernie Mac’s Wife On The Bernie Mac Show Earned Her International Recognition

The Fox sitcom was on air from 2001 to 2006 and had Kellita in the coveted role of Wanda McCullough. According to the actress, that role was a had one to land as many talented African-American A-list actresses wanted to play. She faced rejection twice but kept pushing until she got the part.

Having played her part pretty well, the awards have been trickling in. She received The NAACP Theatre Award for Best-supporting Actress in 1996. This was for her performance in the theatrical production, Feelings.

Smith has been nominated four times for outstanding actress in a comedy series at NAACP Image Awards. This was for her unforgettable role as Wanda in The Bernie Mac Show.

Her Net Worth Is Proof Of Her Success In Acting

Kellita Smiths has a net worth of $3 million. Her source of income is majorly her illustrious career as an actress; the Illinois native has featured in over 45 movies and TV shows. Some of the TV series she has featured in have her in the main role or as a recurring character which translates to a lot of money.

Asides The Bernie Mac Show, Z Nation, In the Cut and The First Family are her other major TV works. In The First Family, Smith plays the role of the First Lady of the United States. The series follows her attempts and that of her family to adjust to life in the White House.

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