Kelly Lynn – Chris Janson’s Wife: What We Know About Her Age & Family

Ever since he began his music career, American country musician, Chris Janson has had a driving force behind him. Despite operating behind the curtains in the initial years, the force later came to the limelight in the person of his wife, Kelly Lynn. Since her emergence to public notice, Lynn has been a great part of Janson’s life and music career. Among other credits, she inspired him into self-releasing his career-defining song, “Buy Me A Boat”. Chris himself has described Kelly with such lovely words as a “firecracker,” “powerhouse machine,” and so on. But who exactly is she?

Who Is Kelly Lynn and How Old is She?

Kelly Lynn is a country vocalist, songwriter, and music publisher. She previously went by Kelly Lynn Roland. But on marrying Chris Janson, she dropped her last name “Roland”, replacing it with Janson. Before meeting and marrying Chris, Kelly worked as an A&R consultant, television host and furniture maker in Nashville, Tennessee.

Now, she works as Janson’s manager and tours with him full time. Lynn told People she has turned down several job offers to maintain her position. This she said is because she so much believes in Janson’s talents. According to her, she is fully devoted to ensuring the world comes to know that he is a superstar. Kelly is also a songwriter and publisher, working in partnership with Los Angeles-based music publishing company, Warner-Chappell.

How Did Kelly Lynn and Chris Janson Meet?

Kelly and Chris’ love story can simply be termed love at first sight. Their amazing love story began in 2007 when Chris was studying at Belmont University in Nashville. He spotted Kelly from the Melrose Pool Hall walking down a street and it was “done” for him straight away! He knew he loved Kelly and would marry her the very moment he set his eyes on her.

Chris however, did not pop the question immediately despite being sure he was settled with her. As earlier said, Lynn was working as an A&R at a record label in Nashville at the time. After the duo crossed paths on a number of occasions, Janson booked a date with her, asking her to help him pitch some of his songs. He subsequently invited her to the cabin which served as his studio to join him on a songwriting session. Three years after their initial meeting, the duo tied the knot, precisely on the 4th of July, 2010.

Following their marriage, Kelly Lynn has stood by Chris all through the years he struggled to find his feet in the music industry. She would help him shoot his promotional photos with his mobile phone instead of hiring a professional photographer for want of funds. She later encouraged him to independently release his song, “Buy Me A Boat” on iTunes when he had no label to his name. The move turned out Janson’s big break, catapulting him straight to the music spotlight.

Janson would, in turn, dedicate his song, “Holdin’ Her” to their love story. He as well dedicated “Done” from his 2019 album, Real Friends to how he fell in love with her at first sight. Chris told Taste of Country in an October 2019 interview that the song remains his favorite. According to him, the very word that came to his lips the time he set his eyes on Kelly was “done marrying that girl”!

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Here’s What We Know About Her Family

Kelly Lynn’s family image source

Owing to the fact that she only came to media notice following her marriage to Chris Janson, information about Kelly Lynn’s background and biological family are still under wraps at the moment. Meanwhile, her present family comprises her husband and four children.

Kelly Lynn has two grown-up children from her first marriage – son Graham and daughter Chel. Chris actually asked for their permission before he went ahead to marry Kelly and took it as an honor to become their stepdad. Lynn later gave birth to two other children with Janson. The couple first welcomed a daughter whom they named Georgia Janson. Their second child, a son named Jesse Bo Janson later arrived in 2014.

Both Kelly and her husband, Chris puts their family first among all their endeavors. The two are very active on social media, especially Instagram and twitter where they often share with their thousands of fans, lovely and memorable moments with each other and their kids.


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