Kelsey Darragh Biography: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

While music and other areas of arts and entertainment have a fair distribution of females, the same can’t be said of the “cracky” side of entertainment; comedy. Just like we hear less of wizards than witches, the entertainment industry, comedy especially, can be said to have more of the menfolk than women. But that’s changing pretty fast. Great comediennes like Tina Fey, Chelsea Pretti, and Amy Poehler, are giving us reasons to believe so. Joining this bold list of comediennes is American YouTuber, Kelsey Darragh.

Darragh, an American Video Producer and Development Partner at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures is an actress and influential member the comedic society. She is the face behind the 2012 web series Harder Than It Looks and Much Ado About Nothing. She runs her own YouTube channel where she has over 50,000 subscribers. If you were wondering who this Diva is, here are five of the most interesting facts you need to know about Kelsey Darragh, but first, a quick bio would help.

Kelsey Darragh’s Biography

Born on April 16, 1990, in Tampa, Florida, Kelsey Leigh Darragh is a YouTuber, actress, and comedian. She and her sister, Megan were born to Mike and Kristy Beeny Darragh. From 2008 to 2010 she studied Film, Radio, and Television at Auburn University. While there, Kelsey became part of the Theatre Humane Society of the United States in August of 2008 and joined the Animal Welfare cause.

Following her graduation from Auburn University in 2010, she attended the New York Film Academy (NYFA) where she obtained her Associate of Arts (AA) degree in acting, in 2012. However, Kelsey wanted to make videos. So, she dropped out of college to pursue her passion for video production. Through diligence, Kelsey Darragh became the first student in the New York Film Academy’s history to write a film thesis performance which was later screened at Warner Brothers. She went on to develop skills in camera work, lighting, editing, producing as well as directing. She became the producer for inaugural theatre production at the NYFA.

Although Darragh spent her formative years in Tampa, Florida, she moved to Los Angeles County, California, where her professional career was “officially” kicked off. She began to write contents for production. Kelsey didn’t only stop there, she also directed and produced her own contents as well.

In 2014, after her time in college, she spent the next seven months working as a Content Developer at Playboy Enterprises, Inc. But Kelsey, realizing her unique touch, soon began working for herself, producing her own online videos. Her fan base began to blossom and soon, she became famous on the internet. She joined Buzzfeed as a Video Fellow in July 2015. However, after four months of “Video Fellowing” Kelsey was made a Junior Producer. She eventually “Buzzed” her way up the ladder and now works as a Development Partner and Producer for Buzzfeed.

Darragh has appeared in various Buzzfeed videos, especially the funny ones and people never stop flocking there to laugh away their sorrows. However, a breakthrough came for Kelsey when her video “Shit Girlfriends Say” went viral. At the turn of YouTube’s popularity in 2010, Kelsey started posting her own video clips, created a web series, and did freelance jobs in the digital space. She had gained so much skill so much so that her rise in Buzzfeed was phenomenal.

She was the brain behind the 2012 web series, Harder Than It Looks, she also hosts her own show on BuzzFeed, Ladies’ Room. Kelsey Darragh as well features on BuzzFeed’s Married vs. Single where she discusses issues on married/single lifestyle, weddings, and best first dates along with her co-star Ned Fulmer. In 2014, she also appeared as a guest in the Jane Levy vehicle Suburgatory.

5 Fast Facts You Need to Know About Her

1. Body Measurements and Stats

Kesley stands at 5 feet 7 inches above tall (1.74m). She has beautiful blue eyes, wears blonde hair, rocks tattoos, weighs 143lbs (63kg), and measures 36-25-36 inches for her chest, waist, and hips respectively. She wears a shoe size of 8(UK).

2. Relationship? Yes!

Kelsey Darragh and Jared Lucas
Kelsey Darragh and Jared Lucas

In a 2017 video, Kelsey admitted to being in a “serious” relationship with Jared Lucas. Jared is a DJ and a producer at Kap Slap; a graduate of Integrated Business and Engineering at Lehigh University. The duo started dating sometime in 2017 after they met each other on Tinder. According to them, they both share one hobby—drinking! He goes with the professional name; DJ Kap Slap. Kelsey admitted to being bi-sexual.

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3. Kelsey Has Trigeminal Neuralgia

As confirmed from a video, Kelsey admitted to struggling with a condition she called Trigeminal Neuralgia; a chronic pain disorder that allegedly occurred because of a doctor’s mistake. She also struggles with Anesthesia Dolorosa in the bottom half of her face and neck. That is, she experiences constant numbness in her face. She has reportedly explored several ways out of the challenge, including acupuncture, medical marijuana, massages, surgery, pills, and even crystal healing.

4. She is a School Dropout 

Kelsey dropped out of three colleges after which she started making YouTube videos. She explained that she didn’t need a degree, agent or manager to start building a community of like-minded people having already known what she wanted to do with her life. However, she advises those who consider dropping out to have a rethink, weigh the odds, and devise a backup plan.

5. Net Worth

Although Kesley’s earnings are not known, sources say that her net worth currently ranges between $700,000 and $800,000.


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