5 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Kelly Nash

Ever heard of the lady who gained national prominence for taking a selfie with a dangerous ball just a few inches away from hitting her? It’s no other person than Kelly Nash, an American sports broadcaster currently working as host of The Rundown show which airs on MLB Network every weekday at 2 pm ET. For the most part of 2018, Nash worked as the host of MLB’s Quick Pitch show, relieving her colleague, Heidi Watney who was on maternity leave. In addition to her role at MLB Network, she currently works as a studio host on NHL Network. Learn more about Kelly below.

Kelly Nash Short Bio

Kelly Nash was born on 22nd October 1984. She is an American, with English, Irish, Swedish, and Portuguese origins. Nash grew up in the small town of Davie, Florida and attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As a child, Kelly had sports, especially baseball as a hobby but never thought of taking it up as a career. Her parents bought her a television for her room as she loved following almost all U.S sports events and her father would always take her boating and fishing. She has a very supportive family who helped her grow into the spectacular adult she is today.

Nash started off her broadcasting career as an intern in 2011 at ACC Digital Network. At ACC, she worked as production assistant and host. She also hosted pregame interviews on the “ACC Kickoff” program during the weekends. In 2014, she got a job with Fox Sports Florida as a sideline reporter covering baseball team Tampa Bay Rays, basketball team Tampa Bay Lightning, and hockey team Orlando Magic.

She landed her big break in 2015, leaving Fox Sports for the giant sports network, MLB where she became the host of The Rundown alongside Scott Braun. Together with Braun, she manages a podcast called “Baseball and Chill”, a platform where they cover big storylines and trending topics on baseball.

5 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Kelly Nash

1. She Became Popular After a Baseball Photobomb

Kelly Nash started hitting the headlines after she shared a surreal photo of herself with a ball almost hitting her head on the social media. While working with Fox Sports, it happened that Kelly was at Fenway Park to cover a Red Sox batting practice. Since her family hails from Massachusetts, she knew they would love to see a photo of herself working in the area, and so she decided to take a selfie while standing on the Green Monster. Little did Nash know that a ball was narrowly flying past her precious head at that selfsame moment. Her snap ended up capturing the whizzing ball. What a narrow escape and at the same time, a rare photobomb.

Kelly Nash
The Kelly Nash viral photobomb image source

Kelly Nash didn’t even know what transpired until she was about to share the image and then saw what she captured. Initially, it was hilarious to her but after the event was taken up by the media, she came to realize that she had actually escaped a fatal accident.

2. She Earned 2 Masters Degrees in Less Than 4 Years!

Kelly is actually brainy; in three and a half years, she was able to complete two different Masters degree programs. She grabbed a Masters in Youth Development Leadership from Clemson University and another one in Television Broadcast Journalism from the University of Miami. At Clemson, she studied under a full scholarship scheme awarded by the University’s Athletic Department. The scholarship was given her in exchange for covering their baseball and soccer teams for the Sports Information Department.

3. Nash is a Baseball Coach and Children’s Home Volunteer

Nash appears to be a lover of children. For over five seasons now, she has been the coach of little league RBI baseball in Newark, New Jersey. According to the beautiful sportscaster, the kids are angel babies and she adores them. In addition, Kelly also spends her free time showering love and care to kids at a children’s home. Her focus is mainly on encouraging and educating children who have suffered abuse and abandonment.

4. She Auditioned for Food Network During College

Looking at her great stature, it might not cross your mind that Kelly is actually a foodie. She does not just like eating the good dishes but takes great delight in preparing them too. During her college days, Kelly participated in a Food Network auditioning. Although she did not succeed, Nash still harbors the ambition of getting a degree in culinary arts. According to her, she would love to own her own cooking show someday.

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5. The Kelly Nash Death Confusion

You would certainly get confused the moment you search “Kelly Nash” on google and see results on one deceased Kelly. Well, the fact is that a certain student of accounting named Kelly went missing in January 2015. A fisherman found his body a month later with a gunshot wound suggesting he committed suicide. Apparently, Kelly Nash of MLB is still very much alive, hale, and hearty.


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