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In recent years there has been an increase in the production of television shows that fall under the true crime genre, which basically focuses on the documentation of real-life crime events. One of such is the show, Cold Justice. The star of this television show is Kelly Siegler who used to be a prosecutor for a county in the state of Texas. She is not just the star of the show but is a highly decorated and revered officer of the law. To learn more about Siegler’s life and the relationship she has with her daughters, keep reading.

Kelly Siegler: Bio

In Blessing, Texas on the 12th of October, 1962 Kelly Siegler was born to Billy and Evelyn Jalufka. At birth, she was called Kelly Renee and is the second child of three, with an elder brother called Billy, Jr, and a younger sister called Lea. Her father, Billy owned a barbershop and also worked as a Justice of the Peace for his precinct. He held that position for two terms while her mother’s occupation is unknown. At the age of thirteen, the family was rocked with the divorce of her parents. In 1999, at the age of thirty-seven, she lost her mother to cancer. Her father is also late; he died in 2019 of natural causes.

For high school Kelly Siegler attended, Tidehaven, she continued her education by attending the University of Texas while there she studied International Business. She graduated in 1984, and in 1987 she graduated from South Texas College of Law, where she got her Doctor of Jurisprudence.

Spouse and Daughters

In 1988, Kelly married Samuel Lewis Siegler. He is a doctor who works as a primary care physician. The two have two children together, daughters Samantha and Kelsey. Kelly Siegler has found a way to shield her family from the limelight and as a result of this little is known about them. However, it is known that Kelsey recently graduated from the University of South Sewanee.

Everything You Need To Know About Kelly Siegler


Right out of South Texas, Kelly Siegler started to work at Harris County as a prosecutor. Her time at the county came with different responsibilities and career titles. But her most important job as a prosecutor in the county was as a Bureau Chief; Kelly was in charge of Special Crimes and worked with the following divisions, Major Offenders, Identity Theft, Major Fraud and Consumer Fraud. She spent a total of twenty years working on cases as a prosecutor.

But the fame she enjoys now can be chalked up to her appearances on television shows. The first of which was on the documentary, American Justice. The show debuted in 2008, this was the same year she retired from active service as a prosecutor. Three years after the debut of that show, she was cast on another show, Cold Justice. This was a more popular show and is the one that she is widely remembered for.

Kelly Siegler
Kelly Siegler (Right) on Cold Justice (image source)

Kelly Siegler, found a way to be successful at being a television star as well as being a prosecutor, she has had an impressive number of 68 murder cases and she never lost any of the cases and of the twenty death penalty cases she tried, she secured death penalties in 19 of them, her entire career as a prosecutor saw her take on over 150 jury trials. Seigler is not only a successful prosecutor, who also worked as the assistant district attorney but has transferred the knowledge of the law that she has to other people by lecturing in different schools in the United States.

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Trial Of Susan Wright

Kelly Siegler is known for her interesting approach to the solving of cases, one that stands out the most is the trial of Susan Wright who had stabbed her husband 193 times and claimed it was self-defence. To prove to the jury that Wright actually murdered her husband, she brought a bed to the courthouse and tied one of her male colleagues to the bedpost and straddled him, in a bid to reenact the murder scene. Wright is currently serving a 25-year sentence.

Net Worth

Kelly Siegler has the estimated net worth of $1 million, this was built from her work on the show coupled with the salary of $60,000 which she earned annually from her job as a prosecutor.


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